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hello there NRIs

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What are you doing to stop the Islamisation of our glorious Hindustan?

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Colonial Apologists BTFO

Fite me

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"Only Indian men treat women badly"


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why this place has become /b/

I wanted to have some stimulating discussion about Indian politics at /Pol/but it seems you amiths have turned this place into /b/. Why can't Indians learn to put things to their intended use? Oh wait! first better learn how to poo in the loo.

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Muslim guy admits his underage nephew and niece voted in the election:

He is Muslim:

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>he is a parambuthoori

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>he is a mallu

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Is it normal to smile at random women at India?

sometimes women stare at me and i just look away uncomfortably.

example: there was a qt3.14 looking at me yesterday at airport and i wish i became friends with her.

in the west, people ask random women out on dates. i don't know how men approach women in India.

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>he's north indian

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>The Battle of Colachel was fought on 10 August 1741 between the South Indian kingdom of Travancore and the Dutch East India Company
> during the Travancore-Dutch War. Travancore, under Raja Marthanda Varma, defeated the Dutch East India Company. >The defeat of the Dutch by Travancore is considered the earliest example of an organised power from Asia overcoming European military technology and tactics
>The Dutch never recovered from the defeat and no longer posed a large colonial threat to India
How the fuck do weak little north Indians even compete against the SOUTH INDIAN KARA BOGA BULL?

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Hindu ethnostate literally when?

When are we going to achieve it /pol/? How will we fix the demographic problem?

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>Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

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Yawn.. I m just waiting for the t series vs pewedpie to get over.

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What can Indians do to make them stay and start businesses in India?

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You don't deserve Modi

He has done so much for India and India's economy. If he doesn't get reelected you're all cucks that should be gassed.

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do soft drinks really make you feel good?

like many normie indians, my friend (normie faggot) drinks soft drinks whenever he gets food outside.

are these people just NPCs influenced by advertisements?

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Seeking Answers

I am working in US right now. Migrated here in 2011 for a company project(Non-IT). Got a good offer and decided to stay here for some time more. Right now earning around 110K post tax. Wifey is an assistant professor in a univ and earns another 40k post tax. We live and file tax together and do not have kids. Till now we have saved around 800k USD (~ INR 5-6 crores, depending on the exchange). I just turned 32. Planning to retire by 35 and come back to India and settle in Tier II city on the western coast of India (Me and my wife dislike metros because of pollution and over-population and we both love sea).

Recently, I came across this page on wikipedia (pic related). I know wiki is not a good source to refer to but on digging further, I found most of the information to be accurate. Indians constitute the most affluent (middle)class in the USA, yet I see so few Indians here. And so goes my question :

What is the reason that Indians choose to live in poverty while there remains an open door to countries like US which reward hard work and merit? Or simply put - If Indians considers themselves so smart, why are they not rich?

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The age of Indian soyboys and knights have begin

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Why is this place such a shit hole

Nearly every thread is complete trash. Why can't you stupid monkeys ever discuss anything interesting like 4chan before the trump monkey invasion? Here I'll start, the average IQ of the country is 82, once upon a time this would be considered borderline mentally retarded.
Since you people are retarded this means that the average Indian has an IQ of 82

How do we fix this?
>inb4 I'm a high IQ ooper caste walla
No. Just no. You might be marginally better but that only goes so far.

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Fuck jannies and FUCK niggers

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#MeToo thread: Liberals need Saxy sex

In this thread we will collect names of morally/intellectually superior liberals and left rats and shame them for what they are irl.

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Nepal-India relations

Has Nepali nationalism incorporated indophobia in it ?

Also, bonus comedian hate thread

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What do you think about Indian males marrying white females?

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I m descendant of Mongols. The Great Chengiz.
My ancestors were conquerer, so am I.

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How can we hypothetically in a self defense situation destabilise our government via coup

Remember this is just a hypothetical self defense situation on a kolhapuri chappal making forum

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How should you select your wife?

1. better genes? why?
2. compatibility? why?
3. financial stability? why?
4. Other - ?

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Why don't you fags just.....

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Prove me wrong!

