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My realistic is for a Hindu Rashtraanon68c9e011/06/2019 (Tue) 12:06:528163Reply
1) Abolish the office of the president and appoint a Hindu Chakravartin as the official head of the state
2) Declare Hinduism as state religion
3) Adopt the Kesari as national flag
4) Make Sanskrit the official language of the state
5) Revive education in native languages, only spoken Sanskrit and Sanskrit literature shall be taught in a different language
6) Ban all animal slaughter and abortion
7) Make only those born in the district able to own the land in that district
8) Ban conversion from Hinduism
9) Make Buddhism, Jainism, Brahmoism, Sikhism, Tribal religions and irreligious groups recognised as followers of Hinduism, recognise Christians, Muslims and irreligious people who refuse to recognise as hindus as race traitors and label them 'ahindus' as a group and all foreigners as mlecchas. Caste recognition and caste reservations shall be abolished.
10) Make anti hindu(Violent speech against hindus as a group or specific sects, speeches disrespecting Hindu practices and any speech that tries to divide Hindus) speech illegal
11) Recognise only male-female penetrative sex as sex and all others as sodomy(not necessarily made illegal unless non consenting), as such marriage is only recognised for heterosexual couples, also remove recognition for this genders
12) Teach the Mahabharat and Ramayana as part of history, as such teach the Islamic and colonial rule as dark ages for Hindus
13) Teach Hindu scriptures in schools (as part of Sanskrit learning)
14) Issue currency in the name of Bharat Mata
15) Declare Shivaji as the architect of the modern state
16) Rename India as Union of Hindustan
17) Make temples exempt from taxation while non hindu places of worship are taxed as such
18) Give citizenship to Hindu refugees in Bangladesh and Pakistan
19) Follow Ambedkar's "2 or more states for 1 language but no 1 state for 1 language" rule and divide the states again
20) Ban all schools that don't follow central board
anon6d7a1711/06/2019 (Tue) 12:07:208164Reply
*realistic idea for
anon2c9d5b11/06/2019 (Tue) 12:33:598165Reply
Wow anon never heard these before, these are very new ideas and not like they are pitched on /pol/ every other day.
anon02c37611/06/2019 (Tue) 14:04:148233Reply
You do realise that the original people who spoke the Sanskrit language were heavy meat eaters and their religion had a number of animal sacrifice rituals, including butchering the cow to please the gods?
anon02c37611/06/2019 (Tue) 14:05:038237Reply
Also shivaji was not a surname, he was a shudra. Not a bad guy, but can't have a literal shudra as a father of the nation
anon02c37611/06/2019 (Tue) 15:06:398267Reply
*was not a savarna.
anon3d6f2711/06/2019 (Tue) 17:33:458268Reply
>Recognise only male-female penetrative sex as sex and all others as sodomy(not necessarily made illegal unless non consenting)
>all others as sodomy(not necessarily made illegal unless non consenting)
>illegal unless non consenting
Stopped reading these you literal faggot.
Oh fuck off you castiest and don't come back
anon02c37611/06/2019 (Tue) 17:38:248269Reply

You know that's a word of endearment here right?
anon42d2a211/06/2019 (Tue) 17:49:198270Reply
>casteism bad
anonbc90e811/06/2019 (Tue) 18:09:078271Reply
>Shivaji was a shudra
And Eklavya was a chandalas, Karna was born into a shudra family and Divodasa was literally the son of a dasa. Your birth doesn't define you. Your actions do. And by his actions, Shivaji was the mightiest Kshatriya this land saw in past 600 years.
anon02c37611/06/2019 (Tue) 18:29:598272Reply
No you fucking retard, Karna was literally known as "Suta-putra" with the manu smriti clearly outlining that Sutas were a mixed caste born out of kshatriya man and a brahmin woman's union. Divodas was also an aryan chief not some fuckin abo. You're only correct about Eklavya, and no one gives a shit about that tribal monkey
anon3d6f2711/06/2019 (Tue) 18:35:268273Reply
Yall won't pull any of this shit irl but only larp, at least the 4chin fags go out spewing their racist shit. Stop it
Speak for yourself dipshit
That's true only if these educated fools are just too dense.
anon42d2a211/06/2019 (Tue) 18:37:278274Reply
your country will still be a shithole dumb nigger

