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BGM Thread
Post your favourite scores from Indian Cinema. I'll start,
>Vardi ka dum
Songs that sound like this one. On a side note, Blackened doom metal recommendations are welcomed too.
>pic related is one of the greatest movie you'll ever watch in your life. >Pic related is an art house picture about horny teenagers trying to bang a milf. What are you waiting for anon?
So dustshit poopear got outstriker by a man with a broken foot? And if you substract the critch sniffing gnp then it was a domination by mcgregor on the feet.
Sarpatta parambarai vs toofan
What the fuck is wrong with bollywood? What the fuck is right with south Indian cinema(only tamil and malayalam)? I mean not saying south movies are masterpieces but they at least make decent films. bollywood is just embarrassing at this point.
>Thop tv owner got arrested, and the app is now banned. Satish Shriramdasu Venkateshwarlu is the guy behind Thop tv; he got arrested today by Maharashtra Police. F
The tubing of William Fitzgerald Grant is currently on going at this address: William Fitzgerald Grant 32 Spencer Ave Somerville Massachusetts
Uplifting music thread
===== Rules ===== 1. Song has to feel good to listen to. 2. Post something you personally enjoy. There's no point in searching uplifting songs. You'd be disappointed in the end. 3. Language no bar. Bonus if translations are available. 4. More obscure the better but it's not a necessity. 5. Shitty artists/Lesser known artists are fine as long as the song is good. 6. Instrumentals are ok but keep the bar slightly higher here since it's easier to call mediocre instrumental songs as uplifting.
New Chink movie on how they tackled saved their people from Covid. What are your thoughts anons?
Alia bhatt bashing thread
Why the fuck do people still see her movies? She's ugly af She got movie offers and also a somewhat decent looking guy as a partner What the fuck guys?
Pajeet chinki bhai bhai
Lungibros... NorthChads always take the most gorgeous of our women meanwhile we get C-grade ugly pale poopjabi whores.
>guise white massas are patting our backs too Why are us mallus so insecure bros?
Post your favorite Raja Ravi Varma's paintings This painting of Mandodari, wife of Rava is mine.
Vro noland vro
No filthy pajeet Nolan isn't a good director. He can operate a camera sure and even comes across pretty images once in a while. But his films have no poetry nor any significance. Kubrick started mass rapes and gang violence with one film and had to eventually temporarily shut it. The french new wave directors (Godard and other autists) started a new era of film with their movies. Meanwhile Nolan makes commercial ass whipe for people who like to watch 100 black hole facts on YouTube. Don't use the word kino fag, you havent even experience an ounce of art yet.
i want to turn this board into a gossip forum
/ourguy/ KRK on the decline of society and the immoral nature of zoomers.
indian idol thread
who's going to win this time guys? i am rooting for pic related
Letterboxd top 25 of 2021 first half
>3 mallu movies and 2 lungi movies
dunnn dunnn dunnn da da dunnn dunnn dunnn da da dunnn dunnn dunnn da da Peep peep peepa peepa Peep peep peepa peepa Peep peep peepa peepa dunnn dunnn dunnn da da dunnn dunnn dunnn da da dunnn dunnn dunnn da da
Is this the InCh favourite song?
>Doston, aaj main review karne wala hoon...
Classic Hindi Songs /CHS/ Thread 4 Monsoon Edition - 2000 to 2015 Era
Hello /ent/, it's raining here and thought why not start a new thread for Hindi songs. Let's share songs from 2000 to 2015. I will start with something lighter. Previous thread (CHS-3):
Why did they make based Dhanush into a simp for a woman like Sonam Kapoor?
Happy Birthday Kat
I thank God for creating this beautiful world. I thank my parents for bringing me into this world. And I thank Sallu bhai for giving Katrina Kaif to our nation.
more movies like this?
/v/ - Vedio-gaems general
/ent/ is dead (as always) so might as well make new threads about Vedio-gaems. >What have you been playing recently? >How long have you been playing? >Are you even playing? >Why aren't you playing? I just finished Fallout:NV. Overrated trash that won't work without a fan patch and 50+ mods. I hated every single second of me trying to play this "gaem". It's wasn't fun, half of the "gaemplay" is just listening to dialogue, too much politics, 100 hours to even be able to somewhat complete it. Shitty quests and shittier factions. "Muh Autocrat", "Muh Slavery", "Muh Democracy", "Muh Anarchy". Fallout 3 but worse. I thought I would become a tranny if kept playing (thankfully not). Overall it is a gud gaem - 7/10
Has faggots destroyed bromance?
What went wrong?
One simple word, SOUL
Are mallu movies going to have their second cash grab sequel making phase?
Average InCh user
This movie would have received so much backlash from feminists if it were released today.
when will /ent/ become progressive enough to openly discuss the art of Lathyrus Japonicus?
>Jehangir >naming your son after a drug addict who was always at odds with his father Is Saif retarded? At least choose a memorable ruler like Sher Shah Suri.
you can tell this list us made by a mallu girl or boy by the no. of malayalam overrated films like kumbalangi nights, there is literally thousands of kinos in malayalam than kumbalangi shits
Ek ladki thi deewani si...
