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Aren't Indians the same as whites since we're both Caucasians? White used to refer to Anglos exclusively, but that was when guys like Benjamin Franklin walked the earth. Race should be based on deeper aspects than skin color. For instance, there are just three main races, the Caucasian the Negro and the Oriental. Three truly distinctive races.
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Why does Chandigarh look so well planned on google maps? Why are other cities absolute shitholes?
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The Paki equivalent of pajeet sepoys. Seriously though what makes desis so cucked?
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Without nation how can you hope to achieve anything
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What's your story, anons? Randitv is asking so nicely.
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Shit Sena getting bad PR for forcing Karachi Sweets owner to cover the Karachi part of his signboard up as it is anti national loool
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Our saviour, redpiller and enlighter is back!
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Why do people choose to remain blind to the Muslim question? Why do they think Muslims are compatible with our soyciety?
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At this point, is there any chance in salvaging our relationship with China?
Because the alternative would mean sepoys selling us out to be canon fooder for their neoliberal masters.
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How do you guys feel about colonial era?
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Laugh at AAP
Itt we laugh at AAP for blaming the huge air pollution crisis on Delhi on some farmers burning crops in other states.
My theory :
> Air pollution terrible for years
> Blame poor farmers burning crops while the real problem is delhi traffic and the industrial complex
> Spends lakhs on ads to convince people its not their fault and someone else is the cause.
>Farmers end up being scapegoat
> AAP receives crores from oligarchs to shut up about the industries.
> Delhi accidently ends up on a depopulation process since the pollution will take years off a persons lifespan.
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Katuwa patrolled.
Chad Golu and Thad Guddu teared Mushtak Ali in two pieces for eve teasing their sister.
Comment "based" to give them your energy, otherwise you are a pedo.
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Harvey Weinstein
How do we males save ourselves from situation like this?
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Is he a CIA agent like kejru and rubbish?
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Inbreeding check
Let's have a fun game of checking out the inbred levels of our caste. This is done using IBD -, Identity by descent scores. Long story short Ashkenazi Jews who are known for inbreeding are the Benchmark and are given a score of one. If your IBD score is 2 then you're as twice as inbred as these Jews.

Under the supplementary material there's an excel sheet which has the scores of hundreds of castes. You may or may not reveal your caste, just tell us your score.

Mine 0.222 IBD score in one region and 0 in another(small sample size of 2 so it doesn't mean much).
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Why is this so common?
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Greeks and Romans are remembered for their culture and their philosophy and achievements, Japan has always been highly regarded too, and other Asian countries are all respected even shitholes like Thailand. Endia and Endoos however continue to be a blight on everyone else. Poverty is not new to Asia but no other Asian shithole has a reputation for ill mannered barbaric men like ENDOOS have. It's always an ENDOO in these memes not a Muslim Indian. Fucking ENDOOISM man
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>Yeah. Netflix is the problem. eyeroll
>There is a history within India of claims and conspiracy theories of Muslim men conspiring to seduce and 'forcibly' convert Hindu women leading to attacks, honour killings of women, and lynchings.
>A friendly reminder that the division of India and Pakistan was a British ploy designed to sow division in their societies weakening them for generations to come. Old Winston's plan is still working it seems.
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The original post of Brenton Tarrant in 8chan before he carried out the Christchurch attack in 2019.
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Ugly politicians
Why the fuck are all politicians in this cuntry so ugly?
No hot politicians to coom to
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What the hell is this shit IT cel chan?
Reporting it to authorities.
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Absolute state of Depoocracy
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Is Hinduism a Pagan religion?
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Just sepoy things
Imagine spending literal crores of rupees to go to US, UK, Germany to study in their universities where you’ll be treated like a total shitskin, pay another few lakhs for accommodation, and then go job hunting in the AGE OF THE INTERNET. I mean if I wanted to have my ass fucked I’d just head to some shady gay bar in South Delhi. These bahnchods are getting their ass fucked AND paying for it l m a o.

I always laugh when I interview some sepoyjeet with his fake American accent trying to impress him. I always, always, make sure I make them think they’re getting hired before I cut them off.
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is odisha the most unknown state?
I literally cannot think of anything that came out of Odisha other than rassagula. Please educate me about your state odiyanons
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Modiji can close up everyone's businesses and charge 50% tax and people will still dance and sing his name with joy
this just shows hindoos are a cuckolded bunch who will suffer anything as long as they can make their superiors happy.
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Truedindology eternally BTFO

Has he gotten sloppy or is has he always been this mediocre?
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Is it true, bhangali?
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How do you think mainsteam public will react if they find out this chan?
>Rape justifying threads
>constant usage of pejorative word for dalit and LGBT, punishable by law
>Derogatory comments against India and Army.
>Genocide fantasies.
>Objectification of wamen.

