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Ayushman Khurana comes out as gender fluid. Discuss
The downfall of bollywood
when bollywood were expermenting with movies like delhi belly, gangs of wasseypur, zindagi na milegi dobara this movie came back and thrashed so it can go back being a shit industry
Is Ranveer Singh the biggest film star of the new young generation? Obviously 90s heroes (Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Ajay) and Hrithik Roshan are still at the top but Ranveer Singh has left his contemporaries (biggest of them being Ranbir Kapoor) far behind. He's also a much more versatile actor than Ranbir Kapoor.
This was the peak of based pop indian music. Is there any hope in future?
Why Indian Parents are allowing thier Kids to watch this Brainless shit Cartoon? Just watched 12min of this shit, now I am thinking about how they stopped Streaming Shin-Chan Classics or other humorous cartoons.
Kinoest yaar
What are you're thoughts on Old Funny Bollywood Movies? Do you think they will ever comeback?
>Amar Choudary (born 4 January 1984), known professionally as Jiiva, is an Indian actor and film producer who works mainly in Tamil cinema. >Jiiva was born on 4 January 1984 in Chennai to film producer R. B. Choudary. His mother is a Tamilian while his father is a Rajasthani. lungibros....
Anyone used to binge watch this never ending show? And when did you stop watching cartoons in general?
wtf is this enna poda nonsense, why do southies make so many le quirky movies?
why is every damn series now only 10 episodes long? goddamn it i swear they focus on wrapping up the story in 10 hours more than story itself.
/kino bollymusic general/
Only KK and/or Emraan Hashmi songs allowed itt
Most beautiful women of bollywood thread
No Disha Patani allowed.
ITT: good fight scenes This was a good scene. The scene sells the fact that batista is big and strong and bond is smart and resilient very well and none of them end up looking weak/stupid. Also, I liked that the girl got knocked down with just one slap and they didn't force some women stronk faggotry
What did /ent/ think of this scene?
Based Chamarathi
there was this post a couple of days back on this board that was titled cute videos or something like that and it had a video of this girl(south indian ig but fair) dancing to buttabomma below pls pls pls help me find it
No Way Home Tobey Maguire
South Indian remakes of Bollywood movies thread
How do they compare to the original?
Mallu movies
Based or Cringe?
This movie is unnironically pretty good imo although it's a Lil goofy the concept itself is pretty revolutionary and reminds me of fight club a lot it's only now i realised that emo Peter isn't really evil infact it freed Peter from uncle Ben and high sense of morale and responsibilities and most importantly made his social relations way better like with Harry Peter's promise to Norman mads his friend a great enemy it was only after emo Peter that he told him the truth and helped Peter standup for himself but when he started hurting people he cares about like Ursula and MJ thats when venom became evil The story is an exact parallel to fight club I wish they did more stuff like this Whaddya guys think was this movie good >Inb4 capeshit just ignore
Is Spotify premium worth it? pic unrelated
Top 5 Indian movies of 2021 that are worth watching in your opinion
For me >sherni(hindi) >sardar udham(hindi) >karnan(tamil) >malik(Malayalam) >the disciple(marathi) Tbh I didn't watch much this year
>LaBeouf's career—and his life—were heading for a tailspin. In early February 2021, LaBeouf checked into rehab, citing struggles with alcohol abuse. He also parted ways from his talent agency, CAA, recognizing the need to take time to recover, heal, and reckon with the hurt he'd caused himself and others. After Transformers 3, his career just went down hill
How are southies so good at making massy kino Background scores?
When will bollywood stop remaking south Indian films? Look at the accent in which she speaks English, is this how rich metro city MILFs speak?
Unironically one of the best actor came out of Bihar, I hope he gets more roles and Bollywood don't destroy this talented man.
another Kabir Singh
>literally remakes the same south indian movie playing the same character again Shahid Kapoor is the new Salman Khan. 15-30 year old wannabe tough guys will make this a hit.
Finally a film that's actually funny in a very long time
He is one of the best indian Movie reviewer after tried and refusing productions and I can trust him blindfolded if the movie is actually good or not?
The movie was based on the biography by Robert Kanigel. Not a single Indian writer could have captured the Hindu Brahmin experience of Ramanujan like him.
Is amazon prime worth it? I wanna watch telugu movies with subs.
help if yk
>dumb guy asking shitty doubts never seen a web series academically involved throughout these yrs 21 yo got leisure time somehow want to watch this serial/series doesn't know how chan works, just want anonymity how can i watch this serial uninterrupted? in straight queue, couldn't find full serial in one go on yt
Post yout guilty pleasure pop song
Damn game looks actually pretty good something at the level of GTA 5 and hitman series, I hope they will add more to it
Why is it that the entire north India is ruled by bollywood whereas each south Indian state has its own successful film industry? Look at pic related. South India contributes to a whopping 36% despite only being 20% of India population wise.
lungis accept the supremacy of the Gangetic BVLL.
Anyone seen this Mallu kino. Can someone explain what happened in the end?
