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Pajeets are getting played by everyone
>I'm not against any individual or community. But if you are against mine; remember we have a history for a reason. #RajputBoy
why don't people worship emperor xi like they worshiped trump
was he right about everything?
unknown history facts
Sikhism isn't made to "counter" Islam it's made to stop casteism and from hindus to stop converting to Islam because in punjab a large population was leaving hinduism
I'm so fucking pissed right now. Surgical strike these paki pigs right now MODI Feels fucking humiliating as a nation.
Video from Srinagar Kashmir celebrating Pakistan's victory over India in T20 cricket match today with fireworks and multiple Pakistan flags, similar video of fireworks from Seemapuri in Delhi-site of Delhi riots. Fireworks banned for Diwali in Delhi.
Redpill on Iskcon.
Women are a mistake
Its a world- of men, for men, by men.
Any econ/finance fag here? I need something explained about this. > However, there is an odd dichotomy here. Private equity/ venture capital (PE/ VC) investments are soaring, but gross fixed capital formation—funds going into projects that create economic activity on ground, building assets, creating jobs and adding to national output—has slipped from 34.3 per cent of GDP in 2011-21 to 27.1 per cent in 2020-21. At the same time, an analysis by EY India shows the decade ended with a record high of PE/ VC investment—$47.6 billion in 2020. A bulk of this ($17.3 billion or 36 per cent) went to Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms. Most of our FDI isn't going into building our industry? Where is the money being funneled into then?
Public Coping Thread
We lost bois. Dont rope. Lets cope together. >Official Sarkari Coping Thread for cricket copers
this is what peak lundianism looks like You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like these are the same retards who shoot their own choppers and jets
Free Balochistan
What could be its implications on India?
here is your right wing government bro. even the fucking commies are against this wtf is wrong with bjp and bhakts who defend him.
the cucktard governments welfare schemes are only for poor niggers while only the middle class pay taxes . how do we get rid of it or correct it . also what are its political implications . pic related
A Russians Take
Your thoughts?
Is Indian's dismal performance a result of match fixing? Hundreds of crores are staked on cricket bets in the underworld so it makes sense they'd tell the players in Dubai when to get knocked out or lose or whatever.
Most cucked race of the world.
india just kneeled in front of pakis
We are a laughing stock of the world now
Post kikeservative moments
Daily reminder Akhand Bharat is going to be an Islamic Caliphate
Petrol 106
Are you in 5% anons ?
>666 Happening, it's happening bros.... They're coming for us, be prepared.
As a 33 year old boomer, should I date a zoomer (23)? Zoomer coomer virgins need not to reply.
>tfw my college is having open discussion on LGBTQ sex does that happen in your college (this is not joke btw)
As unlikely as it is how differently would the last 7 years have played out if Rahul did win 2014 election over Modi.
Based >2,191 dead muslims (official figures) >10,000+ unofficial >one of the largest pogroms since WW2 >2002 gujrat riots pale in comparison How are Assamese so based? And why noone ever talks about nellie massacre in mainstream media?
Is India becoming a puppet state of US ans Israel ?
wtf broos I always thought sports was our thing with southie atheletes like pv sindhu leander paes, pt usha vishy anand etc dominating at international level. When and how tf did these haryanvi niggers take a lead?
National Identity vs Regionalism
“National identity is frequently formed in deliberate opposition to other groups and therefore serves to perpetuate conflict.” ― Francis Fukuyama, Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy
What is the final solution to the Tamil problem?
He's a very epic cunt
How can India adopt a isolationist foreign policy with the threat of china
Pee poo pee poo, le me genetic Hwhite and superior
If you really had high iq you won't be here
Why are liberandus like this?
Acha khaaasa weed legalisation ke liye protest kar sakte the par bhenchod "muh musleeeem" ke randi rone laga rakhe hain. Bhenchod sale chutye. India leftist and communists are Unironically subhuman.
Are you ready for pfizempire? >Davies said Latin American countries were asked to put up federal bank reserves, embassy buildings or military bases as a guarantee against the cost of future legal cases stemming from unlikely adverse effects. >Put up federal bank reserves, embassy buildings or military bases as a guarantee Also quiet funny how thoroughly they are covering their asses for side effects that are apparently a conspiracy theory. Really makes you thonk.
