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I'm trying so hard to lose fat and build muscle. It just doesn't happen. I don't lose the fucking fat. I somehow look fatter than I was while I was doing cardio. I feel so unmotivated now. Today was my abs & back day. I didn't do anything. I'm seeing no results. Hence I came here to do my randi rona. > calorie deficit > 50% protein daily because no I can't get enough protein naturally. i just have to eat too much even to eat that 50% of protein. my fats go above 80% and carbs around 60%. i dont like protein powders, many people suggest me to keep it natural > workout 5 times a week: 3 of them bodyweight training and 1 HIIT for fat loss nothing's working out career ka alag stress hai but i want to keep it to fitness since it's /yoga/ is it even possible to get lean muscular just by natural diet?
Cheapest source of protein in India.
To me it seems to be a choice between packaged milk or chicken. Chicken here smells like shit and is extremely unhygienic. Milk seems to be relatively better and drinking around 2 litres per day probably takes care of the calorific intake as well but anyone here have a better idea on what I should take to at least hit 100g of protein each day?
How frequently do you get injured? I have a chronic bad back, had a bad knee that recently recovered and now I have shoulder impingement.
How to do pullups for tall people? I am 6" 6' I can deadhang for a minute now and can push out 1 rep of chin up if I try hard enough. I also swing a lot during deadhangs
How often do you guys have cheat meals? I just ate 200gms of Lasagna and half 10 inch pizza which is like 600-700cals approx after 4 months. I've heard they're fine if you consume once every month or 2. Also my stomach looks bloated now lol.
Why are people so against full body 3x yaar? Just today one of our gym trainers enquired why I only come to the gym 3 times a week. When I told him my routine, the first question was 'arrey ghar pe 3 din rest kar ke kya fayda...', told him I have college padhai to do. Another trainer told me that me that full body 'galat hai' and PPL is the way to go. I began to explain him that I am hitting each muscle group 3 times a week unlike PPL or UL blah blah blah and I am a noobie and it all flew over his head.
How to get jawline like picrel?
how to get wider shoulders? i'm not talking about muscles, i'm talking about bone structure. i read it increases till 25
Consistency in following diet/exercise
I need to lose around 10 kilos to hit a healthy bodyweight. I have modified my diet, reduced my carb intake, increased protein, fiber and good fats. Also doing Stronglifts 5x5. But I am unable to stay consistent. For a week I will eat clean and then one day i'll have a relapse and eat burgers and icecream. Sari mehnat pe paani fir jata hai. pic unrelated
Why is nofap so hard yaar? I was on day 3 and mere sight of breasts aroused me and had to coom because I can't control it.
How to have good facial expression?
I look like a literal down's syndrome guy when all my facial muscles are relaxed. i actually look quite good when smiling. i look somewhere in between when cycling through different facial expressions. doesn't help that i have disgustingly chubby cheeks. i'm not fat yaar i don't know why i have them. when doing nothing in particular what is your facial expression?
How do i achieve face gains? also skin care tips
My hair are becoming finer yaar, like the radius of an individual hair is reducing. I can't find info on the internet they all think i mean i am going bald. I used to have hair so thick you could not mistake it for anyone else's. now they're as thin as my mother's. this happened in a week or two tops. another thing to note is i've grown out my hair a lot, like the longest they've ever been in my life. all my life until lockdown i'd maintained a soldier cut. iska kya upaay hai yaar?
Is /yoga/ the ultimate pill for youthmaxxing? Picrel is 38yrs old and is a famous yoga instructor Ira Trivedi.
How do I start running again?
I used to run before (not much 1-2 km) but I want to start running again. However, I don't know where to begin. Back then, I used to just start running randomly everyday, and I used to have the stamina to keep at it. But I don't really have the stamina to do this at the moment. How do you chads at /yoga/ suggest that I go about this?
How do I fix my knees bros. I've did PT, multiple regiments proposed on YT and other shills, but nothing helps in the long term. They pain at the centre of the knee. Any anecdotal experience that remedied any of you that had this? The pain likely started when I became consistent in a running routine
