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01/26/2020 (Sun) 09:20:4536322View ThreadMod
Death to deshdrohis.
anon560a9201/26/2020 (Sun) 09:26:4736325Mod

01/25/2020 (Sat) 10:44:4236189View ThreadMod
Just another day in Waste Bhangal
anon9c5c6a01/25/2020 (Sat) 16:04:3936245Mod

anonae0d3601/26/2020 (Sun) 02:58:1836307Mod
Imagine if this was a first world country that tranny could have gotten away with this

anon66a42601/26/2020 (Sun) 06:41:5036312Mod
Imagine what happened to her in India.

anonc65f1601/26/2020 (Sun) 06:43:2436313Mod
I hope it got a sriya teatment

01/19/2020 (Sun) 02:18:2434339View ThreadMod
fuck this has gotten too much

im gonna take a break and not visit any chan sites for a week

this is a reminder for other anons
anon6359ab01/19/2020 (Sun) 02:21:3934341Mod

anon68af0801/25/2020 (Sat) 19:46:5736272Mod
im back

anon6359ab01/26/2020 (Sun) 01:00:1836304Mod

Got this on whatsapp... Do what you gottaanoneab8c2
01/25/2020 (Sat) 19:28:4336270View ThreadMod
There is poll going on for CAA n NRC at www.indianpoll.in so far only *33% in favour (Yes)* and 67% against (No) ....Pl take a moment and vote...I voted in favour....This is must for future of our country...

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anon50a10e01/25/2020 (Sat) 19:56:1536279Mod
>it's another bhaktneetcels shilling for their party for free late at night thread

anonaabeab01/25/2020 (Sat) 19:56:2036280Mod
tbh looks like a sketchy site with all the ad pop up about porsche cars

anonaf661101/25/2020 (Sat) 22:04:4336298Mod
You must admit it's pretty comfy.

anon4ef24901/25/2020 (Sat) 22:27:2436299Mod
Lmao like its going to make any difference. Helpless muslim cocksuckers getting dabbed on by shah.

anonc8261801/25/2020 (Sat) 22:35:3336301Mod
>posting whatsapp forward threads
absolute state of indiachan in 2020

01/25/2020 (Sat) 16:53:1936249View ThreadMod
China has imprisoned more than one million Muslims in detention, so Allah Sheds a virus that has not been discovered yet. It has isolated 4 cities with a population of more than 20 million Chinese.
"And you are unaware of what they going to do."
Allahu Akbar

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anon389f2d01/25/2020 (Sat) 17:47:3936256Mod
Wtf I love Allah now!
Brb. Converting to islam

anon761aa401/25/2020 (Sat) 17:51:5136258Mod
does that mean even your allah is powerless against ISRAEL?

anon59706b01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:03:1836260Mod
Allah supports Israel, you dumb Kufr.

anonae170b01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:10:5336262Mod
ov vey

anonaecb8401/25/2020 (Sat) 18:42:1136266Mod
That's because there's nothing threatening communism there
here commies aren't the majority so therefore they're filled with self haters and losers

01/24/2020 (Fri) 18:52:4836126View ThreadMod
Mamata young bikini pic

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anon8e120d01/25/2020 (Sat) 15:50:2436243Mod
aieee didi aami tomake kichu bolbe na sivay jai shree ram!

anonf2406201/25/2020 (Sat) 15:58:4936244Mod
translate ??

anon2201d601/25/2020 (Sat) 16:06:4536246Mod
"I won't say anything to you except for jai shree ram"
I know maithili, it's a sister language.

It's a reference to how angry she gets when you say jai shree ram to her, had a few people imprisoned for it. Such is life in Waste Bhangal.

anon3f1e5601/25/2020 (Sat) 16:21:4036247Mod
did anyone got away with saying it ?

anonafed1701/25/2020 (Sat) 18:06:1736261Mod
>I know maithili
I have been interested in learning about Maithili. Any decent online sources to learn Maithili language and script?

01/25/2020 (Sat) 10:39:3136188View ThreadMod
anon4df23b01/25/2020 (Sat) 13:48:0536205Mod

anon00594e01/25/2020 (Sat) 17:08:2336251Mod
>making these types of threads

anondb800901/25/2020 (Sat) 17:51:1636257Mod

01/25/2020 (Sat) 14:09:2236218View ThreadMod

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anoncc859201/25/2020 (Sat) 14:49:0836233Mod
If you are going to reply at least use sage

anon61715f01/25/2020 (Sat) 15:26:1836241Mod
Tsukimisou no Akari always makes me cum

anonaf365f01/25/2020 (Sat) 15:46:0636242Mod
man fuck off man, please

anon4fad9b01/25/2020 (Sat) 16:37:0836248Mod

01/25/2020 (Sat) 13:50:1636206View ThreadMod

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anon4f1bab01/25/2020 (Sat) 13:53:5136210Mod

anon0cb7eb01/25/2020 (Sat) 14:06:5836216Mod

anonace9e201/25/2020 (Sat) 14:09:2236217Mod

anonaeb8a501/25/2020 (Sat) 14:19:3236224Mod

anon7e520c01/25/2020 (Sat) 15:06:3036239Mod

No Corona threadanon45d0a3
01/25/2020 (Sat) 05:49:3136163View ThreadMod
Hey faggots around 170 chinks have dropped dead with this deadly virus which propagated via their open markets and other means, stop bhangiposting and actually talk about this deadly virus which could help us clean us this bhangi filth.

This is happening thread and no threads faggots, we are only flight away from China Kerela is gone lol.

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anon83cd2a01/25/2020 (Sat) 12:52:2336200Mod
Fuck off bhangi only high IQ aryan chad will survive low IQ bhangi will die in a day max.

anonf7c4d001/25/2020 (Sat) 13:32:2736204Mod

anon75af1701/25/2020 (Sat) 14:23:0436228Mod
an average hazmut costs around a lakh

anon75af1701/25/2020 (Sat) 14:23:3336229Mod
aka less poor people

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