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Clavicle Length how?
>I'm 20 >Height good >Frame not good >Chest and shoulders are too narrow for my height Is there any chance that my clavicles will grow ? I've read somewhere that clavicles can grow till 25
The great Yog experiment 1.2
so recommendations have come in . now please recommend what MMA training should I have him do as he is a teen an I dont know much about training them . also he is a coomer how to cure that . His body fat is 28% neck is 40 cm waist at navel is 101 his height is 168 cm
The great Yog experiment .
I have got a nephew whose parents died and I am his only relative and the kid is ou of shape . his height is 168cm , body fat percent is 32 and weight is 72 kg . I am starting this thread as a way to make him fit and entartain us all . so gimme suggestions as to what to do with him ?
Post normie cope
>I don't have the time to exercise broooo, am very busy >gym is for losers, they're all muscle no brain >my metabolism is slow >dieting and exercising is a symptom of eating disorder >when you'll grow old you'll become fat like hahaha
Height increase
Guys my age is 17.5 Gimme tips to grow taller M, 5feet4inch >Pic not related
How does one do tricep pulldowns/extensions if you're tall? I have to either bend forward like an idiot for full contraction or I just can't do it in the standard position.
Based leftoid chad exposing pajeet sugarboy propoganda
Why calisthenics is harder than weight lifting but doesn't give as kuch gains as lifting
How do I fix my knees bros. I've did PT, multiple regiments proposed on YT and other shills, but nothing helps in the long term. They pain at the centre of the knee. Any anecdotal experience that remedied any of you that had this? The pain likely started when I became consistent in a running routine
Protien powder safe intake?
I am done being a skinnyfag. i lost 6 kg of muscle since april it is time to bring all that back. i'm tired of being able to see the bones in my wrist. I am going to chug milk and protein like a faggot chugs cum is like 80 grams of protein powder a safe intake? this is over and above daily diet which barely consists of any protein.
I don't bathe for a day and there's so much dandruff in my hair. Is this normal?
Sup guys, guy who smashed my pinkie nail with a dumbbell here. I am fine now but I'll be taking a break for a few days. Now I have huge anxiety with dealing with weights at the gym. Any tips on how to put the dumbbell down on the ground without possible injuries?
Help me I have a huge depression everytime I'm done lifting. I feel like I want to end it all, like there's no purpose to my life. I hate this feeling.
Is it over for vegetarian fitcels?
Find it really hard to get enough protien and to be at calorie surplus, although supplementing is an option Curious to know what fellow vegetarian lifters have to say
Fap urges while trying to sleep
Whats the best way to get rid of boners/fap urges when sleeping?(except fapping of course.)
Why the fuck is it so hard to increase benchpress? I still haven't put on a lot of muscle, but unlike deadlifts where I make tremendous progress, benchpresses are fucking annoying I literally get angry when I realize that I can't increase the weights quickly.
Jammed my pinkie finger between bench and dumbbell, almost fainted in the gym. Luckily 2 rando gymbros helped me out and suggested to go and lie in the stretching area. It hurts, bros.
Is there anyone here who does 100kg+ OHP?
At least 3 reps with perfect form?
i am eating some oreos. will this affect my gains?
Body odour
How to not smell like a pig while working out? Is there any solution to this problem other than showering myself with deodorant?
Yaaro, if I am training for hypertrophy and doing 4 sets of 8-12 reps and in the last set I couldn't hit 8 reps, should I decrease weight and try for 5th set or should I just let it go?
where can I find this sort of information on the internet? the articles are just dumb propaganda, only true gym knowlegde can be given by someone in gym which I don't have time for rn, have to scroll hundreds of threads on 4chan to find a little piece of good info, inch doesn't have chads atm, where to find good info?
Ideal diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for increasing muscle mass.
ITT: We post our personal favorite moggers
Zyzz Worship Thread. What a God yaaar.
injured my toe real bad. painful af. what excersies to do? i used to do super sexy 1hr hiit on my road bike. but every step i walk hurts. also, what are some of the most basic weights i can do with bricks instead of dumbells? each weighs 2300-2700g.
how much time will it take for me to get a body and face(fat % on face) like pic related? I've decent bone shape of face, just too much fat, >>5940 is me
Yogis of /yoga/, today I joined the gym. Share some of the tips and advice related to exercise, food, etc.