What all he has done is to fill the pockets of Gujratis while making rest of the Indians poor. Whether it is the GPSC deal or Adanis or installing a 182m tall dildo, rest of the India is only getting a raw deal.

The only chutiyas who deserve him are the non-Gujrati Indians who support him.

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Wtf is he /ourguy/ now?

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Feminism and Devil walking hand in hand.

How can we even compete?
And is this a next race-war?
Its spreading really fast thanks to Twitter and Facebook.
Banning porn website is a wrong move, instead we have to block social network.

tldr: Feminism Is Pure Evil.

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Is it just me or are Indians more likely to accept trannies more than faggots? It's kind of strange because it's opposite in the case of West.

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North Sentinel Island

Yo...I think they are hiding something.....something big from us. I think they are hiding advance technology from us, something like Wakanda!
Black panther is from north sentinel Island.

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Trump is good.

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anyone interested in bringing down dhruv jhatee?

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raand ki paidaayish

ek 40 saal ka aadmi jabardasti ek 16 saal ki sundar virgin larki ko agwa karke roz raat ko zabardasti uski chuut maare, gaand maare, usko bhi maare, aur dheere dheere uss larki ko maza aane lage aur wo khud "daddy daddy" bolke daily gaand thukwaaye uss aadmi se.

usske baal kheench ke pakde aur uski gaand maari jaaye, chujje chaba ke laal kar diye jaayen aur wo dard se tadap kar roye saari raat. subah uthte hi fir zabardasti usske muh mei lund thoos diya jaaye aur usske mana karne par ussko rehepta raseed diya jaaye. paanv ke niche raoundh diya jaaye aur bata diya jaaye ussko ki ab wo ek rakhael hai sirf, aur kuch bhi nahi.

larki ko apne aasuon se pyaar ho jaaye, wo roz yaun shoshan ka shikaar ho, tadap tadap kar roye, aur fir ghaav puri tarah bharne se pehle hi apne aap aadmi se jaakar bheek maange aur kahe "daddy, please mujhe abuse kiijiye saari raat"

baad mei uss larki ka baap police ki madad se uss larki ko dhuund le, aur larki asli baap ke saamne hi uss aadmi se chude aur usse "daddy" bulaaye pyaar se. fir wo aadmi usske baap ke saamne hi uss larki ki chuut aur gaand maar maar ke ussko rulaaye aur larki rote rote chillaye "please daddy maaro meri gaand, mujhe pyaar hai aapse aur aapke mote sakht lund se, maaro meri aur please".

kya sahi movie banegi ye, nahi?

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Why do you guys do this

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This Brit lungi motherfucker

Look at how these lungi niggers think. Always wondered why people are so irked by them. Now I know why they are so hated. Thank god he's in the UK one less harami in the country.

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Fucking depressed.
I hit the gym 4 times in a row and stopped going for a week due to low energy/motivation.

Feeling like killing myself.

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Hello cucks
I'm alpha Chad Narendra Modi here.


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i saved less than 1/3'rd of my salary last year.


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Louis XVI, the last king of France

anyone else felt a strange strong connection when studying about Louis XVI in 8th grade history?

I don't know why, but it was one of the strongest connections I had to a historical character when reading history.

for historylets:

Louis XVI: (from
Personal Characteristics
Louis XVI had an overall weak personality and lacked the strong character necessary for a King
largely influenced by Marie Antoinette
she encouraged him to oppose the Revolution
his only initiative in regards to opposition to the Revolution was civil constitution of the clergy
refused at first to sanction a constitution for the church in France without the pope's approval
overall policy was both feeble and false
Personal characteristics of Louis xvi
born on August 23, 1754 in Versailles
executed for treason by guillotine on January 21, 1793
studied religion, morality, geography, astronomy, history, and Latin
married Marie Antoinette in May of 1770 at the age of 15
Succeeded Louis XV in 1774 as the King of France
mentally dull, little understanding of the business of a King
awkward, uncourtly, indecisive, and shy
more focused on hunting and locksmithing than his duties as King
easily persuaded and convinced by his wife, Marie Antoinette

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What's wrong with Eugenics? Why there isn't a state run Eugenics program?