Do people actually, unironically, like "slowed-reverb" songs? Or is it just a meme?
Am I the only one who thinks they ruined this character to oblivion? venom deserved a good 18+ Netflix series the character is not actually for kids. he deserved to be the coolest villain, not some stupid comical cartoon joke.
Who's better?
Beautiful South Indian actresses thread. Post 'em
How to stop hating pop music? When I was a kid my parents shoved boomer music down my ears so hard that I never got the opportunity to develop a taste for "aaj kal ke gaaane". Whenever I hear a pop song be it Indian or western, I feel super intimidated. It reminds me of soycial media degeneracy and Chads and Stacys making out and partying. I can only listen to heendu traditional music, western classical, and some melodious boomer rock/pop like Bob Dylan, Elton John. I tried listening to Doja Cat and I couldn't believe that children today not only enjoy that kind of music but that the hypersexual nigger culture has now become normalized. Iska kya upaay?
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition
Most beautiful song in bollywood
Why is there a decline of the romance genre in bollywood? Is the new generation just not romantic?
Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban
Jesus fucking christ this is such a chilling movie I was waiting for that moment where hero becomes a badass and kicks ass but nah it goes down the route that you don't expect in an Indian film. What a horrific film. It's not as clever as visaranai(but it's not as dumb as jai bhim either), and stirs you up in the same way but with less violence. Meanwhile at bollywood land, they are still making films valorizing police.
Why are mallus so fucking gay?
How's the comic book scene in India? can we produce some next level anime and represent our culture just like how the Japanese did?
Should bollywood stop portraying muslims as terrorists to cure Islamophobia in India?
Suggest me some good funny movies like the hangover to watch
Pakistan lost yaaro. Let us celebrate.
I feel bad for liking Squid Game yaar. Ab mai normalfag ban gaya hun
The best movie jewwood has produced in years.
Going to give this a try, I'll tell you what I thought.
Post your favourite bhajans. I like maa bhajans
Japanese culture/everthing about Japan thread
This thread will be for Japanese cul
Do we agree that bengalis are superior musicians compared to other Indians?
Anyone noticed movies getting shorter? Nowadays I see average length of movies to be around 90 minutes.
Ranbir Kapoor
What do you think about Ranbir Kapoor?
Anyone else find this dance sexy? Or it's just because girls are hot. Suggest me more songs like this
Can we make a tier list of all the doomer films from the Indian film industry? To start off with, post your state + the film name + a poster of the film. State : TN Name : Kattradhu Thamizh
mallu girls are so hot
IU thread
Any IU fans here?
Post 2000s Kinos
Mine is this masterpiece
How many Nepali anons browse this site?. what are your thoughts on Danny denzongpa, are you guys proud of him because he is the most famous Nepali actor in Bollywood?
Glad I grew up watching this
How did cuckshyap spawn such a cute slut, yes this is his daughter
>didn't release tip tip barsa pani on youtube FUCK YOU ROHIT. I won't pay to watch your shitty movie just for one coomworthy song.
Anyone watched this movie? It felt like some Hollywood movie and they didn't show the effect of this assassination. I like how they focused on bodies getting mutilated in that massacre scene instead of filming it as a gory spectacle.
Tamil bros are back with another kino
pure masala blockbuster kino yaaroon but some "secularism" parts were too cringe.
streaming websites
where do you anons go to for streaming movies? i used to go to r/movieStreamingSites but that's suspended sometime back and looking for a good repo of streaming websites. any suggestions? specifically looking for streaming websites though.
Probably the biggest hack in western music/pop culture history.
Dhanush is relentlessly handsome, only good-looking tamil actor. He looks like a bihari chad with those hunter features. He's an honorary gangetic.
>casting 40+ unkils and aunties as college students Why do dameels do this?
Arijit Singh is back with 2 back to back soulful kinos yaaroon
It's ok bros. We will surely defeat Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia. Jai hind, jai sriram.
What are some examples of historically inaccurate castings in Indian cinema? >Ashok played by a punjabi
All my childhood I've idlodized him, wanted to be like him. As charismatic and witty. He was a real Mega-Star in his peak, from the late 90s to the late 2000s he was the undisputed no.1 actor of the country. Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabbatein, Kabhie Khushie Kabhi Gham, Main hoon naa, Veer-Zaara, Don, Om Shanti Om. Classics. You get nostalgic listening to the kino songs from these movies. I can't bear to see my childhood hero's downfall yaaron :( Fucking twatter Right Wing incels and BJPigs are targetting him because of his religion. But remember this, bollywood will never have another SRK, he was the last of the Stars. Modern day shut-in zoomers do not know how to charm or romance a woman.
Why do i like this degenrate show so much? Some one help pls!!
one anon had shared a good website for listening to world radio a while back but i've lost it. it gave you a map you can click on anywhere in the world and listen to local radio there. if you know the website i'm talking about, can & will you share it here
Why don't Bhai and Tabu get married?