Yaaro how to train your neck at home
the /yoga/ sticky is 17gb worth of storage, has anyone got a compressed file or smth(<100 mb kek), being a jio fag I can't download 17gb bros
The dark side of Buddhism
Buddhist texts write about dukkha nanas, meaning insights that make you miserable. Some effects from meditation which can cause wild mood wings or nightmarish delusions. >In other words, mindfulness was not invoked to savor the beauty of nature or to be a more present, thoughtful spouse. According to the Pali suttas, the point of meditation was to cultivate disgust and disenchantment with the everyday world and one’s attachments to people and things. Aspiring Buddhas were “asked to contemplate the body from head to toe, inside and out,” McMahan writes, “not for relaxation and even less for body acceptance, but to bring to full realization its utter repulsiveness, coursing as it is with blood, phlegm, and pus.” If meditation conferred any practical benefit, it was in helping ascetics “accept the discomfort of a hard bed and a growling stomach or in preventing them from being beguiled by physical beauty.”
how to go from 25 to 20% fat in a few months without diet changes? i do about 1hr cardio daily
What to do tp get these healed up?
So around two years ago before covid i started heavy working out doing hundreds of push ups etc every day and i started getting these marks (stretch marks?) due to covid had to stay at home and couldn't work out now whenever i start doing basic exercise to get me into that habit these marks hurt a lot how do i heal them they haven't changed a bit in those 2 years of inactivity
A literal skellie looking 'trainer' with zero muscles at my gym told me that while benching my bar path should be straight and it shouldn't touch your chest.
Add GZCLP and GreySkulls LP to the sticky
I know I shouldn't be talking about routines, but I just thought I should throw this out there. From my experience these two are pretty good. Before covid, i tried meme progams that everyone here and on /fit/ suggested I didn't have good gains whether in strength or muscles and also had two major injuries. After covid shut down I lost any minimal strength i did have. Started going to the gym July 10th followed GZCLP surprisingly got good gains. Some things I need to mention to show how good GZCLP is. 1) 30 years old 2) Poorfag who can't afford a good high protein diet.(barely get 70 grams of protein each day) 3) Went to gym infrequently (by my estimate I have only had slightly over half the sessions I should've had). 4) I have sleep issues to boot(need to take pills to sleep). 5) Was extremely skinnyfat and weak before starting gym. To give you an idea of how weak I was, I would struggle to do 5x5 of 30 kilo squats and could barely lift the empty bar for OHP. Despite all that I have now gotten my squats 75 kilos and could do 35 kilos OHP(although form breaks down for my in later sets for OHP). Measly numbers I know but considering all the limitations I have these are good numbers. From my observation all beginner programs are shat on in forums but GZCLP and GreySkulls are shat on the least and I think there might be something to them.
>be me >middle class studycel faggot >18% BF(Navy Method), 55 kg, 161 cm >pic related is me yesterday, I've good jawline, bad lips, bad nose, uneven hair distribution >body stucture is in pic related kek I can't go to gym as I'm an studycel, anyone suggest diets, exercise, for me to get /fit/ and get my lips, nose and other facial features to get on line to match with my jawline and make me look like a chad, I've always been a sitting faggot, so I'm sure exercising will have an effect on them, I'm trying to lookmaxxx and make me look like some mumbai fag guy, but also don't wanna be skinny(as I am kek), wannabe a mild amount of buffed, face is priority, suggest anything bros, anything, vegetarian here but won't mind eating eggs ig
Saw a guy sumo deadlifting 30kgs with a belt on but still managed to bend his back.
mass gain karne se mat roko yaaro
okay so i am an 18 year old, 182cm height and only 52 kgs weight. i am a total walking skeleton. i desperately want to gain some mass. currently i don't even want a buffed up or aesthetic looking ripped body, i just want to stop being a skinlet and gain some mass. i can do about 5 normal pushups, 10 inclined pushups and 20 squats. please suggest some good begginer bodyweight exercise routine for mass gain. Also i have started eating about 4000 cal and 110 gm protein per day. is it enough or do i need to add something more help kardo dosto.