BHANCHODA FATS ARE IN EVERY MEAL MORE THAN PROTEIN. PROTEIN IS A CUCK. FATS AND CARBS OP PROTEIN. FAT LITERALLY HAS NO USE AND CAN STILL OP CARBS. MADHARCHODA JO CHAHIYE WAHI KAMM HAI. > TFW MY ONLY PROTEIN SOURCE IS ENDIAN DIET no i dont want to buy whey and shiet how do I have low fat, low carb and high protein meal. > TFW EK 70g KA BISKOOT KA PACKET HAS 300+ CALS MADHARCHODAU DIET KNOWLEDGE HAS RUINED MY LIFE BUT at the same time I want to get leaner ALSO: this app tells me to eat 1800 cals and burn 360 cals So, 1800 - 360 = 1440 cals so it'll be alright if I eat 1400-1450 cals right??
I am tired of all the unsolicited retarded advice I get just because I look DYEL. And it comes from people who don't even look aesthetic. At first I used to thank them but I just fucking ignore it. How to deal with this? Am not doing shit wrong. For eg: I was doing rows like picrel because it is better for my back and this guy suggest me to do it with the support of an incline bench. Today I was going tricep pushdowns like how Scott Herman taught and another guy came up and told me to bend my back more which is uncomfortable asf and doesn't change the impact on the tricep.
Sure sure, you go to gym lift big weights and run a lot, but this does nothing for mental conditioning. Waterboard yourself for mental conditioning. All you need to do us to put a wet towel on your face and lie under a tap.
Push ups
I can't even do push ups. I have seen every YT tutorial. What do?
Lund enlarger
How increase Lund cm
Reminder to do your daily yoga asanas and btfo desh drohis. a 50 year old yoga teacher humiliated an olympic silver medalist
Yaar I saw this natty guy at the gym who weighs like 65kg max OHP 70kgx5 and held the barbell for like 3 seconds on top position for each rep.
Nausea after every meal
>overweight >feeling like vomitting after eating anything with food back to mouth >acidity >Bowel movements are fucked and have to shove something down to push the shit out which I have to extract with fingers This has made my life painful for last 7 years. I have consulted multiple doctors and browsed for hours on Internet but nothing seems to work except not eating at all. What should I do?
Walk into the gym
Oh Desi Jehe Geet Aa Trap Jehi Beat Aa Sirr Kadh Gajde Speaker’an Ch Wajde Brown Munde Brown Munde
What is the healthiest and most nutritious way to cook and eat >eggs >paneer >milk >paalak
High protein vegetarian breakfast options? I recently found out that 1 methi paratha has 7gms of protein and 130 calories.
Post fat loss sekret tips that helped/is helping you. I'll start: Morning fasted cardio
These are the things that I do to keep my body at max efficiency. Post if you know some. >80/20 rule for studying >8 hours sleep >Sleep on back >20 seconds eye break every 30 minutes >Brushing teeth twice >6 step korean skin care routine , twice a day >Yoga everyday >Eating only 3 times a day. Cooked home food only. No snacks. >Only drinking water >No junk food. Last time was 2 years ago. >No sugar >Fap only to imagination every 3-4 day. No porn. >No social media >No video games >No music Post more stuff that I can do to reach my peak.
Protein for Vegans
Where to get vegan protein? I don't want soystuff and considering Pea based protein. Are there better sources?
Signs that someone at the gym is NGMI
Indian edition. I'll start: >uses the elevator to reach the gym instead of stairs >only cardio >doesn't deadlift >doesn't train legs >follows the gym trainer's routine blindly >doesn't progressive overload >doesn't go on a cut. Thinks his fat is equivalent to muscle. >visits the gym just for the sake of going
height chahiye
so you're telling me there's no chance to increase my height once I hit 20?
For bodybuilding, are we allowed to decrease weight in the last set and do AMRAP? I do like 15-20 reps of X kilos in the first 2 sets and the last set if I keep the same weight I can barely cross like 5 reps so I take (x minus 5) kilos and do AMRAP (Around 15 only most of the time) Is it a good idea or should I just do half of the set and totally exhaust my muscles?
I lift weights 3 times a week (mon, wed, fri) and am planning to do start rooning (c25k) from next week. Should I do it everyday instead of just 3 (tue, thu, sat) days? Or should I only walk on lifting days?
Advice for a Nu Fag
Help Yogis. I'm a skinny fat, 5'11, 17 year old male weighing 83 Kg. Anything I can do at home until I get a shot and can start using the gym?
Why doesn't the sticky have any material on meditation ? Any anons with good material to read ? please contribute ! Idk anything about it & random search on Google has only made me less interested in it. I genuinely want to start meditation. Any help will be appreciated.
