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what the fuck do I use to watch tv shows and movies
everytime I use a gayfag website with porn ads my jio data gets absolutely fisted to death
Anything interesting that I can do with a Raspberry pi 4?
I have one sitting at home collecting dust (I got it for free dont ask how). I aint a tech fag and dont know much about this shit and from what I looked up online, doesnt seem anything special. Is there anything interesting I can get out of this shit?
Yaaron, I wanted to buy a macbook air/pro M1 but it turns out my parents won't buy it for me....suggest a good laptop under 60k, do not ignore it doston, a fren needs help
/placement general/
ITT: We post about placement related resources, tips, links, advice etc First, Please recommend some good course for DS and Algo which are done in C++ language since I'm more of spoon feeding learner. Second, here are some questions I'm facing before starting my wageslave prep >for placements by doing DS and Algo is Linux compulsory? >If yes, should I install pic related or Ubuntu I don't know nothing how things work here on /g/ like all the complex shit you're talking about, tl;dr I'm not a tech geek/nerd. >Also how much difference do IDEs make? >Is Visual Studio good enough, if I'm using windows instead of Linux?
CPU & other important components buying guide
hello gaiz I need hyelp regarding buying a CPU: i want to buy a good CPU below 20k and tell me some important HW that I should consider like SSD (my friend said SSD really makes PC performance better) > i won't be doing any gaming. i would play xonix or Minesweeper so not really a problem > i will be using PC mostly for coding . and barely for watching movies as I watch them on phone usually. I've read Ryzen works well for mutlitasking and has more threads than Intel. So should I buy Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5? There are also series like 3600 and 4000 (U and H whatever) which I don't have knowledge about. So please care to enlighten me about it.
Is MSI worth it bros? Should I get the MSI GF 65 thin?? I am a bit sceptical.
The tubing of William Fitzgerald Grant is currently on going at this address: William Fitzgerald Grant 32 Spencer Ave Somerville Massachusetts 12345 GET
of helos budys I lik criket hat paki
How to torrent shit, without buying vpn?
Jiofag here, torrenting is blocked and I dont wanna buy a vpn, and protonvpn doesnt allow torrenting. Are there any good ways to torrent shit without spending money?
How the fuck do I get video duration of videos in a youtube playlist using its api. says it has been depreciated, what do they use now?
Android app?
Are there any android/ios apps that's compatible with InCh? If there are none, I might try to make one.
freetard reality check
Damn i didn't know how weird I sounded when I told people I don't use non-libre software. pic not me
The best personal computer you can buy right now.
Trying to download embedded videos from a website using the google dev tools but no name of video is not showing in the media tab. Any other ways of downloading embedded videos. website is not YT or any social media.
Anyone else feel like xiaomi/realme/oppo etc. have formed "government connections" to exempt import taxes? I'm seeing a lack of products from companies like Asus being released in India, is it because they can't match the corrupt market pricing? What are your thoughts /g/? Or am I being a paranoid schizo?
my 2.5 year old asus zenphone max prom1 just died suggest some cheap phone without bloat for calls messaging occasional music
ME aajkal react seekh rha hun. Ok? Me 16 saal ka hun. Muze JS bhi aati he. Mene attack of titan bhi dekhi hai. Or mujhe java bhi aata he. Tapa tap tap tapa tap tapa tap. Tuze mithai ki dukan par 200 me bech dunga lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao
Anybody who is member of Indian Local Community on Launchpad here? Can someone tell me what do you do on Launchpad? Stumbled upon it randomly while doing internet search
So I have a question......
Let's say I upload an image on discord/Reddit/4chan. I open that image on a browser and bookmark the link. I delete the uploaded image on discord/Reddit/4chan I open the bookmarked linked and the image is still there. How does that work? The original image was deleted.
Which earphones would you buy and why
among the given 2 of course note the characteristics
ethical hacking
friendssssss ethical hacking seekhne ke resources bata do
why is this program giving same answers for different lists? what is wrong with it?
