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im an indian and i despise most indians.

most of them have zero capacity for original thought.

just look at the posts on indian version of 4chan. its just retards trying to be edgy like "based" 4chun and using 4chun lingo.

hope i immigrate to a first world country asap.

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I am a hindu. A mad mad hindu

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Will IndiaChan's be ever as powerful as 4Chan's ?

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i'm a brahmin.

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Hurr durr germ mastah reice

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Redpill on intercaste relations /pol

Are you for it or against? Why?

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In This Thread: 1857

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Pondicherry is French.
Goa is Portuguese.

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>he is a mallu

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Questions on Khatris

Hey anons, looking to find out more about Khatris- their history, their origins, their achievements, their racial/ethnic make up, demographic numbers and stereotypes and personality traits associated with them.

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Kanhaiya Kumar

> Be Kanhaiya Kumar
> Born in Bimaruland
> No facilities and shit
> Somehow get into JNU
> Turn commie
> Thinks that bourgeois and fascist Indian state is responsible for state of his Bimaru shithole
> Starts hating himself
> Can't even get gril with sub 2 looks.
> Shouts anti India slogans
> Sedition.jpg
> Leftist bikau media praises him
> Becomes champion of free speech
> All is well

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BJP released did track on Congress

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Why is that BJP ruled states are so bad at reducing poverty if they are supposed to bring out 'Chinese miacle' in India?

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Reminder that instead of worshipping mythical monkey men and blue skinned faggots we need to worship and revere actual people like Buddha and Shivaji

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Imagine celebrating wold hijab day

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why do indians want to be "white" so bad?

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Dhruv Rathee Exposing Arvind Kejriwal Through Logical Fallacies

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Sabarimala question

How fair is the meddling in religious customs in Sabrimala by the State? What happened to freedom of religion here? Does equality for all only apply to Hindu customs?

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How do we redpill Indians on the Hindustani Muttification Project?

How do we redpill Indians on the Hindustani Muttification Project, the last vestige of Nehruvian socialism that even right wingerds are susceptible to and passionately defend even in this board? What kind of mind accepts such an artificial and contradictory syncretism?

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Supreme Court will now remove reading of shlokas from KV schools
Let me see them remove jejus prayers from icse schools

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All hail the new glimmer of hope!

Say good things about her /pol or you're all communal Hindutva fascists who are also against strong women.

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What are your thoughts on the Dravidian question?

Just admit it. If it wasn't for the dravidians and their hybrids, India would literally be more developed than the United States right now.

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What exactly are you going to do if a politician wants you dead?

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Arm Size

How big are your arms?

Unflexed : 11in
Flexed 13.5in

What's weird is I curl 30kg dumbbels for reps.

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I will vote for Modi bcz in his government :-
1.India have reached to nearly 5 trillion dollar economy in FDI
2. Its only bcz of Modi that Pakistan is bound to beg in front of other country to save its economy.
3.Modiji is very down to earth person his thinking starts from building toilets and ends on Mars mission. Modiji is the first pm of India who thinks about girls and made toilets for them.
4. 18000 villeges have been electrified after 2014 and my village was one of them.
5. This is the first time ever in 70 years that India have an international popular PM.
6.Modi government is for farmers which he have proved to increase MSP to 1.5 times of expenditure.
7.its only bcz of Modi that we can see Made in India tag on smartphones..this was totally a dream fir Indians to use made in India phones.
8.Its only Modiji who dreamt to bring bullet trains in India.
9.its only bcz of modiji that in Kashmir Maximum number of terrorist were killed in last 2 year..
10.Last but not the least..when ur enemies start to unite..then alwaya think that u r on the right way..

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we need a brahmin ethnostate

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Daily reminder that Carpet Shitting is strictly forbidden.

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Dalitendra Cucks Us Again: Caste+EWS Reservations Extended To Private Colleges

Holy fuck, and no one's batting an eyelid. This is an extremely radical step- extending SC, ST, OBC quotas to private higher education institutions along with the new EWS reservation. This effectively screws upper castes who were already put at a huge disadvantage competing for government college seats.

Why the fuck is no one talking about this? When are we going to wake up, when the Bhim mobs come to lynch us in our houses for the last bit of gibs? r/india is right, we need to emigrate and let this shithole die.

Pic unrelated.

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Brahmin Appreciation Thread

ITT we discuss and admire the great Brahmins who have helped build the modern Indian state.

Brahmins have given us our culture and an idea titt uniquely Indian and comparable to other more developed nations.

The "historians" pushing the narrative of an oppressive Brahmin community conveniently ignore the real oppressors, the Muslim Invaders.

If a dalit has any reason to be angry about historical griviences, it should be because of Muslims.

Why is it acceptable to blame Brahmins, but not Muslim barbarians?

Brahmins on the other hand have constantly strived to help this nation and compete with others in our neighborhood. Without them, India would have disintegrated a long time ago like Rhodesia did after it's "liberation".

We owe brahmins a lot.

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Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons

Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons

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Artificial Language

How about creating an artificial language to be used as lingua franca in the nation instead of Hindi or English? I can already imagine some properties this language can have to make it more inclusive
-Use Latin script for writing
-Use Hindi Grammer
-But use root words from Tamil and Sanskrit

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Are there any arguments against mass surveillance that aren't boil down to:
>there's a 0.0000001 percent chance you might be persecuted by da big guvmint
>haha surrendering physical privacy to a complete stranger is the same as your search log stored in some government server alongside millions of other logs

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Is, National Socialism the answer?

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How do we solve the (((NGO))) problem? Who actually controls all these NGOs? There must be a single puppet master

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why shouldnt we genocide the mudslimes ?

