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01/23/2020 (Thu) 20:59:0636001View ThreadMod
Reminder that liberandus are taking over social media and dumb impressionable tweens are gonna fall for their lies.
I used to be moderate bit after being redpilled on how deeply this online virtue signalling and propaganda effects politics, I've been sympathising with 4/pol/ and feel we need to work in an organised manner as well to btfo them. These faggots literally are using chutiya tier memes and low IQ bhakts take it like cucks or sperg out like retards because they can't meme!
We need to reassert our dominance and redpill literal poojeets. Post informative highly redpilling collages and charts ITT
anon44c8cc01/23/2020 (Thu) 21:04:4536002Mod
>Bhakt's nightmare
How will bhakticels ever recover?

anon9685b501/23/2020 (Thu) 21:07:0836003Mod
Too many librandu shills that start posting north vs south shit to slide and move. I have seen this happen a lot over the past few days. They are doing this to sow disharmony.

anon7e95e501/23/2020 (Thu) 22:17:4836006Mod
Back to plebbit and twatter with you faggots.

01/22/2020 (Wed) 18:19:4435581View ThreadMod
>Bollywood is responsible for rampant paedophilia in Pakistan
Why are pakis so retarded?

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anon94ce3701/22/2020 (Wed) 18:52:1635597Mod
they don't, it's a strawman right wing use aginst liberals.

anond7b63001/22/2020 (Wed) 19:10:5435604Mod
Tbh that's the same same kind of colloquial language used in urban India. Southies seethe about being cucked by Inthi but Hindi itself got cucked by Angrezi.
At my college even BIMARUs talk exclusively in English since hindi is considered dehati.
My guess would be that in the next 30-40 years Hindustani would have been completely cucked by english

anon2e89d601/23/2020 (Thu) 04:27:5635703Mod
Speaking of paedophiles, jeffrey epstein did not kill himself....https://youtu.be/Yqx7aKLlfvE

anonce7bb101/23/2020 (Thu) 04:37:2035704Mod
is he speaking urdu?

anon58ce1601/23/2020 (Thu) 20:13:5735991Mod

01/22/2020 (Wed) 20:46:2335614View ThreadMod
Holy fuck the cringe is unbearable. And I thought the faggots in my engineering college were desperate. The amount of cope tho
>I'm a beta manlet soyboy with no personality whatsoever but the reason I can't get laid is my skin and because all women are thots!
Kill all incel cucks!!!

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anonc4b13601/23/2020 (Thu) 18:07:2135971Mod
All the sepoys here need to be roped

anon06d8aa01/23/2020 (Thu) 18:26:0235972Mod
but here I am. I don't hate Nepalis, I only hate those stupid Gorkhas. And I am from a Newar community. You have probably only met or talked to Bahuns and Chhetries and some mongol looking rais and gurungs. Southern Nepalies are basically biharis.

anond04a3601/23/2020 (Thu) 18:30:0335974Mod
Of Sunil Chetri fame?

anonfda1be01/23/2020 (Thu) 18:37:2735977Mod
That only shows Nepal is a poor shithole that can't even afford proper heaters

anonfda1be01/23/2020 (Thu) 18:37:4435978Mod

01/22/2020 (Wed) 12:22:2635429View ThreadMod
Graham Staines, an Australian missionary, worked with some of Odisha's poorest communities, mainly tribal, for nearly 35 years.

On 22 Jan, 1999, he along with his two sons, Philip (10) & Timothy (9) were burnt alive by a mob led by Bajrang Dal member Dara Singh.

