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09/24/2020 (Thu) 11:19:03132632View ThreadMod
>Hindus in Tamil Nadu must learn Tamil
>Muslims don't need to do it
Dravidians in a nutshell

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anon5279f609/24/2020 (Thu) 11:49:29132643Mod
absolute state of dumeels

anon5e8d5209/24/2020 (Thu) 12:17:25132646Mod
honestly thats a cuck move dumeels, even kerala muslims know to put malayalam on first than english/arabic

anone5f78509/24/2020 (Thu) 12:19:55132648Mod
>Who are they? Your own tamils, right?
Muslims in T.N. they may or may not be of tamil origin

>This >>132633 shows the double standard of lungis
IF they are exempted

anone5f78509/24/2020 (Thu) 12:22:45132649Mod
>Nov 2019

It's a year old article. They weren't exempted.

So what's your point?

anonc65c0f09/24/2020 (Thu) 15:32:58132712Mod
we know, thomas.

09/24/2020 (Thu) 11:37:08132638View ThreadMod
>Apni ammi se puch
09/24/2020 (Thu) 09:43:51132612View ThreadMod
How did I from being a secular liberal normie to a rabid Modi bhakt in just a few months of using inch? Is there some meme magic involved? I literally chant Modi's name all the time, say things like "ab toh Modi hi aega bhai" and screech "anti national!" at everything. Please help me escape this mental prison
anon85a06a09/24/2020 (Thu) 09:44:42132613Mod
against nation
against nation

anon00596209/24/2020 (Thu) 09:47:16132614Mod
I just want to be myself again, I wish I never heard of Modi

anonee37ac09/24/2020 (Thu) 09:53:31132619Mod
So you are from it cell

anon0da8c509/24/2020 (Thu) 10:15:39132625Mod
congratulations! you are now eligible to become and employee of BJP IT cell kindly fill your personal details and upload your resume to the following link:

Abdul mass murder when ?anon0b4c14
09/22/2020 (Tue) 05:15:36131709View ThreadMod
Islam is fundamentally a collectivist political ideology, masquerading as a religion. Where Other religions preach individual responsibility, and repentance from sin, Pisslams preach a collectivist stone-age legal system, as dictated from the Qu'ran. Where Other religions say "repent, or burn in hell," pisslams say "repent, or we will kill you." Theirs is an earthly ideology, and thus, is far more dangerous. The key is in the word; pisslam itself, means submission.

There is good reason why the entire world hates abduls. The Pisslamic world waged Jihad for centuries against everyone they came into contact with; Christians, Hindus, and sub-Saharan Africa, where they conducted a monstrously brutal slave trade(which by the way was only ended by the Western Powers; Arabs never found fault with forcing slave women into prostitution, killing their babies, and castrating the men to guard the harems).

Liberals who stake their careers on appeasing to these subhumans, will naturally want to elevate pisslam to parity with a functional society, but pisslam is fundamentally barbaric, and always has been, and everybody until recently, was aware of this. The rest is revisionist history.

Basically, the very fundamental tenets of Pisslam make it so that coexistence, integration in the long term is impossible => There is no god but Allah & kafirs are to be hated. Surah 9:1-5 is clear on what it wants to do with infidels when the sacred months are passed. Thus that makes generalizing every good abdul who adheres to the Quran as a kafir-hater sensible.

And contrary to what some liberals, centrists assume you cannot just pick and choose from the Quran, because it is the fucking word of God. So any "liberal" abdul in the current age will have no standing infront of a real scholar of islam (Al Baghdadi is a PhD in islamic theology I guess?), and is likely to change color when the sparks fly and call for jihad comes.

Mass murder Abduls as soon as possbile or die in jihad

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anon557f0f09/22/2020 (Tue) 10:06:05131890Mod
he couldn't even copy paste it correctly, let alone greentext
absolute state of katuas LMAO

anon0b4c1409/22/2020 (Tue) 10:15:01131898Mod
Abdul practically copy pasted the same thing one more time LMAO

anon61adab09/22/2020 (Tue) 10:17:43131901Mod

anonc0ccf709/24/2020 (Thu) 08:20:54132592Mod
So you are from it cell

anoneacbad09/24/2020 (Thu) 09:17:59132606Mod

Lol kys katue

09/22/2020 (Tue) 09:49:02131876View ThreadMod
My blood boils when some BJPig andhbhakt chutiya claims BJP is doing good things about illegals and religious/demographic change
just take Assam for an example. BJP state, had an NRC, exposed lots of illegals who still haven't been removed. They purchased legitimate documents for few hundreds to get 'kagaaz' and now they're there to stay. Gandu Modi party is no different from jihadi didi who keeps illegals in her state. Sab ek hai, sab mile hue hai. Mil Kar chutiya banate hai.
anonbbdaaa09/22/2020 (Tue) 10:32:13131912Mod
Fence-hoppers should get the gas

anon9a2b6d09/24/2020 (Thu) 08:20:35132591Mod
So you are from it cell

anon965a0309/24/2020 (Thu) 09:03:34132601Mod
Bjp best 🚩🚩🚩🚩

09/24/2020 (Thu) 08:22:47132594View ThreadMod
So you are from it cell
anon5a2b9e09/24/2020 (Thu) 08:42:59132595Mod
He Ram...my cover is blown...Modiji please inform Dovalji to request immediate extraction...anti nationals have outed me...you are saying no help is coming...ok I will suffer for Nation, ok liberals go ahead do your worst, I am pro Nation, pro Nation...