How often do you expose you balls to sunlight?
Fat anon
I am kinda fat (bmi =26.something) So i am jee fag and still in growing age so i want to lose weight without compromising my hieght growth can someone help me plis ;-;
looser in life want to take anabolic roids for muscles to feel good about myself should i do it anons will gym wala provide me?
getting fit and buff
>be me >lurk on 4chan since I was 8 > come to fit > wanna get healthy > realise I am vegetarian and will not change that . more so I am a child >get to 13 >read fits guide >have gym available nearby with moderate facilities >running grounds . bassketball , football and cricket areas as well > wanna get buff like pic >how should I achieve this > realize indians are banned on 4chan >ask help from native retards
yaroooo whey proetien select karne me mind fuck ho gaya yar koi madad kardooo >19 >below 2k budget >begineer
>be me >jeefag >161 cm kek >skinny w jawline and shit, 55 kg >attractive according to white girls online, brown girls dont give a shit about jawline I don't care abt face or jawline anymore bros, I just wanna increase height, what do?
>yaaar asked my parents to buy me whey protean >parents started reacting as if i was asking for drugs >got into a slightly heated discussion >yaaaaaar dad brought 2 dozen eggs yaar >anons bina whey ke body banegi kya yaaar
Goal body thread
Post em
What does /yoga/ think of Aryan Pasha?
Truth about Kundalini. "In so-called 'occult' literature you have probably met with the expression 'Kundalini,' 'the fire of Kundalini,' or the 'serpent of Kundalini.' This expression is often used to designate some kind of strange force which is present in man and which can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the right explanation of the force of Kundalini. "Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is, with the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. This latter is entirely wrong because Kundalini can be in anything. And above all, Kundalini is not anything desirable or useful for man's development. It is very curious how these occultists have got hold of the word from somewhere but have completely altered its meaning and from a very dangerous and terrible thing have made something to be hoped for and to be awaited as some blessing. "In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams take the place of reality, when a man imagines himself to be an eagle, a lion, or a magician, it is the force of Kundalini acting in him. Kundalini can act in all centers and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real. A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of Kundalini. "Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. [1] If men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. They would begin to seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in a hypnotic state. 'To awaken' for man means to be 'dehypnotized.' In this lies the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no organic reason for sleep and man can awaken.
Jai Jai Sri Radheeeeee Shyam!
If you want to know how to be a divine lover, then learn the art from Sri Krishna. He was able to deeply resonate with Radha's moods. He would serve her by massaging her feet and brushing her hair. He knew how to make her laugh and how to hold her when she cried. His unlimited creativity gave her so much joy and always kept her intrigued. Beyond that, he was highly romantic, exceedingly handsome, the best dresser, a skilled dancer... and the list goes on. You see, he was expert in the 64 arts, which teach how to express the beauty that is within, in the external world. He was a perfect blend of Masculine and Feminine energies. He knew how to love Radha because he could understand her heart's deepest longings. And, he was able to surrender Himself to her desires. Krishna is known for many things, like giving the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita, but before that he was busy teaching the world how to love through his own amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrindavan with his beloved, Srimati Radharani. On this auspicious day of Sri Krishna Janmastami may you find ways to awaken your own inner lover who wants to come out and play... Krishna's flute song is calling.
I am a 5'7 Manlet, skinny af (57kgs) but my face is kind of 7/10. Despite this, I got some femoid attention too in my college days. The thing is I am tired of called 'Skinny' all the time and I want to be strong. How long with dedication can I attain a muscular but aesthetic physique. Will it look good for me since I am 5'7. Even in college, I got attention from average and slightly above average looking girls. I even had a chance to bang this 6/10 5'9 girl. Because of my autism and low self esteem I didn't do it.