I want to be the world's first fake juicer
Internet is filled with fake natties, so I figured why not become a fake juicer. I'll tell dyel normies (preferably who have never lifted before) who ask me how I got jacked that I am blasting Tren. When they respond with 'eeeew steroids bad' and I'll reply that you can only build 3kg of muscle naturally and everyone else is lying... and you need roids if you wanna look like me. Then I'll proceed to scare them with the side effects of roids and also explain that I don't have them because I am a top 1% genetic freak. This will further demotivate them and I'll reign supreme as the most jacked guy in the area. R8 my plan.
Body Fat Thread
How to burn 2000 calories a day?
Rant about the state of gym "trainers" in this country
Like holy shit I sympathise with a lot of dyels in this country now. Literally 99% of gym trainers give bad advice. They almost always recommend the bro-split routine and if any of them have decent physiques despite their shitty it's because they're roiding. You're fucked if you don't run into forums like 4chan, reddit, bodybuilding forums, /yoga/, etc...since even googling gives bro-science (though not as retarded as Average indian gym trainer bro-science) advice shill sites at the top Tell me your stories of retarded gym trainers and their bad advice in India.
Why haven't you taken the Rasesvara pill yet? Mercury poisoning doesn't exist.
Bulk, cut or recomp?
My ass and thighs are jiggly as hell. Also have A cup tits and a cute muffin top. I am a guy though. 6'1" height, 68.5 kg weight, ~19% bf (Skinny fat) I even have veins showing on arms and calves, look hella skinny under clothes. But I still have fat that I can grab all over the above mentioned regions. What should I do?
how do I into improving my breathing? Everytime I do cardio I feel like I'm just breathing hard for longer amounts of time, my breathing never seems to mellow out despite my time increasing
Some of you guys may know me.I used to go by Inchdiscord on Twitter. If you remember me then you may not have forgetten that I was pursuing Kundalini awakening. Tbh i have made some breakthroughs. Ask me anything if you want a taste of spirituality but don't want to associate with Professionals and do it by yourself.
Why does this happen bros?
>Starting hitting the gym >Despite several starts and stops, finally stick to a program and start losing pot belly >Become somewhat slim >Faggot government closes gym, malls and theaters ruining all my gains Literally fucking pointless. When was the last time any fucking gym became a corona hotspot?
Brutal Moggings
Results from a week of eating no rice/wheat
-feel more or less same -slightly higher pbf -my farts are very deadly and can kill corona virus in a 1 km radius -slightly smaller belly -better bowel movement How about you anons?
Should I bulk or cut at 70kg ? I’m skinny fat, someone help pls
If I am 58kg at 18% bf, how much fat loss will bring me at 10-12ish%? Lean bulking has made me even more skinny fat. Also, how long will it take me to go from this to a flat stomach? 1 month enough?
How much cardio do I need to get my body fat from 20-25% to ~15%. I started running yesterday and I could only run for 1.5 kilometers, aiming to get to 5k eventually. I don't do any lifting, only occasional calisthenics and yoga. A few other questions: Is HIIT meme real Is there any form of cardio better than running stats: age - 18 height - 5'9" weight - 69 kg max pushups - 25 max pullups - 5 pic unrelated
>Mom never let's me cut or barely let's me do fasting >Because of these fucking lockdowns I've to be inside >flatcel >Almost everyone in the apartment has corona now >Can't go down for skipping/running >All Rooms are filled with sofa beds tv cooler >Potbelly keep increasing I feel like dying How do I convince my parents to let me do some dieting
How to clean foreskin and maintain a healthy and hygienic dick? >Inb4 get a circumcision
How to make my hair grow? getting bald from the top side of my head. i don't want to shave my head for dharmic reasons.
things i've tried:
>using aloevera daily for a month now
>some oil given by a homeo doctor (i know, father insisted), used it for a month or two and then given up
>badam tel
what do?
How do I become fair skinned. Is bleaching legit? Suggest other options if it is not
Need help /Yoga/
My sleep is fucked. I only get a incomplete low quality sleep due to Anxiety. I wake up having headaches and shit. Used to be prescribed DD Pramin for sleep and it worked like a charm but for reasons I can't buy them anymore.