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anon0e51e901/23/2020 (Thu) 17:47:3035964Mod
Wtf is the point of having a religion if the law doesn't register it. You can't control anyone's thoughts. If they chose to follow a different skydaddy, then how are you gonna stop em?

anon0e51e901/23/2020 (Thu) 17:48:1735965Mod
And I said you're a UC dindu where?

anon94ae6a01/23/2020 (Thu) 17:51:4235967Mod
In your first response you when you sperged out and mass replied

anon0e51e901/23/2020 (Thu) 18:27:2735973Mod
That wasn't to you specifically retard. See

anon94ae6a01/23/2020 (Thu) 18:32:1035976Mod
>I replied to you but I didn't mean you

01/23/2020 (Thu) 16:20:3435891View ThreadMod
>These are the people who call northies muzzie-loving cucks
anon3ddf4101/23/2020 (Thu) 16:22:0235892Mod
>who call northies muzzie-loving cucks
Lungi COPE
South India(except Karnataka) has been islamified without even being invaded lmao

anond15e8d01/23/2020 (Thu) 16:23:3635893Mod
The situation in Kerala specifically is very bad.

anon034d0e01/23/2020 (Thu) 16:51:1335922Mod
I have zero doubts that Kerala will call for separation soon, it is a total shithole, even more unsalvageable than waste bhengal

What do you want to do to the NRCd?anonaeabdf
01/22/2020 (Wed) 03:03:0035256View ThreadMod
Realistically there's no way to deport that many, besides border will remain porous. I'm for mass sterilisation, perhaps with the incentive of citizenship once they get snipped.

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anon8e58a701/22/2020 (Wed) 19:15:1635607Mod
Khud khane ko roti nahi hai refugges ko kya khilayange terrorist hi bana ke bhejenge wapis.

anon0720dd01/23/2020 (Thu) 07:53:3935734Mod
Snippety snap off with their penis along with all mullahs and bhangis

anon2ba46601/23/2020 (Thu) 10:04:4935786Mod
So why do they raise hue and cry

anond2b5df01/23/2020 (Thu) 11:04:0435809Mod
Bhangali fuck off with your opinion anyone whose lineage isn't hindu shall exit this country

anon5e68ba01/23/2020 (Thu) 11:10:5335811Mod
Cuck faggot
No wonder your women elope with muzzies every single day

Dravidian/DALIT BULLanon850e7c
01/23/2020 (Thu) 05:25:1535711View ThreadMod
who r they?

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anon850e7c01/23/2020 (Thu) 05:50:4435715Mod
so dravidians are basically the jews?

anon2cd72501/23/2020 (Thu) 06:28:0435718Mod
No, that's the christcucks/commies that brainwash them.

anon9bd96b01/23/2020 (Thu) 06:40:0835720Mod
What do you mean by that nigger? Did you thought you can get updoots and gold here by simply insulting porkis without any context? Dravidachakkas are the most muzzie enabling secular cucks in the country.

anon6dc8b701/23/2020 (Thu) 07:01:3835722Mod
Ignore this seething naarthie faggot.
OP pls shit on Pakistan more.
This guy is probably one of those UP muzzies who is trying to create a divide b/w the norths and southerners.

anondf286101/23/2020 (Thu) 10:47:1735805Mod
>waaa white massa help
rope, sepoy

01/23/2020 (Thu) 10:11:2935787View ThreadMod
We need some fresh topic to shitpost about everyday it’s the same five threads on this board

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anon2036e001/23/2020 (Thu) 10:20:0135797Mod
Nah I’ve seen that Hijra paki do it on there loads of times. That guy was one piece of work.

anondfdb3b01/23/2020 (Thu) 10:20:3135798Mod
why is everything a northie spews is just obnoxious man

anondfdb3b01/23/2020 (Thu) 10:21:5835799Mod
leave pakis, at least they are self loathing at times and know their place
Northies just straight up BEG for acceptance, (guys uhh im not like the south darkies like )

anon3ead6c01/23/2020 (Thu) 10:24:3835801Mod
I bet that Australian flag is ausmello

anon2036e001/23/2020 (Thu) 10:35:5535803Mod
No there’s Strayan Iraqi and another strayan Punjabi that hate us

01/20/2020 (Mon) 20:48:3934944View ThreadMod
And of you fags or someone you known who isn't military own any guns? What are you thoughts on guns for that matter?