anon44bc2009/24/2020 (Thu) 08:45:49132596Mod
Soldiers are suffering in siachin and you refuse suffering online?

anonbec3e609/24/2020 (Thu) 09:01:45132597Mod

anon9ebc1b09/24/2020 (Thu) 09:03:25132600Mod
hahaha r/librandu bro rocks again, DEDTRUCTION 100💥💥

Savitri devianon544459
09/22/2020 (Tue) 04:15:26131694View ThreadMod
What are your thoughts on Savitri Devi? Has any one of you heard of her? She wrote the book titled "A warning to Hindus" and was originally a European or grecian woman, who fell in love with india's culture, migrated here and contributed to the freedom struggle. She also supported the nazi party at the time and was accussed on charges of fascism.

She spent her last years in India, if I'm not wrong.

Yes, that is her in the picture and this is a quote from "A warning to Hindus"

"They are the body of Hinduism, of which the high philosophies and spiritual realisations are the everlasting soul. Our point is that Hindu society must not perish; nor must it stagnate in its present state of weakness. We want it to live because we know it can be mighty and beautiful, and also, because it is Indian, nay, because it is India herself. We have no other reason to defend it."

And another one:
"First of all, Hinduism has developed in India. All its immense mythology (the most important part of it, for those who are not merely intellectuals; and how many are intellectuals wholesale?) is closely linked with the Indian soil. Its Gods and Goddesses are, no doubt, world-forces, philosophically, but practically, socially, they are Indians. Most Indians cannot realise yet what an advantage it is for them, as a nation, to be the compatriots of their Gods and Goddesses. Every country is sacred to those who love it. But India is the field of worldly play, (lila kshetra,) of all those Gods, Goddesses, Rishis and Incarnations, whom the Hindu Scriptures speak about, of whom the Hindu children know the names and the marvellous stories; to whom incense is burnt, and flowers offered, in the Hindu temples, shrines, and homes. And this gives to India’s sacredness a religious sanction. The love of an Indian for his soil (if that Indian be a Hindu), is not an ordinary patriotism, like that of an Englishman or a Frenchman. It is also reverence for the land of the Gods."

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anonbc571d09/22/2020 (Tue) 15:33:23132032Mod
Gaand hilao bhosdike

anon6fa67c09/22/2020 (Tue) 18:12:27132075Mod
Based. Gonna read more

anon6fa67c09/22/2020 (Tue) 18:13:48132076Mod

anon295f1e09/23/2020 (Wed) 05:30:00132120Mod
Her and evola are must reads.

anon07405d09/24/2020 (Thu) 08:19:53132590Mod
So you are from it cell

why are we getting stupid baseless libtards anons here?anon0aa216
09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:13:56132065View ThreadMod
Noticed lately that many posts are centred around Anti Modism and other libbi stuff.

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anon6ddbc009/22/2020 (Tue) 18:18:03132078Mod
Yeah i an anti national myself, whatup bhangi's

anon7c4d8809/22/2020 (Tue) 18:19:50132079Mod
Because Liberals are cool.
Without them this place is full of incels and uncles

anonb7e15909/22/2020 (Tue) 18:28:18132082Mod
most of these retards got bored of r/librandu. can't brigade image boards, so they just spam shit.
they are too scared of coming out on FB or they lose those 10 relativ...uhm friends. they will literally piss their pants and flee, if they came across an RSS guy, beating the shit out of k2a

anon1d1b2309/22/2020 (Tue) 19:10:23132083Mod
>libtards anons
same samefag retard

anonca4a5909/24/2020 (Thu) 08:19:14132589Mod
So you are from it cell

Message to chooslimsanon402da4
09/21/2020 (Mon) 16:21:48131631View ThreadMod
In 2030. Europe 'embraced' abduls a few years ago and now every single one of them would give anything to get you out of there. .trump kicked you out for a reason. Euroshits hate you for the same reason. Crime rates have skyrocketed since chooslims migrated to Europe. Abduls literally raped 1200 women in a single night. There's a reason why anti muslim movements are on the rise in Europe and practically everywhere else. Chooslims are responsible for the entirety of the crime sheets in Germany and Sweden. There's a reason why Poland remains the least crime ridden country in Europe. Poland was the only country that didn't take abduls in. All those who took in are regretting it. Taking in Abduls is what led to Angela Merkel's downfall from the top. Merkel's status was godly in the European union until she decided to give refuge to abduls. Conservative and right wing parties in France and eastern Europe are on a steady rise only because of this. Abduls destroy their own place with their pisslamic terrorist ideology and then mass migrate to other places to mess them up. Abduls ideology is a regressive farce that openly calls for violence and rape. Something which abdus are world famous for. "But..but..Canada is 'embracing' us.." LMFAOOO. If canada is taking you in, they'll regret it soon enough wait and watch Abdul. Every single islamic country is a crime infested shithole. And abduls want the entire world to be a crime infested shithole with buildings blowing up every hour. If the entire world hates you, it is for a reason Abdul. Pisslam is the cancer of this world that should be obliterates as soon as possible.