Any dietary or health advice that might fix this.
>Left browsing 4pol
>Comes to 4fit to see how their /yoga/ board looks like
>everybody's so cooperative
>everybody's so upliftinf and so positive of each other's physique with absolute fatties and dyels replied with nothing but better tips
So is it true that lifting overall changes an Image Board incel to a real chivalrous man ?
Help this beginner gymcel fix his form and curate his routine.
Background. Skinnyfat 28 year old joined the gym some 2 months back didn't follow any proper routine for a 1.5 months due to bad advice from the gym owner but now for the past 20 days I have been following this routine.

My main issues are with the form and assistance exercises.

Now with regards to form. The biggest issues are deadlift and Bench press.


OK the issue for me with my deadlift is that my back hyperextends when I try to push my chest forward to engage my lats. Like pic related.

Although I just had an epiphany after watching a lot of videos again that since I am using low weights the bar is too low so I have to hunch over too much to grab the bar and hence my back hyperextending when I try to push my chest forward.

Is it okay if I put some plates under the weights to elevate it a little? Any other suggestions for feeling lats during deadlift?

Bench press

Can't keep my shoulder pinned to the bench like what a lot of videos suggest. I lose tightness when I push the bar up.


Here I want to do low bar squats but for some reason I can't​ get the bar that far behind my back. I get sharp pains on my biceps/triceps when I force it. I think this due to a lack of shoulder mobility? What should I do?

Main lifts and assistance exercises:

Workout A

3×5+ Barbell Rows
3×5+ Bench Press
3×5+ Squats

Incline DB Bench
Tricep Pushdown

Tricep Pushdown
DB Bicep curls
Hammer curls

Leg press
Captains chair

Workout B

3×5+ Chinups (or equivalent)
3×5+ Overhead Press
3×5+ Deadlifts

Tricep Extension
Lateral raises

Lat pulldowns
seated cable rows

Captains chair
Weighted reverse lunges.

I want to know two things.

1) Do I have too much assistance exercises? Do you recommend adding or dropping anything?

2) How many sets/reps should I allocate each exercise?

Keep in mind I can't do Chin ups/pull ups yet so assistance exercises that help with that are useful.

Any advice would be helpful.
Met my childhood female friend from locality today
>Mfw she has bigger forearms than me
How do I cope now
Meat eaters have no conscience.
How do I get rid of the Pajeet bloat?
1.8 m, 81 kg guy here. I injured my foot recently and could not go to gym, for at least a month more

What are my choices to exercise at home? I don't have any equipment to do exercise :(
uneven skin tone
my skin color is very uneven. There are 3 different shades on my face itself.
Forehead is getting darker, permanent tanning on hands and skin around elbow is more dark.
How do I get light and even skin tone? please help.
How do I consume black coffee before workout in summers? My trainer said to drink it before coming to gym
>Inb4 trainer bad
I'm noob and don't know shit.
Motivation for abstinence
Hey /yoga/bros,

I've been experiencing a crisis lately that's been destroying my mental health, and I need advice on how to solve it.

I turned twenty a few months ago, and for my whole life, even throughout my teenage years, I was always dedicated to the idea of saving myself for marriage and abstaining from premarital sex. I always had the romantic/wholesome ideal of committing yourself to one person for your whole life, with sex being a sacred bond with only one other individual.

Until the past couple years, I didn't have any problems or insecurities with this. But probably due to spending too much time on websites like Reddit and 4chan—where "virgin" is used as an insult synonymously with "incel" (i.e. the implication is that if you haven't had sex, it's because you can't, and "saving yourself for marriage" is just cope)—and probably also due to a rise in my testosterone levels caused by a better diet and more exercise, I've recently found myself more and more tempted to lose my virginity before marriage. And even if I manage to withstand the temptation for some time, I'll realistically only end up getting married around 25 or later after I finish my PhD, so that's a whole five years during which I have to resist the temptation. Things were much easier in the olden days when people got married early.

The problem is compounded by the fact that it would be very easy for me to lose my virginity: I'm decently well-off financially and know how to find high-quality "escorts" here at a good price. Basically, if I end up deciding to lose my virginity before marriage I could make a quick phone call and do so within one week. An escort would be my preferred way to lose my virginity outside of marriage (convenient, controlled, no BS "dating", no pretense of a deeper connection), but even if I didn't want to go the escort route, I live in a very liberal city so I could probably find some BLM supporting white girl to lose my virginity to.

So basically, it's getting more and more difficult for me to convince myself to resist the temptation of having sex with some local girl instead of saving myself for an Indian tradwife. And the other thing is, do Indian girls even value male virginity anymore? Obviously most conservative-minded Indians value female virginity, but I've never really heard people complaining about male promiscuity. What if I go through all this suffering of not having sex, only to end up marrying a girl who doesn't even care about that in the first place? Or even worse, what if conservative Indian girls have become so westernized that they might even view my virginity as a bad thing?

There are too many thoughts going around in my head and I'm in one of the most confused periods of my life right now. I need some advice.

Is there any way to motivate myself to remain brahmacharin? Or should I just give up and lose my virginity to get rid of those insecurities? Or would losing my virginity just make me even more tempted to keep having sex outside of marriage and turn me into a degenerate coomer? And is it even considered a good thing for men to save themselves for marriage in the eyes of traditional Indian girls?
Your board is now my Blog
Starting from today.
Anyone who wants to join the journey are welcome
Did one before, went through like 80 odd days
have been trying again for a while and will start from today.
Back from the dead
Hello, HimChad here.
Just wanted to tell i did my first 100kg dead lift yesterday. Also please share your best deadlift stat here.