:( he is having so much fun
I hate this dhruv jhaatee so much but his life is so comfy, he has so much fun with with his qt german gf, they laff and giggle fun and shitz ,I feel really low after watching this video
Western UP masterrace
If you live east of yamuna and west of ganga, you are a chad. Ganna bo denge bhenchoddddd, jai haritPradesh Song for this vibe -
Paki Race
Picrel is Shaheen Afridi, Pakistani Bowler
Need source
I see a repeated claim on \pol that in India, vaccinated people are dying more than normal people of various causes. Can any anon share a source for this claim ?
in 2029, Ramesh (OBC), a middle-aged mathematics professor at BHU, feels he is at the end of his sentimental and sexual lives – composed largely of year-long liaisons with his students. It has been years since he did any valuable university work. India is in the grip of political crisis – in order to stave off a UPA victory the NDA ally with the newly formed Muslim Brotherhood Party They propose the charming and physically imposing Islamic candidate Mohammed Abbas for the premiership against the NDA's Tejasvi surya. In despair at the emerging political situation, and the inevitability of anti UC becoming a major force in INDIAN politics, Ramesh's young and attractive UC girlfriend, Mayuri, emigrates to Nepal. His mother and father die. He fears that he is heading towards suicide, and takes refuge at a temple situated in the town of Mysuru. The temple is an important symbol of Hakka and Bukka's victory over Islamic forces in 1100s; Abbas wins the election, and becomes PM of INDIA. He pacifies the country and enacts sweeping changes to Indian laws, privatizing the BHU, thereby making Ramesh redundant with full pension as only Muslims are now allowed to teach there. He also ends gender equality, allowing polygamy. Several of Ramesh's intellectually-inferior colleagues, having converted to Islam, get good jobs and make arranged marriages with attractive young wives. The new PM campaigns to enlarge India to include bhutan nepal pakistan burma bangladesh etc with the aim of making it a new islamic caliphate, with the now-Islamicized India at its lead. in the end with Ramesh is poised to convert to Islam and the prospect of a second, better life, with a prestigious job, and wives chosen for him.
Is this true?
Do you ever wonder what sins you committed in your past life to be born in this dump
Is PM Narendra Modi doing more for Muslims than for Hindus?
what did nazis mean by this (arier = aryan in german)
I want to kill self loathing indians
seriously fuck reddit bhangis. I am never using that thing again. If I had the power I would torture and kill every r/racetransition user
>watch a YouTube review video >video is in hindi >immediately close it Is there any uncool and boring language other than hindi? Literally weak, even urdu has its qualities in literature, but hindi is just used by paan eating shithole living rat like labourers from North. Even the cuss words sounds lame I don't want this language as my national language I'd resist it for a 100000 gazillion years.
Wow yaar Tripura is so based
one of the few states where people aren't pussies
Foxconn setting up EV manufacturing factory by 2024
Copium for Abdools
Why do sullis prefer uncircumcised 9inch aryan brahmin dicks over 2 inch circumcised inbreed dicks
How do we bring back fashion like this over soulless globohomo fashion
>indiachan >/pol/ >"Politically Incorrect" >filled with religious bull shit No wonder this pajeet land is going to shit day by day. >inb4 BAIT BAIT I CANT ACCEPT REALITY REEEE BAIT.
Why did India shut down the Hindu insurgency movement in Kangladesh?
>separatist movement to create a Bengali Hindu country for Bangladeshi Hindus in southwestern Bangladesh >Kanglus seethe regularly, complain to India >The All India Minority Forum, an organization for religious minorities in India, also expressed concern over this organization. > Indian Foreign Secretary said that India will cooperate in tackling the Banga Sena and other insurgent groups. >India arrests 400 members of the Banga Sena. >Movement dies Why does RAW not support such insurgency in Kangladesh? I wonder whether the "Balochistan bange naya country" is a cope as well. Redpill me on this.
Can I pass as a local in northern India?
ded srs
Jannah has beautiful boy servants who are scattered around like pearls, and who will remain youthful forever. Why do they have to be "beautiful" and "ever-youthful"?
Don't date Jewish women
>be me, a smart Hindu Brahmin >study well and move to America >pic related jewish girl shows interest in me for some reason >become good friends and start dating >eventually start fucking >sex is great >6 months down the line she starts behaving erratically, checking my phone, fighting, all that bullshit >she starts guiltripping me about how I don't care for her anymore >I want to kill myself Don't date Jewish women bros. They are insane.