It'll be as big drama as "Boys locker room" and you all can be sued.
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Good old days...
Remember those times when life was much simpler? Probably your school days, when you used to look at individuals as humans and not try to label them based on their communal and religious identity. Sometimes ignorance is truly a bliss.
What made you an online addict anon? How do you became radicalized by extreme political ideologies?
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The Bimaru is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a streetshitter, rapist, subhuman, parasite, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Bimaru and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”
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Why are we not curious about the North Sentinel Island and it's unique tribal inhabitants any more?
Gormint puts a 5km no entry area from the coast of the island. No one is interested apart from that ricenigger Allan Chau who went to turn them into ricebags. We know very little about them, no one has explored deep into the heart of the island. It's our territory, after all.
I suggest we sail up to no entry zone and send some drones into the island and spy on them and learn more. What do you think guys?
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America Hate Thread
ITT: we will gather all kinds of information about Americucks to mock them.
This is a revenge thread for mocking Indians.
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Why are Gultis converting en-masse to Shittyanity.
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Its better China be a super power than Muttmerica
Think about it logically. Some might hate China for the border disputes but once they are resolved no body cares about what China does. China is very isolationist and only cares about capitalism as long as its material interests are met. Unlike muttland who cares about muh constitution and is hell bent on forcing their ideals into everyone else. China doesn't care whether you legalized same sex marriage or not as long as they get their part of the deal while mutts will cancel trade deals now if your country doesn't follow the same globohomo degeneracy trend their people are following.
This was always been the case even back in cold war era, when they invaded countries that had slightly socialist policies, in Bush and Obama era when they invaded countries for not having democracy and now they are doing the same.
This also means the end of the anglo hegemony which a lot of our youth look upto and wants to emulate. When anglos were sexually puritan during the victorian era and we were a promiscuous degenerate society, we imitated them and was ashamed of our degenerate lifestyle. Now the reverse is happening. Once their hegemony is gone people will just stop looking after them as they will not have enough soft power projection.
Only thing China will care about is that you teach certain things about their regime in history books and nothing else.
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Why are most of the Indians sepoys if India is good country (at least better than Western countries)?
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Coon jabis
Genuine question. Why do coonjabis tend to be the biggest sepoys out of all ? almost everything about them is sepoy be it the desperation to imitate niggers (pic related), the cringe attempts at emulating nigger music, the horrendous accent that unfortunately has been projected as how all of us speak, the desperate attempts to sound like niggers, wearing chains, jerking off to kanneda visa and countless other things ? What is wrong with coonjabis in general ? Why aren't they aware of the fact that they look like sloths (not to mention the smell ) wearing turbans ? ITT discuss your coonjabi encounters, smell experiences and sepoy behaviour of coonjabis