How do i change my gps location yaaron? I want to share live location on bhotsapp and lie to my friends im not in town so that they stop bothering me.
Asus Chromebooks??
What Are /g/ Thoughts On New Asus Chromebook. They Launched 4 models It's All Over YouTube Tech. I Think It's Just A Crappy Laptop For PoorFags Of India & Now Bhanggis Gonna Search "Asus Chromebook GTA 5 Download" On Google For Next 5 Weeks. Read Some American Chromebook Review They Say It's Shit "BUT" Some Said They Play Some Emulator Games Like Mario and Other Pokemon Classics. WDYT??
Should I embrace the google botnet? The chromebooks are so cheap right now. Plus the level of integration they provide with android smartphone is amazing. For gaming purpose I would use some cloud gaming provider. The market will be flooded by then later this year. My OCD is forcing me to get a streamlined lined process like above, but my regular life doesn't need this level of integration. What to do yarar?
Should I start a Pleroma/Mastodon instance? Give me domain ideas
post your desktops i wanted a good wallpaper matching the theme but couldnt find any suggestion are open
why is output different even when i copy the same code?
how to hack indiachan yaar?
Microsoft never fails to disappoint.
Is there no way to flush the storage to disk? Who designs such shit file hosting services where the entire file has to be kept in RAM till the entire download completes
Got filtered by leetcode
>NEET loser >Pajeet in lundia >literally dropout of college,23,and started doing programming 1 year ago to get job >do web dev build some good portfolio sites like instagram and kikebook >some online shopping sites too, with some other features. a very kino project tbh >goto interview, which i landed after 2 months of search, >happy, cause a company was pathetic enough to try a neet , there are like 1000's of applications for one job here >they ask me competitive programming question, >wtf >they say you have to know algo and have problem solving skill set, I literally can't do that, it's a norm in web dev industry here to have fucking leetcode like problems and solve them for web dev jobs, even for front end not to mention the absurd amount of js lib they want you to know,like one job profile literally paying peanuts want 3-4 years of exp in both angular and react, with typescript. wtf. how is this not a meme . so any way i started to learn about some problems and solving them, and i give up, i just can't do leetcode problem solving anons? I am not made for that stuff. Feel like all that effort was waste , i have stopped programming after that, fucking jobless and not even trying after that. no point , other than rope Do they ask you to be ninja as well?
best way to password protect folders?
How to pirate Windows 7 ?
no preactivated/precracked isos plz Ultimate/Professional/Enterprise Editions preferable followed the 4chan /g/ windows thread > and installed the Enterprise iso which i got from am kinda clueless here, need help
Hello /g/, I am planning to host a website with ~50 visits a day and an email server. My options are 1. Getting a shared web hosting plan with email from some site 2. Getting a VPS 3. Buying a Raspberry Pi 4 4. Buying an mid tower server How much resources like vCPUs and RAM would be enough for this?
Dear /g/ anons, plox gib sum doxxing resources.
Yaaro Mae Galti se Wipro Mae select ho gya jabki mujhe programming lund Nahi aati. Ye mujhe .net core padhne ke liye bole rahe hai aur meri gaand phat rahi hai. Kya Mae Bach jaunga. Batao yaaro.