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anon594dd309/22/2020 (Tue) 05:03:53131706Mod
>what is malaysia and turkey ?
What is pakistan ? Afghanistan ? Iran ? Iraq ? Bangladesh ? Libya ? Kazakhstan ? Egypt ? Yemen ? Morocco ? Syria ? Uzbekistan ? Turkmenistan ? Lebanon ? Palestine ?

LMAO btw malaysia isn't as "pisslamic" as you think it is and that's the only reason they're a developed country. Abdul's core ideology only calls for violence,rape and murder and that's what abduls are doing. Arabduls are rich only because of the oil wealth lmao. Abduls are lowest scum on earth. The entire world wouldn't hate you without a reason. Countries that follow pisslamic ideology are the biggest shitholes on earth like syria,porkistan iran iraq and many other shitholes. Abduls are also the biggest threat to this country as well. You can't tell when an abdul will feel like attaching a bomb to his vest and blow up a city. Your book calls for rape and violence and the subhumans who follow it rapes and unleashes violence wherever they go to. Fucking terrorist sons of bitches. You're the biggest threat to this country. It's almost sure now there will be a mass bombing bigger than what abduls have done everywhere in else to happen in india before 2030. Abduls are responsible for almost all crimes happening in this country. What else is to be expected from people who follows a book written by a fucking pedophile that calls for violence lmao ? "muh malaysia and turkey " LMAO go fuck yourself abdul.

anon594dd309/22/2020 (Tue) 05:06:37131707Mod
>you can't match living standards of the above countries
My living standards are light years better than your pisslamic shitholes abdul. Try harder.
>stfu and vote modiji
I'm only voting for modiji so he can obliterate your camel piss drinking rapist brethren from this country.

anon148bd109/22/2020 (Tue) 05:10:43131708Mod
Turkey was found with the sole aim being to stop being an caliphate shithole even though recently they've rolled halal to religious nignoggery since the rise of Erdogan. The entire reason why Khilafat movement and by extension even Pakistan was formed was because subcontinental Muslims in here were angry that Turks decided to stop being a caliphate and overthrow ottomans to become a modern secular state.

anone63dbb09/22/2020 (Tue) 07:28:55131761Mod

anon8d0e5209/24/2020 (Thu) 08:18:00132588Mod
So you are from it cell

Shraddhafags BTFOanone632e7
09/21/2020 (Mon) 07:48:11131411View ThreadMod
Another brothelwood druggie exposed
This bitch always looked high
Remember guys, /ourgirls/ are Alia and Sara.

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anon9d480409/21/2020 (Mon) 11:30:44131534Mod
bsdk it's brothelhood, might as well marry a GB road wali if you are so pathetic

anon7bebf409/21/2020 (Mon) 11:41:47131539Mod
Dios mío...Espíritu del Señor. Espíritu de Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Santísima Trinidad, Virgen Inmaculada, ángeles, arcángeles y santos del paraíso, descended sobre mí. Fúndeme, Señor, lléname de ti. Expulsa de mi todas las fuerzas del mal, aniquílas, destrúyelas. Expulsa de mí los maleficos, la magia negra, el ogro de las tinieblas, la luz extinguido, el americano... Por favor, destruye la infestación diabólica; todo lo que es mal, pecado, envidia, celos y perfidia; la enfermedad física, psíquica, moral, espiritual y diabólica... destruye al monstruo, a la creatura... Quema a este mal en el infierno, para que nunca más me toquen a mí ni a ningun ser. Ordeno y mando con la fuerza de Dios omnipotente, en nombre de Jesucristo Salvador, por intermedio de la Virgen Inmaculada, a todos los espíritus inmundos, a inmediatamente, que me abandonen definitivamente y que se vayan al infierno eterno. El chupa-chupacabras no puede triunfar, el monstruo, el abominación... debe morir... Encadenado por San Miguel arcángel, por San Gabriel, por San Rafael, aplastado bajo el talón de la Virgen Santísima Inmaculada, aleja el aberración genetíca, al ogro de las Americas... Amén.

anon12430f09/21/2020 (Mon) 11:48:10131540Mod
ola. fucko fofo

anon997fb409/21/2020 (Mon) 11:52:49131543Mod
All women are whores, might as well marry a beautiful whore.

anonab60df09/24/2020 (Thu) 08:17:12132587Mod
So you are from it cell

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