Why is nofap so hard yaar? I was on day 3 and mere sight of breasts aroused me and had to coom because I can't control it.
red snapper
anons gym me cardio ka man nhai karta yaaar koi upay hai kya ya phir koi apna cardio ka plan bata do yar easy wala. >90 kg >5 11 >!9 >neetfag
Are there any legit 2/10 or 3/10 ugly face anons here?
Has lifting improved your chances with women or your social life in general? Would like to hear opinions from older anons (25+)?
How do I get rid of man boobs yaar. Going to college after Diwali. I'm 5'7 and 19 yo can I increase by height by 2 inches kek
Everyone is so fucking fat nowadays yaar.
What pad does /yoga/ use?
Spirituality and Sexuality are meant to co-exist and merge into one expression. Through Tantra we learn how they can mutually enhance each other.⁠ ⁠ Rather than being split between the two; duality dissolves to birth a new type of freedom - that which allows you to be all that you truly are.⁠ ⁠ The more you can bring meditation into your sexual experiences; the more deeply satisfying they will become. ⁠ ⁠ Tantric sex creates contentment due to the practices that bring you into absolute presence, making the experience itself profoundly intimate. ⁠ ⁠ Satisfaction is what creates freedom as it removes the tendency to hanker for more. When the love experience itself is complete, the bliss that's generated has the potential to be long lasting.⁠ ⁠ Just as the male and female find union through sacred sex; so the sadhaka finds inner harmony when sexual and spiritual energies are integrated. ⁠ ⁠ For those of you who decide to take this journey, I'm so looking forward to sharing with you the keys to deeper intimacy, self-love, personal freedom, embodied presence, blissful union... and much more.⁠ ⁠
I went to sleep in the afternoon today. I had a dream where I was hugging a girl tightly and I tell her "Mai tera R15, tu meri Scooty Pep" and then we start kissing. All of a sudden I felt a violent twitching in my cock and woke up and found I had coomed in my pants. Does this happen with anyone else?
>open youtube >watch video called 20 pushups a day for 1 month >results look good >decide to give it a try >do half a pushup and fall on my face >google how to do pushups >try doing half pushups >can manage like 5 >do 15-20 half pushups daily >shoulders hurt but keep going for a week >feel confident >try doing regular pushups >hit my face again after 2 What to do anon? please help, I am gonna cry, I just want to do 20 pushups.
Protein buying guide
I have a budget of 8k INR, I wish to buy protein powder that can last me 2.5-3 months, average of 10 scoops a week, so 100-120 scoops in total Which brand and which type (pea whey, iso, isolate hydrolyzed or concetrate) should I buy. Please keep in mind I wanna avoid fake protein which ON is infamous for
Why doesn't the sticky have any material on meditation ? Any anons with good material to read ? please contribute ! Idk anything about it & random search on Google has only made me less interested in it. I genuinely want to start meditation. Any help will be appreciated.
Suggest something better than bro split
I'd followed bro split for more than a year and had made considerable gains despite being on a mediocre diet, this was two years ago when I was regularly lifting and then had to stop for some reason which was then followed by lockdowns. I joined a gym again this week and still have retained pretty much 70-80% of the strength that I had. I followed the same routine the last few days. Can still bench 155lbs for reps, squat 205lbs for reps, dl 275lbs for reps, ohp 115lbs for reps. Should I stick to the same routine or try a new one? I still have the same diet and have only added creatine this time.
lode ki nahi btw
height considered as "hot" in india? only experienced niggers reply, virgin cuckbots stay away because your opinion don't matter
Yaaro is swimming superior than running and cycling
Mene 0.5kg lose krdia 3 din me with no injury and neither do i feel tired the entire day. I tried running before but my shin would pain like a bitch all week. Used to do cycling like 50kms in 2 hrs, but gaand me dard hota tha plus 2 baar hospital me jaa chuka hu accidents ki wajah se :D
How can a woman even find the average guy with a beer gut, noodle arms and everything attractive? Women can still look good without ever working out provided that they are not fat.
