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anon 11/20/2021 (Sat) 03:20:54 10367
Yaar how can I post videos on Inch? I can't even post a 8-sec video but you guys posting 1 min long videos
anon 11/20/2021 (Sat) 03:29:27 10369 Reply
>>10367 Filesize matters not video length
anon 11/20/2021 (Sat) 03:29:58 10370 Reply
>>10367 File limit 6 mb yaar. Compress kar, newfag!
anon 11/20/2021 (Sat) 05:43:57 10377 Reply
>>10370 How yaar i am a medical bhangi don't know much about technology and shieeet
anon 11/20/2021 (Sat) 07:10:28 10380 Reply
>>10377 Konsa Kalej?
anon 11/21/2021 (Sun) 14:49:23 10394 Reply
anon 11/22/2021 (Mon) 04:03:03 10395 Reply
>>10377 What plans after mbbs? have you started preparation for NEXT?
anon 11/22/2021 (Mon) 04:20:03 10396 Reply
>>10377 does masturbation cause hair loss?
anon 11/28/2021 (Sun) 18:58:40 10450 Reply
>>10396 Yup fags here would say no bit i tried that shit.. First indian diet is very very low in zinc almost zero which is major compo of semen which is responsible for hair and testostetone plus masturbation spikes up ur dht which is qlready there but it unusual spikes causes more damage... And fag just go nofap and try this but lemme tell u nofap decreases ur libido i could mastyrvate 4 times a day but after completing nofap even after flatline my libido decreases but its still like oncce a day so no loss for me
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