you;re just making it a theocracy
anon90031611/06/2019 (Tue) 21:44:228285Reply
>your country will still be a shithole
True but what you need to rectify it is proper economic policies, of OP's Hindu rashtra can keep economics and his statist integralism a separate matter (Eg-Don't make grandiose statutes and temples to show off your 'hinduness'), then it doesn't matter if it's theocratic, ideocratic or democratic. See China's vs India's economic growth. The idea that democracy=/good policies and economic growth is one of the biggest modern myths of our time. Democracy is kind of pointless without a large middle class. It's no wonder why democratic institutions are incompetent in poor countries or breakdown in richer and more developed countries with huge wealth disparities.
>you're just making it a theocracy
Fact: All countries are defacto theocracies. Now I don't necessarily mean rule by a priestly class, I meant the idea of a nation or a country is only held up in people's minds. It actually don't really exist. Before accusing me of sophistry, hear me out. The idea that mandate of the people is given to a person and that he has authority to rule over you is not really that different from accepting a ruler that is divinely appointed by the king.
Now you might make a case that mandate of the people is more real than mandate of the divine. Again it's only in your own damn mind. You can always choose to reject it and rejected it has been in many times in history(and when a sufficient large number of people reject it that can challenge the state violence, its result is a secession). Recent example of this is rejection of Hindi by the southern states. The 'Indian' state elected a government that gave primacy to Hindi, the majority of Indian state elected for the primacy of Hindi. The southern states rejected by saying that hindi states had NO RIGHT in deciding the language to be taught in their schools. The Southern states rejected the Constitution which gave primacy to Hindi and made its promotion over English duty of all Indians. Here we see a case where the mandate of the people divinely ordained by democratic principles was rejected by a significant minority. The French Republic rightfully saw that existence of different strong identities (which was previously allowed to exist within the French empire whose ruler was divinely ordained) would challenge the authority of its republican government whose authority was ordained by 'popular vote of the french people'. Hence why they 'genocided' the various different strong identities within the state that made up to 50% of the population because they knew their popularly elected majoritarian government can't get the approval of its non french people and the emperor's divine mandate had more convincing power than the mandate of the french people when it comes to convincing them.
Why all that paragraphs? Nothing, just making a case that a theocracy might be better for India(as long as India is a majority hindu state) than a constitutional Republic based on the 'mandate' of the 'Indian' people.
anona2e47f11/06/2019 (Tue) 21:54:588286Reply
>A Kshatriya was a Shudra
Well, unfortunately he has been shudrified by modern Marathis. His slogan was "क्षत्रियकुलावतंस". His official Mudra was in Sanskrut. But Dalits in MH & cucked Marathas blinded by Brahmin hate Shudrified Maharaj. He was never a Shudra. That's just a liberal & "progressive" pipe-dream.
anon42d2a212/06/2019 (Wed) 05:45:408308Reply
i'd rather read english or french or even dothraki than cuckdi.
anonc35a1a12/06/2019 (Wed) 09:14:168345Reply
Democracy moderates everything. Sure, we won't have extremely good governance but we won't ever have psycho tyrants either, it's a fair tradeoff IMO. Besides, I genuinely can't see how anyone would justify their authority over a multi culti country like India without elections, almost everyone out of your state will hate you by default. Even the largest mandates in this country are ~40% vote share anyway. Reminder that INC, which controlled almost all of India totally before Indira, only began losing state after state in rapid succession after her imposition of Emergency.