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anonb53e8c01/23/2020 (Thu) 03:56:5435702Mod
I don't think guns would "increase" the amount of attempted crime, I just think that they would make you less safe than if there had been no guns before, it's difficult to de-escalate even with gun safety training.

Also planning is not pre-mediation, a guy who botched a pre-mediated murder didn't plan the murder. Similarly this is how most mass shootings go, they just attack an undefended place without putting much thought into how the shooting would go.

Also my "they would find other means" is directed at mass shooters. There's no reason to believe that they would always just resort to other methods of mass killings.

anon51e71101/23/2020 (Thu) 07:23:4135727Mod
>there would be less risk for your life
As I already said, that may not be the case and is just a presumption you comfortably believe in. Just take into the account the previously shown gun related deaths in US. Even if you take into account suicide which form half of them, they are only 10% of the actual murders. You shouldn't be trusting your instincts that is formed by the propagandist input that is given to you. When I was young I too thought guns were and dangerous and America is more dangerous place to live than India because that's what the propaganda that I was provided said. Emotions aren't reliable.
Instead we should be reliant on actual stats and data on gun related violence.
>mass shootings don't go just as planned
That's not what I said. The thing is unlike individual homicides such mass murders aren't sudden and actress upon an instinct. If the victim wants to just kill a group of specific targets, he'll plan it out and other lethal methods will surely comes to his mind and he'll surely make use of them and wouldn't just go 'why bother lol' and give up his act if he's actually motivated.
>my statement was about mass shootings
See above. Also it might be that mass shootings are more a matter of culture than anything else. There are countries with similar gun cultures around the world like say Switzerland and don't have as big a problem with them. Even in the US, mass shootings are more prone in states with higher anti-second amendment values. It might have to do more with the social isolationism that is prominent in such places where those who feel like they've noting to lose just go on a rampage to target a group that they feel have wronged them. And before you say it's poorfags who do it and Switzerland is rich, most mass shootings are usually done by upper/middle class twats. Poor people won't be able to afford the kind of firepower needed to pull a mass shooting and trying to ER with a hand pistol won't go very well especially if someone who's also armed with the same kind of pistol is nearby.

anon83546a01/23/2020 (Thu) 07:36:4835730Mod
Anyways I'm not asking for America like gun laws in here, just a will issue license for hand pistols and for more lethal guns a may issue license for security professionals, farm owners, etc... would suffice. Along with free carry in their property and open exposed carry in non crowded spaces.

anonb53e8c01/23/2020 (Thu) 08:36:5735740Mod
>that may not be the case and is just a presumption you comfortably believe in.
If you are carrying a weapon and so is your burglar then it is much more difficult to de-escalate, There's a lot of gun training that goes in the United States and police officers become absolutely terrified if you don't become an immobile statue. I don't want such a situation to happen.

"Actual motivation" isn't a thing, what matters is his level of motivation. Someone who is motivated enough to pick up his assault rifle and go ham on a bunch of defenseless kids may not be motivated enough to figure out and execute a plan to kill them without using weapons.

anonb53e8c01/23/2020 (Thu) 10:03:5435785Mod
Cool so crowded areas get fucked, maybe it's time to understand that more guns does not equal less violence.
Also police officers chimping out is a possibility I'm willing to accept (although an argument can be made that police officers shouldn't have access to weapons, just like in London, New Zealand etc.), you on the other hand have a utopian conception of how a gun-rich society would look like.

01/22/2020 (Wed) 18:24:0035584View ThreadMod
Suggest a good name

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anon2480b401/23/2020 (Thu) 08:46:1635747Mod
>comparing poo to one of the greatest person in History
kys nigger

anonf3a2fc01/23/2020 (Thu) 08:49:0035749Mod
>killed himself like a faggot

anon331b2201/23/2020 (Thu) 08:49:5635750Mod
Hitler was an idiot. It's an objective fact.

anon4747f801/23/2020 (Thu) 09:04:5135760Mod
well his body is never found

anon945be701/23/2020 (Thu) 09:08:4935761Mod
>greatest person
he was a kike in disguise you absoulte retard

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