What the fuck is this book. I thought it was some treatise on nationality and it ends up being a cuck-bull-hotwife love story written by none other than the great Rabindranath Tagore. How did this bhangali win a nobel prize when he wrote filthy disgusting shit like this?
How do I cope with being a dharmic in secular pro abrahamic country? I am forced to live among my own people who hate my faith and my ways. Why didn't we have a full population exchange and a Hindutva constitution? I'm sick of seeing Muslim butchers near my mandir.
Where the thread about this guy go?
Based anons posted lot of info on Joshua project in it . It was from like a day ago
What are the political implications of this
Pseudo-soccer fan gets cucked by media
>Be a femsoyboy >Order bras to facetime sugar daddies >Parents get the delivery before you >ohshit.jpg >Pretend you got delivered the wrong item >Parents don't believe >Tweet to maintain the story and stay in character >Mfw news outlets think it's news
North indians really do be living with cramped smelly, broken house with dozen people like its 13th century
/sah/ Discord
Join us in this Journey, to see the depths of Sahitya.
How will hindpoo subhumans even cope?
>If you see an attractive hindu girl, she's already been had by a muslim dude who's bigger, stronger, has a higher viral load, and has a longer penis than you. You don't stand a chance because you're small and weak and incapable of defending your turf.
/Cringe/ general
Disgusting paki pretending to be indian on soymegle, making us look bad. How do we retaliate?
Sonia gandhi is actually an underrated politician Change my mind
When did u grow out of ur AntiCongress phase?
When did you stopped hating Indian National Congress party?
Final closure on Burari deaths
>Delhi Police’s Crime Branch finally brought a closure to the to the case involving the deaths of 11 members of the Chundawat family in north Delhi’s Burari by declaring in its its closure report that no sign of foul play was detected and the deaths appeared the result of a family suicide pact.
Abbos whining about hinthi imposition, bhenchod tumhari angreji konsi acchi hai ? Its either your over the top movies with navel obsession or starting drama on internet when you get bored of worshipping actors
keep drinking cow urine faggots
Indo Aryan Brotherhood
Sanskrit with Brahmi sript is our language.
Why do hindu women crave and chase muslim cock and hindu males cope with calling it love jihad?
India is fucked
Constitutional lawyers manage and manipulate media coverage and public perception of almost every issue; bribes and intimidation are what you need to get your way; billion-dollar deals go through only if the right people are paid; political parties collect black money to fund their operations; coverage in the media is available for a fee and paid news is officially a business; civil servants assist the political class to subvert the system; ‘facilitation’ is the most successful business in its booming economy. Everything and everyone (with a few honourable exceptions) is on sale. You only need to find the right intermediary and pay the right bribe. The creaky government machinery moves only when the lubricant bribe is applied. The cumulative result of this systemic rot is shocking. India’s chaotic cities are choking on pollution. Child malnutrition is one of the highest in the world (over 42 per cent of children under five years are underweight). The country’s youth population, the world’s largest, has very slim access to quality education. Over 60 per cent of its people do not have bathrooms. Over 330 million Indians do not get safe drinking water. Thousands of its ordinary residents are harassed and humiliated daily by oppressive and misogynistic institutions. Violence is today a mundane reality. For a vast majority of Indians, their country is not much of a republic and even less of a democracy. How else could a generation of entrepreneurs blatantly abuse power and still thrive? How could so many buy their way into the legislatures and parliament to manipulate public processes for their private gains? How can leaders whose immoral politics is legend continue to control the levers of power? How can ‘bench hunting’ be acknowledged lexicon in the Indian legal fraternity? And paid news such a thriving industry? How could a billionaire blithely build a home on a razed orphanage? This is a crisis that privileged Indians are in denial about, because all of them – all of us – benefit from it. India has become a very rich country of too many poor people. Morality and public good have completely disappeared from the imaginations of key participants. A chief minister who allocated prohibited ridge land in Delhi to his friends; naval officers who sold secrets from the war room for a fee; politicians, generals and bureaucrats who conspired to build an apartment complex for themselves in the name of war widows etc Every time a scandal breaks, there is outrage and public debates, but when the studio lights go off, the participants of the show sit down to sketch out the next conspiracy. For almost every reported scandal, there is a bigger, far worse story behind the scenes.
why are pindoos so cringe
Post good fashwave edits you can find. I'll start.
uhmm bros?