Tell me about the people in your gym. Literally everyone in my gym is fucking either a skinny fat DYEL or a fat fuck except 2 or 3, and no I don't have /fit/ standards. Even the guys with the big arms are fat fucks. Women mostly hang around the cardio section and disappear after a few weeks. Barely anyone squats or deadlifts. And everyone is aged between 23-35, not a single teenager except me. is there anyone who has improved his eyesights by any means .i have a cousin whose eyesight got improved after using patanjali drishti eyedrops and mayb he did pranayam too
Cooking thread
Share your recipies
skinny fat, diet consists of roti and aaloo(body cries), 5'3 manlet, 55 kg, what do to get abs bros?
How to improve eye sight yaar i can look like a chad but spectacles make me look like a faggot
What should I eat to increase my testosterone levels doston?
Wanting to shit after deadlifting. Did I fuck up my bowels by lifting too hard?
Warmed up with 2x50kg, 2x70kg, 1x80kg. Then finally did 5x90kg. This was around 8 pm. Then I drank my whey protein and half an hour later i had dinner. Now its 10:32 and I am getting an urge to shit. Should I be worried?
Anyone got knee problems from doing lotus stance? I get pain on the side of my right knee at one small point after I lift something heavy or walk long distances.
Don't Take Fitness Advices From Roiders
>Step1: Have a trash unhealthy lifestyle >Step2: Don't take working out seriously since being natty is a slow game >Low test achieved! >Step3: Blame low test on your balls not working and due to age >Step4: Cry about it to scientific roid man >Get TRT and now live an easy lifestyle with every retard online supporting your decision since you had "naturally low test levels" Fucking amazes me how retarded the online fitness community still is.
Hindu Lion Ravi Dahiya won Silver medal and he is not satisfied about it, this is what mindset of great men is. Compare it with the womens hockey team that celebrated winning a quarterfinal as if they won the Gold already. Always push yourself harder no matter how high you already stand. God has created you to be a champion, to be the greatest, not for getting participation certificates or 2nd prize medals. An Olympic Silver is still a massive achievement but the Hindu Lion always seeks more.
Why do pajeets think walking is an excercise? You can keep walking all day and that won't get rid of your skinnyfat figure due to high carb diet.
Looked into 10 gyms in my town today
None of them had a proper power rack and only one had a squat rack. I am in a tier 2 town and finding gyms with proper equipment has been hell. Wtf? Do these people even know about barbell exercises?
Any good yogbhangis can elucidate on their protein-rich Vegetarian diet, for both Bulking and Cutting?
Are these 'toned abs'? Looks like visceral fat to me.
Bros have a found a cheap, reliable protein powder? Labdoor seems to rank them highly? So for Rs.1590 this would be the cheapest protein right? What does MyProtein come to after all the coupons?
>you should eat 0.6-0.8 g protein/lb of bodyweight >Avg Indian eats 5 chappatis, a bowl of rice, two cups of daal and random vegetable drowned in oil > That's less than 60 gms People still wonder why 85% of Indians suffer from protein deficiency. Why isn't this stuff taught in school or something? What should we do to make /desi/ diet protein rich (atleast rich enough to satisfy/fill up the protein needed)?
What do people mean by lat engagement?
I always see this being mentioned when talking about the big lifts. They talk about retracting your scalpula and keeping ypur lats tight. I can't keep them retracted nor feel my lats engaged. What do?