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>tfw i had a better image of nath people in my mind than this guy
redpill me on him bharatas

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Can we stop a "migrant caravan" from Pakistan? Would they mount such an attempt? What should our response be?

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where/how do i find intelligent, non-npc girls in India?

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lungoot did nothing wrong

i now realize why he shut down indiachan

its just muslims reee posts everytime

while 4chan's /pol/tards are the bottom level scum in human hierarchy, its ironic that most people here are wannabe /pol/tards

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Any Masters students from abroad here?
Where are you from and What's the experience like?

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Reservation end when?

Chutiya marathas ko 16% reservtion de mar jate kya ab.
Hatao bhosadika reservation.

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muh hindusim

It is funny how Indians talk about "Bharat" being a superpower when they can't even use the most basic of technology to thier good. This retardedness is more among Hindus; at least Muslims do not have such pretentious ambtions.

gif related, a dumbass hindu procession :

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Should Modi intiate Operation Muslim Hunt?

Seriously ethnic cleansing of muzzies in the best national interest of Bharat.

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IT coolies feels thread

anyone else work at a service based IT company and hate the colleague bhangis?

im trying to switch to a company with bigger pay so i don't have to cringe at bhangi behavior everyday.

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Shit inna street

What can be done about the PooPoo Prism?

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Based yogi. F*ck Brahmin subhumans

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What is your Caste?

yes, caste.

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Porn is already banned in china most usa states so why not in India. Why do liberandus have a problem when India ban porn? Why people like degeneracy?

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A leftist magazine tries to expose a Hindu Nationalist and it backfires!

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General Elections 2019

Can we all get together and try making a visible effect during this election? Last time ic anons together tried hard to influence Karnataka elections and failed miserably and lungoot lost his job and his income to maintain the site as well as get into SuSu's watchlist in the list of anti nashunals to be arrest. Can we atleast make a hit to the local news this time?

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This is how you should treat ricebags. Why can't Hindus be as based as the sentinelese ?

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Why does the right wing have no respectable intellectual

Why do we have no respectable intellectual discourse on the right? The left has tons of JNU bred commies who can seay opinions, but we lack that on the right.

Is there any alternative? How do we set this right?

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Kathua case timeline

1. Muslim cops arrest some Hindus for allegedly rape/murder of Muslim girl.

2. The arrested Hindus' family and friends think they have been framed and protest.

3. The entire Indian and world media blames Hindus for defending rape.

But nobody defended rape. Some Hindus felt their friends had been wrongfully framed and arrested. So why did 3. happen?

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How we get this board going

The activity here is very sporadic. How do we get more like minded anons onto this thing

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Reddit and r/India

Reddit is the 3rd most visited website in the world but its Indian subreddit seems to be an Islamo-Leftist propaganda forum.

When will India get a Pinochet to get rid of lying manipulative filth like this guy?

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Bramins,Rajpoots aur kshtriya log sb bhadwe hai.
Tum lawde ambedkar ke pair ke neeche rahoge.
Hum reservation ke wajah se jyada ache collages me jate hai,mtlb jyada kamate hai,fees 1% bharte hai aur tum sale 80% lake bhi gutter me rahoge...jaha tum belong karte..jay bhim

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Corps of signals

What does the board think of vitue singallers in India? Why is nobody calling out these cucks?

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Why do leftists love Muslims and Islam?

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Read this, this piece very well tell us how technology is controlling our lives, take a read. I m leaving the internet for good. I m sorry to ones who I have offended, that wasn't my intention.

Advice: Don't take everything seriously on internet. You don't have to make mountain out of every little thing.

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"poo in loo, pajeet!" "Hindus are rapists!"

When a cumskin writes something like this India should persecute a muslim family into fleeing and seeking asylum in the cumskin's country.

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Why are separatist movements tolerated and given freedom of speech in India?

Rich developed countries like Turkey and Russia violently shut down and kill separatist movements.

Why is India disadvantaging itself by being more democratic than say Turkey and Russia when those countries seem to be more liked and respected by the world*?

*judging by reddit, 4chan and youtube

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The Virgin Modi vs The Chad Imran khan.

You just know it.