Ebook reader recommendations
<15,000 ebook reader batado frens
whats the best gaming laptop under 1.5L . i need good battery life as well
Did I fuck up bros
TL;DR : Need reviews and advice on how Oppo's Software/Hardware support and it, as a brand, generally is, and can I flash ROMs from one phone to another phone with exact/similar specs ? Needed a new phone recently after my old one broke. Ordered the Oppo A53 as it had Stereo Speakers, 90hz screen and the stupid pinhole notch cutout at the side. (also was wondering since Oneplus Nord N100 is basically a rebrand/relaunch of this phone could i flash OxygenOS in it ?) I don't game on my phone (apart from occasional emulator games) so don't think the SD460 in it will bother me much. This is the first time I'm gonna use a Oppo phone, I used to stick with local brands with vanilla AOSP ROMs, bought a Redmi Note 9 but didn't like MIUI much (Old games and apps suck, Mediatek SoC, bugs) (main problem with MIUI : older games think there's a controller connected even when there's none, Asphalt 8 ver1.2.0 and Crazy Snowboarding are the two games I mostly play and both of these are unplayable due to the ghost controller issue, works flawlessly on my mom's samsung and my dad's nokia with android 10/11, have found someone else on MIUI forums complaining about the same thing in MIUI 8 or smth and the mods/fanboys drag it under the rug) So my main concerns are : 1. How's Oppo's software optimization/support ? 2. Have you ever used/owned a Oppo phone (Coloros 7 and up, the earlier ones were supposedly buggy), what are the software limitations ? I haven't found anything online. 3. Does it have the "ghost controller" bug like in MIUI i mentioned above ?
Privacy thread
How can I browse the internet without my ISP knowing my history. Also my ISP has blocked a lot of websites for example torrent and porn websites. Is there a way to somehow fix all this?
are alternatives to Microsoft Office like LibreOffice or Open Office any good? i use excel, word, and powerpoint across multiple devices via onedrive pretty much every single day but i've been trying to transition away from microsoft so i'm looking for alternatives now.
15000 k niche konsa mobile lelu yaaron. Pehli bar apne paise se kuch kharid raha hu aur tech mein apna hath dhila hai isliye achcha maal batana.
The fastest browser on android.
I want to create an anonymous online presence. I'll be uploading videos to YouTube and some code on GitHub. I already have an alias. Is there stuff I need to make sure to protect my anonymity.
Recommend me some private and safe email services beside gaymail Inb4 deep web providers, I need this for using clearnet and biz account.
Hello frens. Me want to get new laptop. I can afford till 60k. What is the best deal I can get. :-D:-D
Why does my laptop take so long to connect to the WiFi? I have to wait for like 8-9 minutes before the connection becomes available, and during that time it keeps fluctuating between "connected" and "disconnected". It isn't the case with any mobile devices in my home that use the same WiFi network
Coomer thread
My epic way of cooming (Linux users only): 1. pip install gallery-dl 2. download hot pics from reddit or xhamster. 4chan also works 3. slideshow the images with 3 second pause. Even videos and gifs are shown 4. Cooooom
Best loonix distro for a noob and beginner? I just want to look cool and different, so suggest something which is easy to use but is very different from Windows?
BJP-RSS IT Cell Data Mining Thread
Reply with
1. OS you use
2. How it suits your workflow
3. Job / Hobbies
4. Religion
5. Favorite Programming Language

Gentoo users GTFO
You are using Signal, right anon?
Could it be possible to create an open source UPI app?

From the outside, it looks simple. Just facilitate communication between two supported banks for a transaction using the protocol. Don't think there is any need for having a backend.

The bhim upi website is incredibly useless and bhangi tier, does not go into any kind of technical details.
Wikipedia page does not have much info either.

Shouldn't it be theoretically possible to have an app that only implements the client side part of the protocol and does everything without a dedicated server?
If so, why do we not have an open source UPI app?

Or are Indians really not competent enough to start a community effort for something like this?

What am I missing here
ARM shellcode
I am executing an exploit on qualcomm trustzone and I have fully gained R/W on the trustzone memory, now I need to execute a shellcode in it. Architecture is armeabi-v7a. I need to compile the shellcode, but when I compile it using the gcc toolchain and execute it, the kernel panics. Any toolchain to compile shellcode for ARM?