Problems with Indian diet
I’ve done a lot of research about the nutrition problems affecting India and here is a list that summarizes all of them. Desi brahs, hope this helps you. Diet problems: Vegetarian diet -a. Zinc deficiency -b. Iron deficiency -- i. Anemia -- ii. Thyroid issues -c. Vitamin B12 deficiency -d. Vitamin D deficiency -e. Vitamin A deficiency -f. High phytate intake Poorly balanced (even non vegetarian diet) -a. High carbs (>60%) -b. Low protein (<15% usually around 10% for pure veggies) -c. Bad fat intake -- i. Either high fat or low fat diet (depends on region) and most of this could be saturated fat or sometimes trans fat. -- ii. Diet is typically very high in Omega-6 and VERY low in Omega-3 (much lower than the western average). -- iii. In south india, ghee (mostly saturated fat) and vegetable oil (sunflower oil (high omega -6) or something worse like coconut oil/groundnut oil (high saturated fats)) are used. -- iv. Most people haven’t even heard of flaxseed and most don’t eat fish (both good sources of Omega-3s) Poor intake of food groups -a. Dairy products -- i. Typically only 250 ml of milk (high fat or 2%) every day -- ii. Around 200 grams of yogurt every day, made from the same milk as above -- iii. Cheese is not at all a part of Indian cuisine. We only have paneer (Indian cottage cheese) which is high in fat. And only north Indian cuisine uses paneer. South Indians usually don’t eat it. -- iv. If eggetarian, egg intake is very low, like 1 egg a week or worse. Otherwise NO egg intake at all. Probably causes: ---a) Biotin deficiency ---b) Choline deficiency --v. Calcium deficiency and Vitamin D deficiencies are very common -b. Protein/fat sources -- i. Abysmal nut intake (nuts eaten once a month or worse and only as part of a cooked dish or sometimes eaten as a snack(like peanuts)) -- ii. Mostly peanuts are eaten. Almonds are eaten a little less often. Other nuts are much more expensive and hence not eaten. -- iii. Even though vegetable oils are used, due to them being labeled “fats”, people tend reduce their intake of these essential fats. -- iv. As a result of the above two, Vitamin E intake is very low. -- v. Even those eating non vegetarian food do so only once or twice a week. -- vi. Non vegetarian food is seen as a delicacy. -- vii. Fish (source of Omega-3s, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline) or chicken is eaten but not with enough frequency to have much benefit. -- viii. Red meat is usually avoided (good source of iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and protein). -c. Fruits/Vegetables -- i. Although many people are vegetarians, they don’t deserve to call themselves so. Fruit intake is pathetic. Most people do not eat any fruits at all, and those who feel the need to, eat only one or two types of fruits and only a single fruit a day if at all. -- ii. Fruits like grapes, strawberries, blackcurrants, berries, dates etc. are expensive in comparison to the local fruits and hence are almost never eaten in most families. -- iii. There isn’t a concept of desserts so fruit salads are unheard of in traditional cuisine -- iv. There are many different types of vegetables available but most people tend to eat a restricted set of vegetables. Green leafy vegetables may not be eaten regularly. Magnesium deficiency may be possible (happened to me) Poor quality carbohydrates -a. Most of the carbs have very high glycemic indices -b. North Indian diet has better quality carbohydrates if whole wheat is used for chapattis etc. -c. Sometimes refined flour is used which lacks nutrients and fiber -d. If bread is eaten, it is typically white. -e. South Indian diet is particularly bad -- i. Medium grain white rice is staple -- ii. Tends to have low fiber -- iii. Low satiety and hence people eat a LOT more than they should in order to feel full (firsthand experience) -- iv. EVERY damned dish is mixed with rice. Even rasam (which is basically a soup like concoction) is poured on top of rice which has little effect on the carb to protein ratio as it is mostly water. -- v. Rice is typically overcooked (as undercooked or correctly c
Behenchod aaj se koi bhi wednesday ya saturday ko legs nahi karega, sala sabhi ko aaj hi legs karni thi aur, upar se sale 2 jagah supersets bhi karte hai.
Should I help out the DYELs in my gym?
So some faggots in the gym are more interested in what I am doing right now in the gym after I started making far more progress after less than a month(not in terms of looks but in amount of weight that I lift) than many of them have made after more than 6 months and some even a year. The thing is I don't want to give these faggots any help because when I started out they behaved as if I was some weirdo doing weird exercises with weird form, when in reality I was doing what most pros recommend and constantly "tried" to correct me on my form and acted offended when I didn't take their advice. The biggest incident was when they all started laughing when I did the Pendlay row(instead of the yates row), they were convinced that yates row was the correct one. So far I have been dodging their requests on routine and lifts by saying "Idk man your routine looks good, maybe it's your diet". Now I am thinking of giving them legit bad advice just to fuck with them.