>New history class starts >Self intro >Guy says he wants to research sports history >Foid prof with gender studies background >'Perhaps you also want to include masculinity' >'No.' >'No? Don't you want to research about whether women were allowed to play in colonial or...' >'No, I'm not really interested.' >'Oh, uh, okay.' Motherfucker I would've spammed the chad no meme if I were signed in to the meet with a meme name. Another BIMARU chamar said he wanted to rehabilitate Godse and explore Gandhi's collaboration with the Muslim League. But like half the class is mallu and they all want to study women's or dalit history.
How does it make you feel that the first Prime Minister of our modern democratic nation was a tharki coomer?
What's with new rise of so much posts seething against gayndhi and cuckru? Seems like some redditor nayachakka recently got redpilled on them, seethed in reddit, got banned and now couldn't contain seethe and heard of this place.
Yarr are Indians getting taller
And by Indians I don't mean malnourished bhangis I mean those who are at least upper middle class. I'm 5'10 (21) and I see kids below 18 taller than me. Every guy in my college seem to be taller than me. Am I short anons??
Why are poonjabis so cringe and retarded?
Found another fruitcake , so called "poonjabi jatt". fucking subhumans think they look like Europeans. in reality they look like hairy obese arab indian rape babies.
Reason the Indian subcontinent is a shithole
I fucking hate women.
Congress karyakarta
All bow down to chad nehru >freed india from the brits >gave india its industrial base >established modern institutions >defeated pakis >kept india neutral in foreign affairs what is there not to love about him?
Are Telugu people the most conservative of south Indians? Kerala/tamilians are progressive and commie. Even Telugu movies are mostly coomer men harassing women whereas that stuff is mostly controversial in Malayalam films. Looks like Telugu people are more like North Indians than Southies.
wtf bros i thought bimarus were trad?
Redpill me on Rajeev Gandhi
Redpill me on Rajeev Gandhi. Was he another retard Congressi or was he truly based? My dad is pretty RW but he still thinks Rajeev Gandhi was the greatest PM.
Explain "Hindu Khatre Mein Hain" Statement?
Owaisi BJP connection
Who is this guy? How is he connected to BJP? What do Hyderabadis think about him? What is his end game?
InCh bros....
Kon hai yeh log? Kaha se aate hai? Why are they so ashamed to be "Indian" or to "Look like India". I really don't understand it.
So who are the native americans exactly? I never really understood their history unlike the mestizos (or rather the south american tribes).
why kike faggotry is here?
i still don't get it,why kikes want india to become cheap copy of usa and people are also readily engaging in it? by being usa i meant globohomo,israel sucking,too many credit cards ads,ads encouraging people to give up gold for money,food delivery encouraging people to be dependent on restaurants and can anyone tell me why indian startups are getting too much foreign fundings in last 1-2 decades even if they have global level rivals in same field?
Why are Brits still so racist and hateful yaar
Ohnonono jabbros You will have to stick to sticking needles in yourself after all. Media just has one article of terminal case cope and seethe against this verdict. Completely suppressed otherwise. Meghalayans are honorary Aryans from now on. The jhant who wrote the article of seethe on Hindu demotes all of jhantdom from crypto aryanhood. That is all.
Absolute state of political affairs of Andhra
Where we heading.... beginning with pink diamond scenario.... this is not the first time, previous allegations are there on priests too that they sold previous ornaments of temple for private gains in illegal markets > > then there is this, which is a closed p[roject but no estimation of corrupt money involved > > Lulu groups tussle after unconstitutional handling of state towards business > buying Power at higher prices ,putting state at financial loss > Power tripping on bhajipao > this one is related to telangana but shows the scale of investment in socialistic schemes without them giving anything in return > LASTLY > deb trap to an entire stat
>take the untested globohomo vaxxx >Modi's photo on vax certificate >"REEEEEEE take off his photo! it violates my fundamental rights" Why are NPCs like this?
>writes his own biography >gives himself title of 'Veer' >justifies cow slaughter when Gandhi refuses to eat meat >blames the world for killing Gandhi >refuses to meet Godse on 14th Nov 1949 evening. >writes a book on why karsevaks are just tools These myths where debunked by BJP IT CELL