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Fuck I thought it was off since 2018 January. How's it surviving. Any old bro here who's here since start like me?

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Kek @ fags here fighting for hindutva

>Not disguising as a leftist to influence the masses and gain power for self interest

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The Sentinelese tribe is considered a "scheduled tribe". Has anyone told them that free education and government jobs awaits them in India?

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So this sad story got 11k upvotes on reddit a long with many very negative and racist comments about India.

But shit like this happens in many other countries. Why is it that it is only that get tarnished by these stories?

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should India allow gun rights for private citizen?

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Why is Indian twitter so right wing while Indian youtubers are so left wrong? On the other hand why is the Western twitter so left wing while western youtubers are right wing?

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Griffith's translation of the Vedas

So I noticed this blatant mistranslation of Vedic hymn Book 1, LXXXIV, 8. Pic related.

There's another mistranslation of Rig Vedic Hymn Book 3, XXXIV, 9, where Indra "gives protection the Aryan colour", the actual Sanskrit text uses "Varnmavat" (My kind) and not "Aryan".

I need more time to research this. But the translation constantly keeps using "Aryan", Aryan, and while I don't deny the Aryan Invasion Theory, this text is clearly problematic. Almost sounds like a White Nationalist tried to translate a Sanskrit text.

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Dravida Nadu

Most of Lemurians asking for a separate Dravida Nadu on YouTube and Twitter are mostly Muslims and Christians.

Really makes you think.

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Do Mallus think they're more civilized than Eastern Europeans and can avoid a religious balkanization like in the 1990s Yugoslavia?

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Muslims did so much for India!!1

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>talking about real issues and problems India faces is muh raycism
Why do pajeets act like niggers online?

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I am descendant of great Vikings. Ama

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>Pictures of Chairman mao and Chairman XI should be on both sides of holy cross


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The असंदिग्ध अवस्था of India

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The (((Dravidian))) movement

Why haven't the Tamils noticed that the Dravidian movement is led by Christian evangelicals and communists? The WE WUZ ANCIENT ALIEN LEMURIANS ideas are used to alienate Tamils against their own Hindu and Chera/Chola/Pandya ancestry.

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After namaz at Taj, right wing activists now threaten to per .. Read more at:


This is Muslims answer to the right wings. Tolerance and give the silent treatment. No matter how much these Inbred sanghis try to instigate anger inside Muslims by pissing them off and insult their practice, muslims are replying to them with silence and sanity. Because they learnt the bigger lesson during Babri masjid, 2002 Godhta and 2013 Muzzaaffarnagar Riots.

Eye for an eye is not the answer to remove these evil Hindutva forces. Muslims learnt this. They tried that with Akhlakh, Pehlu Khan and child Asifa's Rape and Murder inside a temple and the recent name change of village/town names. They failed to provoke. I don't think this will shake their patience too. Our Muslims are better Indian than Hindus. I hope and pray they remain still as a rock, cuz that's what the Sanghis wants to shake and twist their minds, so that when Muslims retaliate, that's when the blame will fall on Muslims only. This worked on previous cases, not anymore I believe.

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Mount Athos vs. Sabarimala

A modern European country (Greece) is allowed to have whole mountain for only men who are members of the Orthodox Church.

Meanwhile India is not allowed to have a single temple for only men. There are 50,000+ other Hindu temples that women can also visit. Why do they need Sabarimala?

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Is it accurate?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 10


Does India have them? Are they loud?

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Rape in India

Why is the Indian media making every single rape into front-page news and broadcasting it to the whole world in English?

What is the Indian media trying to achieve?

There is an assault rape in Denmark almost every week but you will only find the news in Danish and in the local crime news.

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Ban foreign NGOs by default

I have noticed that many of the NGOs that portray India negatively regarding rape, open defecation etc. are run by foreign organizations with ties to either the far-left or American Christian evangelicals. Both have an interest in portraying India negatively.

Foreign NGOs should be banned by default.

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Broskis, what do you think about the Maratha situation thread in MH?

Relevant article-

>Maharashtra already has 52 percent reservation and as the government is likely to give 16 percent reservation to the Marathas, the total reservation in the state will be pushed to 68 percent.