Also thank you rusty busty for this board <3
When and how did bodybuilding become a thing in India? Bollywood?
Hi, I am a 23-year-old female. I started masturbating when I was fourteen years old.

I absolutely detest the media for glorifying female masturbation. Masturbation is not a natural phenomenon whether for a woman or a man. I started masturbating at such a young age because I was curious. Once I orgasmed I was hooked. I used to masturbate on an average 2-3 times a week initially. Thereon, all my problems started. I lost at least 40% per cent of my hair initially from the temple regions. I was fatigued all the time. I couldn't focus on my studies and I had terrible brain fog. This continued for 2-3 years. I was under severe stress when I was eighteen. I was preparing for engineering entrance examinations (I am from India) and I had taken a drop year. The stress took a toll on me and I had to release all that tension. I don't smoke or do drugs so of course, that dopamine hit had to come from masturbating. I started touching myself every day and by the time I was done with college, I was masturbating 4-5 times a day!!!!! Those 4-5 years of my life were absolute shit. I was losing hair, I was depressed and anxious, and fatigued all day long. I started having severe hormonal imbalances like something to do with estrogen dominance. I had gained weight and my social life was practically non-existent. I used to cry when I looked in the mirror. I had exhausted so much of my vital energy that my brain could not bear even an ounce of stress. I would get anxious about the littlest of things. I recently started nofap, like a month back and currently, I am experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Like, now I know how much I have fucked up my mental and physical health. It's no better than being addicted to drugs.
What do you listen to while working out? I listen to Hardstyle EDM.
>constantly hear yogis talking about how they don't eat garlic and onions
>never pay them any mind and always eat garlic and onions and feel great
>start taking yoga seriously and actually start practicing different asanas
>now i always feel a burning sensation whenever i eat garlic or onions
india explain
Stupid fungal dandruff always falling from my faggot hair wtf
Would you rather be a handsome person with a avg physique or an avg looking person with a sike physique?
How much does a circumcision cost?
Which split routine should I do to lose weight and gain muscle mass? I'm thinking of 3 day PPL and 3 day HIIT or 3 day full split and 3 day HIIT. I have seen that 3 day PPL split is not that effective, is it true?
Height- 5'10
Weight- 96kg
Calories per day- 1300-1600
Assess my average diet for bulking. Protein meal and Milk are staples of my diet and other meals are the ones that change.
First Day at The Gym
Felt like a fucking pussy. Everyone there was with their friends and SOs while I was just the odd one out sperg. Even literal aunties were lifting more than I was, I was OHPing 2kg and curling and benching 5kilos. Even one gym trainer who helped me out with form told me to 'become more confident and ask people how many sets they've got left' instead of just looking at them.
Also I ended up getting stuck in the leg curl machine and fucked up my smith machine squats with bad form.

Am I gonna make it?
Dick Size
I just wanted to know, that is anxiety about cock size well-founded?
am like 6 inches and some change, if i press the ruler down to the bone where the penis is attached to.

and like 2 and half fingers thick, maybe more around the thickest part.
How does that measure against the normal cock size in India/ subcontinent.
like obviously porn has put in Ideas that like every cock is 14 inch or some shit.
am like 19 and fucking confused if I should be okay

i know the following is gonna mean nothing:
am genuinely looking for an answer, and not someone going full retard on me.
How bad is burger for weight loss ?
Say, i eat 1 mc maharaja; now, how much time can it take to burn that off, or how many days to return to normal ?
How many people on this board actually lift? There are 3 guys who posted their body on himchad's thread, plus there the NRI jannie? So roughly 5-6 guys including me?
Sabko Mahashivratri ki haardik shubhkaamnaen
Bhagwan apko aur apke parivar ko sada sukhi rakhen. 🙏🙏🙏
Any gymcels here?
Help me choose a beginner program.

alpha destiny novice program or


My stats
Age : 29 176 cm 72 kilos. Weak and skinnyfat.
Detailed analysis on how masturbation physically fucks your body up
Nofap thread- exposing evils of porn edition
>"Most of the people who join the porn industry come from broken homes. Many of the girls are sexually abused. So the porn industry actually lures in these kind of people to exploit them. So basically when someone is watching pornography, what you're really doing is contributing to the demise and destruction of adult survivors of sexual child abuse who are on drugs and have physical disease. That's really what you're watching because I promise you, nobody in that industry is healthy. - Shelley Lubben, Ex-Porn Star and Executive Director of Pink Cross Foundation
Do not support such an industry