Authoritarian governments are only feasible long term in a balkanized India. I suspect if that ever happens the Eastern states will almost all turn into dictatorships with leftist overtones, the Western ones will be proto oligarchies with some elements of socialist pandering so the plebs don't chimp out and the Southern ones will be banana republics led by actors, Idiocracy style.
anonc35a1a12/06/2019 (Wed) 09:39:368347Reply
Lol what? The Brahmins created major issues out of his caste during his coronation ceremony, this is well known.

>Controversy erupted amongst the Brahmins of Shivaji's court: they refused to crown Shivaji as a king because that status was reserved for those of the kshatriya (warrior) varna in Hindu society.[79] Shivaji was descended from a line of headmen of farming villages, and the Brahmins accordingly categorised him as being of the shudra (cultivator) varna.[80][81] They noted that Shivaji had never had a sacred thread ceremony, and did not wear the thread, which a kshatriya would.[80] Shivaji summoned Gaga Bhatt, a pandit of Varanasi, who stated that he had found a genealogy proving that Shivaji was descended from the Sisodia Rajputs, and thus indeed a kshatriya, albeit one in need of the ceremonies befitting his rank.[82]:7– To enforce this status, Shivaji was given a sacred thread ceremony, and remarried his spouses under the Vedic rites expected of a kshatriya.[83][84] However, following historical evidence, Shivaji's claim to Rajput, and specifically Sisodia ancestry may be interpreted as being anything from tenuous at best, to inventive in a more extreme reading.[85]
anonf05ad512/06/2019 (Wed) 09:47:368348Reply
So, you either mean that Gaga (pretty gay name btw! Kek!) was wrong & Shivaji wasn't a Rajput?
anonc35a1a12/06/2019 (Wed) 12:46:158371Reply
Yes, Shivaji had to spend lakhs of tankas(A really good province like Gulbarga used to yield 3 or 4 lakh tankas in annual revenues for reference) on the Brahmins to have his coronation done properly, and there was suspense till the last moment on whether they'd play spoilsport.