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Video games are degenerate.

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/pol/ raid thread

Get in, bhangis.. We gonn fuck some white poipuss tonite

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What will replace Hinduism/Hindutva once the decline of religion hits India?

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Aaj ki taaza khabar

Muzzie asses on fire across the nation

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>India is an artificial nation Enough with these memes
Mauryan Empire at its maximum extent

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Economist Magazine Cover 2019 Full Explanation

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Dabur ka tel
Dabur ka tel
Ab tel laga keeeeeee
Ab tel laga ke dabur ka
Naam mitado babur ka
Dum dikhlado apni power ka
Naam mitado babur ka
Ab tel laga ke dabur ka
Naam mitado babur ka

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4 years since Charlie Hebdo attacks

Criticize their god and you will get creamed for sure. That's what Islam is like.

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How redpilled are you on the Brahmin question?

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I fucking hate faggots and trannies. I also hate all fanbases, from bhainiggers to weebs. All of them equal types of degenerates to be wiped off for a better world.

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Is it just me or are Indians more likely to accept trannies more than faggots? It's kind of strange because it's opposite in the case of West.

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IRCTC ki ma ka bsda
Not voting for modi this time

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When are we kicking out mallu subhumans from the Indian union?

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How can india survive against brappers?

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8 Values Thread

Post test results from here

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Jayyy Bhimmm!

Jay Bhim Bhratas!
Who are coming to Bhima Koregaon on 1st January?
Let us celebrate fall of evil manuwadi Bra-mens and victory of Aryan White Britishers!
Jay Bhim! Happy being slaves of British!

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WTF is this shit? Please tell me this is Porkis with too much free time on their hands.
Pic unrelated

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Happy new year friends. May we achieve greater unimaginable things this year

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why cousin marriages are comman in South?

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What is your criticism of iskcon ???

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Is it normal to smile at random women at India?

sometimes women stare at me and i just look away uncomfortably.

example: there was a qt3.14 looking at me yesterday at airport and i wish i became friends with her.

in the west, people ask random women out on dates. i don't know how men approach women in India.

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nice bobs dear but bad propaganda, just check out their channel

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Get in here fags

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Yawn.. I m just waiting for the t series vs pewedpie to get over.

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I'm not going to my home town because I can't afford a plane ticket and I would rather kms than go by train.

I have no friends, so I am going to be all alone.

What do I do?

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#MeToo thread: Liberals need Saxy sex

In this thread we will collect names of morally/intellectually superior liberals and left rats and shame them for what they are irl.

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So I was browsing the old indiachan archives and I came across this
>waaah lungoot delet dos anti india posts that hurt my feefees or i will report this site to the authorities and get you arrested for sedition
Lol how did Lungoot even sleep while dealing with mentally retarded whiny kids like these? I guess I can't really blame him for pulling the plug finally.

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How do Muslims in North India behave?

I know in South India the Tamil Muslims are violent criminal scum but the Kerala Muslims are slightly more civilized because of their Perso-Arab ancestry. But they both have much higher birth rates than Hindus.

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The eternal barrier

How will Indians ever be able to progress if a large chunk of their genome comes from proto-Mongoloids (Onge-like people) such as the pre-Indus valley inhabitants of India?

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Are you all actually serious piss drinking monkey worshipping dindoos or are you all just buttuhurt currycels who are mad that Chadmed stole your crush Hoe Singh from you?

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എങ്ങെനെ പറമ്പുത്തൂരികളെ കക്കൂസയിൽ തൂരിക്കാം?

നമ്മൾ അവരുമായി ഒരു രാജ്യം ഷെയർ െചെയുന്നതിനാൽ ഇത് നമ്മുെടെ അഭിമാനെത്തെയും ബാധിക്കനു താണ്. സീരിയസ് അൻസർ സ് ഒൻലി പ്ലിസ് .

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Fuck libtards

What is your opinion on recent porn ban in tumblr and hentaihaven getting closed. Personally I never used tumblr and HH was never my source for hentai but these chain of events do scare me because I fear Reddit is next. I rarely watch regular porn and Reddit and 4chan are my only source for jacking off.

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If suits is considered gentlemen clothing of west. What would be equivalent of India?

what gentlemen wore in indus valley civilization and in maurya empire?

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They're marketing Christmas well.

It's the comfy'est festival, at least in corporates.

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Sonhrabuddin fake encounter case

CNI court acquits all accussed. This based on evidence when 92 witnesses turned hostile.


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How can a man be so based? Will anything ever trump him?

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So what sort of VPNs and browsers do Indian /pol/acks use?
RAW definitely monitors communications and given the sort of cucks telecom companies in India are, subversive thoughts are quite assuredly not welcome.

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>mfw /pol/tards are too low IQ to understand this video

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Why can't Hindi be the national language of India? Why is it that every anti-hindi thambi like pic related I encounter a closet seperatist?

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>listening to krv speech not knowing one word of Kannada right now

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Where does /pol/ get its news from?

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>mfw language nignoggery is back

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Thot's Law

What can we do about this?

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does /pol/ appreciate the actions of this man?

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Why are British people so evil? Why doesn't India help criminal Bangladeshi illegals to illegally immigrate to the UK?

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Why are Uttar Pradesh and Bihar so poor?

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Bangladeshis are protesting in favor of pedophilia and against "Hindu extremism".

Why do these pedophile jihadis hate us Hindus so much?

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Now that the west's political cancer hitting India how you are going o represent in social life.

Will you swim against the tide or just wear mask and join leftist?
I having strong urge to poke them but that will just create unnecessary liabilities.