>inb4 plebbit scrnshot
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Are Sikhs white?
I'm obviously talking about Jutt Sikhs and not Dalits.
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When will we blame christianity for destroying wildlife and nature?
Honestly, christfags vehemently cut down tall forests for their fucking year round festival and destroys thousands of birds, animals and plants, just like how they destroyed diwali, there should be a way to be eco friendly christmas
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>10 gorillion women have been raped in India since the Delhi Shoah
>only 0.001 percent of cases are reported
If there something biologically wrong with Pajeets?
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Why do Indian parents always advise their sons bullshit like "study hard then you will get a beautiful wife?" Do they not realize that a woman who marries you for your money will not be faithful and will most probably go sleep with some Chad when you go to office? Do Indian parents like seeing their sons cuckolded?
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>wants to bring criminal bhos in this country
>wants to make pedophilia and beastiality normal
>thinks pisslam is good
>supports jihadi ,rapist,terrorist mudslimes
>is full of soy
>likes to do virtue signaling
>thinks you are fascist for thinking otherwise
why have we not killed these human scums ?
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Chinky dinky
Okay which one of you did this?
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I've an economics MCQ in the next ten minutes, somebody wanna help me pass?
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Two of the best musicians in India are abo chamaars.
Unironically what went wrong with UC and especially North Indian UC musicians?
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Why are bhaiyas so embarrassing? This bhaiya brahtard thinks he can improve upon Newtown
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If I rape her for insulting my hero, would it be justified?
Is rape in war ever justified?
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This was one the most based moments of all of 2020 before this gay virus shut things down. When will have this kind of fun again?
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When is the Tarrantino movie sequel coming? I want more action, comedy and moral messages.
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What happened?
Why is infrastructure quality so bad now?
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When was the last time Hindoos held such massive demonstrations?
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Areas OUTSIDE the red line are shitholes
Areas INSIDE are liveable some exceptions being Shaheen Bagh, Chandni Chowk, Bardarpur, Jasola, Chirag Delhi and Sarita Vihar.
Second pic for comparison
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I just saw India Today's interview of Kapil Sibal. My man just called out that the economic oligarchs are the ones that control the media on live tv but was too pussy to say Gandhu family was killing kangress. He skirted around the whole interview saying kangress has no leader but was not willing to tell names.
Shit was funny bros.
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We need a Final solution to the reddit problem
What will it be?
R: 121
When will Indians stop littering? When will the average street in India look like pic related?
R: 56
which is the best state in India to be a rich person?
Pic related is the worst state. Every worker wants to ooze your wealth and the govt supports them. Jealousy is rampant, some hindufags will even go to worship black magic for wealth
R: 23
Indians making fun of niggers
Imagine being this deluded.
R: 71
Rank them from best to worst
And no need to become a wannabe edgelord, "I neVeR uSed tHeSe aPps kYs". We all know you used them at some point, so stop being a pretentious bhangi.
R: 16
In how many years will India become commie free?
Will it happen during Shah or Yogi regime?
R: 32
Is it true that brahmin have the smallest dick among all caste? Asking for a friend.
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>Nation, nation...
R: 5
AIMIM will grow to become BJP's national level competition?
R: 10
From the Kama Sutra
In the affairs of love a man should do such things as are agreeable to the women of different countries.
The women of the central countries (i.e., between the Ganges and the Jumna) are noble in their character, not accustomed to disgraceful practices, and dislike pressing the nails and biting.
The women of the Balhika country are gained over by striking.
The women of Avantika are fond of foul pleasures, and have not good manners.
[57]The women of the Maharashtra are fond of practising the sixty-four arts, they utter low and harsh words, and like to be spoken to in the same way, and have an impetuous desire of enjoyment.
The women of Pataliputra (i.e., the modern Patna) are of the same nature as the women of the Maharashtra, but show their likings only in secret.
The women of the Dravida country, though they are rubbed and pressed about at the time of sexual enjoyment, have a slow fall of semen, that is they are very slow in the act of coition.
The women of Vanavasi are moderately passionate, they go through every kind of enjoyment, cover their bodies, and abuse those who utter low, mean and harsh words.
The women of Avanti hate kissing, marking with the nails, and biting, but they have a fondness for various kinds of sexual union.
The women of Malwa like embracing and kissing, but not wounding, and they are gained over by striking.
The women of Abhira, and those of the country about the Indus and five rivers (i.e., the Punjab), are gained over by the Auparishtaka or mouth congress.
The women of Aparatika are full of passion, and make slowly the sound "Sit."
The women of the Lat country have even more impetuous desire, and also make the sound "Sit."
The women of the Stri Rajya, and of Koshola (Oude), are full of impetuous desire, their semen falls in large quantities, and they are fond of taking medicine to make it do so.
The women of the Audhra country have tender bodies, they are fond of enjoyment, and have a liking for voluptuous pleasures.
The women of Ganda have tender bodies, and speak sweetly.
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Redpill me on the British Museum inch/pol/. Should they give all of their items back to the rest of the world (specifically India as well?)
R: 22
how tf was she brainwashed into this ???
R: 3
Are rors as based as shown on Jewstagram?
R: 1
Where to buy RSS branded chaddis?
R: 4
Rank each of the following from most cucked to based
>Islamic extremists
>The pope
>Roman empire
> Traditionalists
>Classical conservatives
>CIA agents
>average 4cuck user
>Idi Amin
>Al Assad
>Huey Long
>National bolshevists
>"It wasn't REAL communism"
>Kim Jong Un
>the KGB
>Average plebbit user
>LGBT members
>Peaceful protestors
>BLM activists
>Queer anarchists
>Max Stirner
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Is Love Jihad as big a menace as Bhajopa IT cell makes it out?
Love Jihad is real but is it as overblown as IT cell majdoors make it out? I think they take a particular incident of Muslim man marrying a Hindu girl and amplify it too much, whereas Hindu man marrying a Muslim girl hardly gets any attention.
Personally speaking, most of the Muslim girls in college campuses used to date Hindu boys. Also, making Hindus feel as a victim is the biggest electoral benefit for Bhajopa.
R: 1
I've seen a lot of people on the internet say how tribalism is based, and how they are X/Y/Z tribalists and how fascism is based. But are these people really tribalists like how people used to be in ancient times? They just seem like products of a modern age and who LARP to cover up their insecurities.
R: 38
Should general category males just rope?
R: 14
Cabinet cuckisters
Which one do you hate the most and why?
R: 36
What's wrong with this 'cunt'ry?
>Waste excessive cash to educate below 80 IQ Bhangis.
>Subsidies for goatfuckers.
>Promote Interfaith and Intercaste marriages.
>Neglect 140+ IQ Savrnas and Brahmin aspirants.
>Marxist cocksuckers.
>Cheap replica of kike western countries.
>Take pride over NRIs like Pichai, Nadella, Naval who left due to rigged system
>Oonity in dibersity.
>We wuzz Biswaguru and shiettzz.