Suggest a good gaming laptop
Suggest a good gaming laptop Wit at least 8 gb graphics card Want to play at least a few years Budget 70-80k
Phone ON nahi ho raha
Anyone who uses Suckless software, I have a question. I have patched my DWM build with 3 or so patches and have been using it for a while now. If a newer version of DWM were released, what do I do? I'm using git to keep things organized (basically have a separate branch with vanilla DWM and create new branches for every patch - while compiling, I merge all the patched branches) and I have Suckless' git repo as upstream. If I `git pull`, all the patches would cause merge conflicts right? What do I do?
Is buying a gaming laptop on current prices worth it? Will the prices go down anytime soon?
Does it help with privacy if I use discord front-end alternative?
anyone got jiofibre? is it good? how many mbbs speed you have
Ispe gaming Ka kya scene hai? Wine se Kitna performance dip ata hai?
RIP McAfee wale chacha
le apple shill
Something about the Apple UI is really mesmerizing. Is there a way to replicate this on tiling window managers without reducing performance.
join us at our jabber room 50 pajeets are there..why don't you add one or two huh
What VPN do you use?
Is someone here experienced in reverse engineering and using IDA? Need someone to execute an exploit on an ARM android Trustzone. Phone will be provided and financial compensations can be discussed, but I need someone who knows their stuff.
When will computer hardware prices become normal again?
do they even sell small phones now
i don't want a flagship model, not 8 cameras and hot virtual assistants. all i want is 1) stock android 2) big battery (big = not too small, like 4000 mAh is fair game) 3) small screen if possible 4) no notch if possible (this means i would prefer old fashioned bezels) 5) reasonably responsive. why do normies get excited over notches in phones? they're literally an anti feature.
which cpu should I buy guys. probably build up kar ke lene wala hu. ekdum affordable lena hai. idk too much about h/w. ik ryzen 3, 5 are quite affordable and ₹20k ke andar aa sakte hai. which (affordable) graphic card should I get? i don't do much gaming, im a computer engineering student so programming and shiet ke liye lagega sirf. but still thoda bohot chhote games khel lunga so which one do u think. also RAM kitna lu.
CSEfag here about to go in second year. Haven't stsrted studying for placements so please recommend some good C++ course for that and I have a question. Is it important to install Linux/GNU? Can't I just make it work with Windows? If, I have to install it then which Distribution? >Inb4 Gentoo I know about that meme I have heard Ubuntu is good. I have also heard of Pop!_OS from LTT and Arch OS from lurking here.
How to get RHCSA without paying for coaching? I just want to prepare myself and give the exam. What's the procedure?
pajeet bros ,wat do i do
How do you get started with cyber security?
What the fuck is this field, bash, cryptography, networking And so much of shit that I can't understand Please give steps/guidance for a complete brainlet, I'll be forever grateful Have got nothing to do rn, don't want to waste my time thx
i'm planning to buy this. any suggestions??? {or something better.}
Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition - QHD 240Hz - GeForce RTX 3070 Specifications 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10875H 8 Cores (2.3GHz / 5.1GHz) Windows 10 Home 15.6" QHD 240Hz, 100% sRGB, 4.9 mm bezel, factory calibrated Discrete: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6 VRAM Integrated: Intel® UHD Graphics 1TB SSD (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4) + Open M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 Slot for easy expansion 16GB dual-channel DDR4-2933MHz (8GB x 2) Per key RGB Powered by Razer Chroma™ N-Key rollover keyboard
what kind of a stupid captcha is this?
Help this noobie guyz
Can anybody tell me what cipher or encoding are these? "be64435ba995c171e3dd276c4d8d35448997c67d6e838120fa4cc1808596a97e" "9e982fb40821192b8e13a4c02af32bbd8f295ca588353d7c631310df43306451"
When I put > and < in the name field it turns into &gt; and &lt; respectively Why?