Mai improov hona chahta hun
I look nice in the mirror but always get spotted as the ugly bhangi in photos. How do i look nice everywhere as if its the mirror image? Should i loose weight? How much? Currently saving for a nosejob.
How many of you follow strength training programs?(I just need to rant)
Literally no one in any of the gyms I visited follows full-body strengthtraining routines. All of them do some retarded variation of the bro-split and they increase the weights in a nonsensical manner for every set. For example one guy did some seated OHP with the first set 2.5 kg plates 14 reps, then 5 kg plates 9 or so reps reps, then 7.5 kg plates barely 6 reps.......with the spotter literally partially helping him with the lifts in the second and third sets for each rep. None of the gyms have micro-plates and neither do the sports shops here. I had to buy these plates from Amazon for obviously marked up prices. These people chuckled at me bringing these plates to the gym even though, none of these faggots can lift more than 1pl8 properly for any lift despite being in the gym for 6 months and some nearly a year and all of them look dyel. I mean why are these people so confident of their ideas of fitness, do any of them even watch basic fitness YouTube channels and recognise their mediocrity for even a single solitary second?
Which whey do you guys consoom? Is muscleblaze good? These big fitness youthoobers are always shilling for muscleblaze which are dirt cheap but I don't trust a lundian company. What about pre workout and creatine? Do you guys use it?
How do you ppl guys do leg twice a week? Mine are still sore after 2 days and no way they are recovering by tomorrow.
metabolic adaptation hogaya bros
i have muscle but still have some fat on body. it's about 16-20%. should I do more bodyweight workout and decrease intensity of cardio? i used to do HIIT 2x/week and bodyweight training 3x/week
Cheapest source of protein in India.
To me it seems to be a choice between packaged milk or chicken. Chicken here smells like shit and is extremely unhygienic. Milk seems to be relatively better and drinking around 2 litres per day probably takes care of the calorific intake as well but anyone here have a better idea on what I should take to at least hit 100g of protein each day?
Why the fuck is it too hard to gain and retain gainz?
Look at this shit. It's fucking annoying when hard work out doesn't stick with you.
Pain in stomach
I ate lots of food last night. Anda curry with 5 eggs and 6 rotis and now it's hurting a lot. I could easily vomit it out and get rid of the pain but i don't want to waste all that food and nutrition Is there a way to digest all that now and poop it out?
Why are people so against full body 3x yaar? Just today one of our gym trainers enquired why I only come to the gym 3 times a week. When I told him my routine, the first question was 'arrey ghar pe 3 din rest kar ke kya fayda...', told him I have college padhai to do. Another trainer told me that me that full body 'galat hai' and PPL is the way to go. I began to explain him that I am hitting each muscle group 3 times a week unlike PPL or UL blah blah blah and I am a noobie and it all flew over his head.
How to do pullups for tall people? I am 6" 6' I can deadhang for a minute now and can push out 1 rep of chin up if I try hard enough. I also swing a lot during deadhangs
How often do you guys have cheat meals? I just ate 200gms of Lasagna and half 10 inch pizza which is like 600-700cals approx after 4 months. I've heard they're fine if you consume once every month or 2. Also my stomach looks bloated now lol.
how to get wider shoulders? i'm not talking about muscles, i'm talking about bone structure. i read it increases till 25
Consistency in following diet/exercise
I need to lose around 10 kilos to hit a healthy bodyweight. I have modified my diet, reduced my carb intake, increased protein, fiber and good fats. Also doing Stronglifts 5x5. But I am unable to stay consistent. For a week I will eat clean and then one day i'll have a relapse and eat burgers and icecream. Sari mehnat pe paani fir jata hai. pic unrelated
How to have good facial expression?
I look like a literal down's syndrome guy when all my facial muscles are relaxed. i actually look quite good when smiling. i look somewhere in between when cycling through different facial expressions. doesn't help that i have disgustingly chubby cheeks. i'm not fat yaar i don't know why i have them. when doing nothing in particular what is your facial expression?