It's like you are deliberately trying to make mistakes. TamBrahm and Gujjus did nothing wrong by leaving this hellhole bhangistan.
R: 12
How can I help the country to become a developed country without getting into politics? I want to do something good before I kill myself.
R: 10
I had no idea tattisqueaks was THIS based
R: 1
Low fertility rate in non poojeet Hindus
Decline of Savarnas and surge in poo population have resulted in the decline of Vishwaguru Bharat. For Hindus to remain majority, government has to step up their population game:

>Send Muslims, Rice bags, Communists and Dalits to concentration camps- resulting in decline of poo population.
>Give subsidies to savarna couples who produce more than 4 kids, along with free education.
>Abolish voting and civil rights of savarna couples who have 1 or 2 children.

This should be practiced for 10 years in order to repopulate India with sensible public. Third reich under Hitler used to encourage couples who make babies with Aryan features and many Nazis had 7-8 kids. GOI should also do the same.
R: 12
This actually happened in mallu nadu. Wtf happened to them to make them ultra sickular today?
R: 4
This got a thousand upvotes in chaddispeaks
R: 17
Muttfucks fuck up
Pigskins have truly evolved backward with this reddit moment ahahahahaha absolute state of muttland
R: 6
in terms of overall influence.
R: 19
Bollywood - Controlled my mullahs and saudi funding

Buddhism- Chinese have made Buddhism compatible in all aspects to a point they have introduced communism in it. Today's buddhist dont even know that buddha was born in bihar they think he was chinese

Food - Everyday we hear how Indian food originated in persia, arab or is brought by british and muslims etc...

Maybe india has nothing to give to the world. I am hopeless
R: 22
Will endia ever become a global manufacturing hub with low taxes on consumption and total ease of doing business?
R: 13
How can non Brahmins even compete?
No wonder monsters hate us so much.
R: 20
What are some poor countries where INR can buy more things similar to how USD in india
R: 2
HIC -> Huge Indian Cock

It is as fat as the following:

R: 35
R: 0
I love BIMARUs
I love you BIMARU bros. You're more Indian than anyone else. You also have expressways.
R: 6
R: 1
im an incel
and im a terrorist
R: 17
Why do Indian Muslims use the term "Pajeet"
Do they really think it is a religious term and not an ethnic one?
R: 23
Unironically wtf is wrong with dindpoos?
> 60 per cent of people who defecate in the open globally live in rural South Asia, and 56 per cent live in rural India alone... Exposure to open defecation has serious consequences for child mortality, health, and human capital development. South Asia has the highest rates of open defecation worldwide... The rate of open defecation in sub-national regions of Bangladesh, India and Nepal is highly correlated with the fraction of the population that identifies as Hindu, in part because certain rituals of purity and pollution discourage having latrines in close proximity to one’s home.... this paper estimates how much the rate could be reduced if rural households in regions that have a higher fraction of Hindus, where open defecation is still common, altered their behaviour to reflect that of non-Hindu households in regions that are predominantly non-Hindu, where the rate of open defecation is much lower. Using nonparametric reweighting methods, this paper projects that rural open defecation in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal could be reduced to rates of between 6 and 8 per cent, compared to the prevailing level of 65 per cent.

> [In India, Muslim children are substantially more likely than Hindu children to survive to their first birthday, even though Indian Muslims have lower wealth, consumption, educational attainment, and access to state services.]
R: 6
The new Tarrantino movie looks firee, his best creation so far.