Is it true that flashing a degoogled rom on my phone doubles my battery life?
how to make a video playback appear like a web camera
I have exams from the 4th of this month but of course I am a bhangi who hasn't studied It is online and they surveil you through your webcam I want to record a video of myself doing nothing in particular and loop it and use that instead of a genuine camera so I can do some copy-paste action Anyone here done something like that? How do you do this shit? Thanks bros
This browser that nobody has ever heard of helps me surf the vilest pronsites and even bypass 4chut's IP block despite being a jionigger. What's so special about this browser?
suggest me phone under 30k im considering samsung note10 lite i can compromise on higer spec for something unique or different or better in different aspect thank you
Are good Amp/Dac on phones dead?
LG was my last hope for phones with good onboard audio on the cheap, I have an Lg v20 but wont last much longer. What alternative do i have?
retarded zoomer faggot here. I've been in the ECE course in a decent private college for more than one semester now, with classes being completely online, and I have absolutely no idea what the fuck electronics engineering is or what future it has. I really need some answers. What should I study and where should I study it from? What specialisations are in this field? What are the hottest areas of research? What specialisation should I get a higher degree (Mtech or PhD) in? what should I do to improve my resume? I would prefer to stay in the core field, mainly because I hate codemonkeying. My ideal gameplan is to survive through Btech and emigrate to a europoor country for an Mtech, may or may not get a PhD after that. I'm completely fucking retarded so I'm afraid I might screw it all up by not doing shit. I feel like I've already wasted so much time in 1st sem and done nothing productive. Please give me some insights if you have experience in this field. Thanks a lot in advance.
1 lakh mein achha laptop kaunsa aaega yaaro. Need to get one for college+gaming. Also, is it a better idea to get a tablet for college work+taking notes and a laptop for gaming, since most of them have terrible battery life?
My favourite content creator turned out to be a retarded anti-masker
Damn mallus are really the master race!
Had 2 Gmail accounts. Imported emails to protonmail and changed email on every service, imported contacts to external service and deleted some drive data. Deleted 1 gmail, will delete one tomorrow. Am I missing something? There's no custom rom for my phone, so I'm stuck with Google services, but I think I will stick with it as they are needed for banking and basic services. I also have some questions like, will I be able to use Google maps without account? I'm using aurora store for apps and have imported yt subscriptions to newpipe. Anything else?
Bash thread
Lets see how strong the bash game of ths board is. Drop your favorite and most used bash scripts/functions.
What are the best website hosting services? How do I choose the one which will suit my needs? And how much will I have to pay per month?
Why not change /g/ - technology to /g/ - science and technology like 4chan?
It seems awfully restricting to just have technology as the board, I think more people would come here if we have a broader scope. Think about it pyare anons
Okay so something went wrong and suddenly my laptop isn't connecting to my wifi. It does not show wireless option. I tried to get to the root of it and it seems i have install the wifi driver since it isn't showing on my device manager. I am not used to play around windows shit can you show me the way and redirect me to the site where i can get the legit driver without viruses?
I'm a IT professional with 12+ yrs of exp. I've worked in various industries at different capacities. Now sitting home alone during weekend I just realised that I can use this time and help someone to prepare for a job interviews I can use my skills in benifit of some one who needs it. So if anyone here needs any help please do reach out. Don't worry I won't charge a paisa for it
>phone """""updates""""" >installs a bunch of bloatware
/poorfag gayming/
Have these working parts from my old computer. What used parts should i get that would work well with my current hardware. Where do you guys even buy used hardware?
Location: Bhangilore
Budget: 10,000-15,000

Cooler Master ELITE 450 - V3
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini (6GB GDDR5)
Cooler Master HYPER 212 EVO
Crucial 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
Can someone link me good resource for learning react, which is not retarted
Easy to understand tutorial ,which should be latest etc. i have seen retarded tutorial which are too hard to grasp.
Linoox question
I'm using dwm + xcompmgr and I've noticed screen tearing while playing video. This doesn't happen when i kill xcompmgr. I tried compton and picom as well, same results. How do I get transparency in my terminal emulator without this screen tearing?