A similar incident happened in the Bengal Sultanate. Raja Ganesh was a feudal lord who had kicked the Illyas Shahis out of power and wrested control of the state. So the Sufis invited the Sultan of Jaunpur to invade Bengal. There was some conflict that was eventually resolved through the conversion of Raja Ganesh's first son to Islam and placed him on the throne. Raja Ganesh would repudiate this conversion the moment the Sultan left and take back power. After this, he held a ceremony to ghar wapasi his son. The Brahmins were given cow uteruses plated in gold but still complained and refused to comply. As a result, once Raja Ganesha died, the Muslims supported his older son while the Hindus supported his younger son. The older son won and a Muslim became Sultan of Bengal again, all thanks to the stubbornness of a bunch of useless parasitic priests.
anonf05ad512/06/2019 (Wed) 13:00:228372Reply
Fuck Brahmins
-t. Brahmin
anon7e851212/06/2019 (Wed) 13:47:098376Reply
I wasn't making a case whether democracy is more efficient or not. Just pointing out that the mandate of the people and constitution needs as much a giant leap of faith as a theocracy that believe in the mandate of the gods and the holy book. And really, the idea that democracy is the best for multicultural countries is an idea that is only sold in ex colonial states. You could say it's a carry over of the old colonial propoganda that the state system that colonialists implemented is superior to the native systems. In the West it's the opposite idea, that a democracy works best in a nation state-of one culture, one ethnicity, one language and common history. Other than in right wing denialists in blogs such as opindia and swarajyamag trying to cope, India ain't a nation state, it's a continental state.
History has shown that multiculturalism has thrived better in authoritarian states, even in modern day. For eg- USSR that only had 50% of its ethnicity as Russians. The moment the USSR embraced democracy, it collapsed. Ideocracies/Theocracies were far better in holding multicultural empires, just look at Iran which is only 50% Persians. I'll predict that the moment that state stop embracing Shia Islam and become a complete democracy, it'll fall. Same for the neighbor Pakistan. In fact most of human history is history of multicultural feudal states. Nation states and democracy is very recent event in history. India and few African states are an exception to the rule more than the norm.(and main reason why many predicted the balkanization of these states in the near future)
It's the emergence of a large middle class with similar value systems that ensure a functioning democracy more than anything else.
anon7e851212/06/2019 (Wed) 14:13:098377Reply
Anyways I don't think OP's idea will work out. Multicultural states such as India can only function properly if it's
a) Federal or the central government doesn't interfere too much in the affairs of the people of individual states. OP's integralist state runs counter to it.
b) Has a common lingua franca, the majority can learn easily. Sanskrit is a dead meme.
anon02c37612/06/2019 (Wed) 15:29:088380Reply
I say fuck Shudras, including kunbi-marathas. Only Dvija are bro-tier.
anona2e47f12/06/2019 (Wed) 16:51:388385Reply
>not supporting Hindus
>supporting Muslims over Hindus
Well, nice progress Jaychand
anon426b9812/06/2019 (Wed) 17:57:268391Reply
t. shudra who think hes brahmin
anon46504312/06/2019 (Wed) 18:10:278392Reply
Are you faggots really this edgy irl too?
anona2e47f12/06/2019 (Wed) 18:48:038396Reply
>t. ShUdRa tHiNkS
Are you retarded man? So you actually support Brahmins who backstabbed fellow Hindus over Muslims. If you do so, then you're an absolute waste of space & would probably be crushed in New Hindu Nation.
Stop being a traitor who thinks his caste is above Hinduism. We're Hindus first
anond6478a12/06/2019 (Wed) 19:10:408400Reply
I'd have agreed with you if you hadn't displayed your absolute newfag bhanginess
anon1c6da912/06/2019 (Wed) 19:21:448401Reply
Cease your castiest mindhive nigger. You're just underage or not familiar with world history. I'm not proclaiming anything here intact I'm being humble with more I know humbling me.
Change your ways little bitch.
anon9d4cf412/06/2019 (Wed) 19:22:558402Reply
>Stop being a traitor who thinks his caste is above Hinduism.
>you'll be crushed in New Hindu Nation.

fuck off bangi nigger keep your fantasies with your dalit friends.
anon1c6da912/06/2019 (Wed) 19:43:368404Reply
Fuckin KYS edgy pod. Except one most of the posters here are savarnas. Don't know about you, I've doubts.
anon4e5e2212/06/2019 (Wed) 20:00:068405Reply

dont group brahmins by including us in your faggot groups like savarna and shit.

im not edgy retard, its just that this is all new to you that you think im just being edgy.

you'll always be a shudra and nothing will change that.
this is the reality.
anonb7f0b212/06/2019 (Wed) 20:11:438407Reply
>no logic anon it's just that
>I'm not edgy anon
Spoken like a true flaming faggot.
Go back to wherever you came from and stay that way bhangi chamar.
anona2e47f12/06/2019 (Wed) 20:20:538408Reply
>has nothing going on other than being a Brahmin
>fuck Hinduism
>don't lump me with Dalits
The fuck are you doing being a Hindu then. Go convert to Hinduism.
anona2e47f12/06/2019 (Wed) 20:21:208409Reply
anon4c53d913/06/2019 (Thu) 10:01:538420Reply
Here is an article that explains what I meant more clearly
anon58159313/06/2019 (Thu) 11:21:068428Reply
Dalit coping intensifies.
anon30e93f13/06/2019 (Thu) 11:44:018438Reply
Reminder that every larper here who uses words like Bhangi etc is a closeted Dalit
anond6478a13/06/2019 (Thu) 11:46:548442Reply
Can confirm
anon58159313/06/2019 (Thu) 12:02:538471Reply
indiachan is pro castiest board go fuck off someplace else like your bhangi facebook groups.


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