>kino actor >kino music >kino movie I miss the 2000s yaar
R.I.P Legend Tragedy King and easily the Best Khan
Main Anushka Bhabhi ke pair chumna chahta hoon yaaron
How is it?
Recommend Pajeet Existentialist kinos like this one
Can these mubi fags stop spamming their ad on youtube? holy shit no one wants to see some avant garde bullshit in your gloomy shithole about some 2/10 grandma whore having sex with a greasy bengali man who smokes
hmmm I wonder why Aamir divorced again
Delhi Belly's 10th anniversary
On this day Delhi Belly was released , was rated A and did a pretty good business of 91 crores. What do you think of the movie anon ?
Films about teen angst
Why are there no Indian films which depict teen angst with an accurate light. Udaan was fag stuff.
Why cant north indians make good thriller movies? This was horrible
Deep Philosophical movies thread
post deep philosophical movies u like
Classic Hindi Songs /CHS/ Thread - 3 - Classic Honey Singh Edition
My favourite movie. Post your favourite south movie.
can any of you telanganites and andhras kinda give me a gist of this song and its meaning pic unrelated
This man made anglo women wet their panties
suggest some offbeat movies to watch this weekend
>there will be mixed company >they're all acquaintances >not trying to impress anybody >just want to watch something offbeat >something that a majority of people likely wouldn't have watched
God damn it, what is with southienigger movies shilling for the fresh and latest globohomo nignoggery coming out of muttland. I was physically cringing when the girl was seething and preaching out the author tract to the mein nigger. Also is it just me or why does dameel movies frequently make comparison to first world countries and our gubinment not doing exactly. This movie might be bizzarest of all, seething against Indian government not taking in as many rapefugees as European countries.
I thought Piku was a good movie.
🇮🇪man 🇮🇳man linked up! need it or keep it??! 🤔
Every fucking hindi film is a remake from South.
samu kitni cute hai yaaron we should be proud india has so many pretty female hindu celebs. pretty female muzzie celebs are less because they're not pretty.
Taxi 1998
Watched the first 2 parts and it's really entertaining and funny lmao. The IMDb score is pretty average because of rayceesm. Just hope they don't fuck up the rest of the parts.
Dimple Kapadia, wife of Rajesh Khanna, mother of Twinkle Khanna and Mother-in-Law of Akshay Kumar is muslim. wtf. >Dimple Kapadia was born on 8 June 1957 in Bombay to Gujarati businessman Chunibhai Kapadia and his wife Bitti, who was known as "Betty".[3][4][5] Chunibhai was from a wealthy Ismaili Khoja family, whose members had "embraced Hinduism" while still regarding Aga Khan as their religious mentor.[a] Bitti was a practising Ismaili.[9][10] As an infant, Dimple was given the name Ameena (literally, "honest" or "trustworthy" in Arabic) by Aga Khan III, by which she was never referred to.[6][11]
This irks me
Why did my pashtun waifu Madhubala marry that ugly bhangali fag Kishore Kumar and not the handsome Punjabi chad Dilip Kumar? This is so unnatural.
I like zack snyder but i think he will fuck it up white people are inherently incapable of understanding indian mythos, they see everything in black and white terms, mahabharata will lose everything "Indian" about it
>Adaptation of Ray's short stories starring Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon Holy Kino. >and Harshvardhan Kapoor aaaand ruined.
Watched something
So I watched today some movies and will be watching more in coming days and will update here with my rating. Y'all also tell your opinions about it. Watched- •A glitch in the matrix-2 (didn't watch whole, got bored) •brokeback mountain-3.2 (didn't watch climax) •nomadland-7 (saw my future) •Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri-5.8
Everything about this is cursed Whose idea was this? A fucking 40 year old student?? what the fuck is with his face? Scary....
What are some movies where the good guys are ugly and the bad guys are good looking?
What are some good old bollywood movies ?
Just finished watching the Apu trilogy
Movie recommendations like this one.
Alanna Pandey appreciation thread
What you think, anon?
Behold mighty and ancient Cthulhu
I started reading lovecraft and this is how I imagine Cthuhlu's bas-relief would look like hope it gives you nightmares\ kaisa laga 1-10 me mitron?
The family man
Why is there a cheating wife trope in every right wing oriented tv shows? Why are (((they))) doing all this for?
8.10 Bollywood movie Such movies are rare Why is that amazing bollywood films rarely gets noticed? Also Parineeti > Alia
Does anyone here read H.P Lovecraft's works? Personally am a big fan of surrealism and eldritch horror so I started reading call of cthulhu two days ago, From the first chapter, I love the narration and his style of writing, loving the mystery aspect of this as well. If anyone has read them, what are your opinions on it ?
Can someone explain why Field Hockey fell in popularity? What the fuck happened to the Dhyan Chand days?
>sold more tickets than your favourite movie *bows down*
Anyone watch this series? Also why is this a meme?
/ent/ pride month
post gay actors
I just realised that this movie became no 1 in box office collection is because of the name "avatar" and and bunch of Indians went and watched it for "muh mention of mythology" thats the reason this movie because so successful
Yaar I just learnt that this show had an initial production budget of 1.5 Cr for 12 episodes How can it be so high when even amateur artists make better animations and storylines sure you have to pay your animators, voice artists but still 1.5 cr seems too steep for a show of this caliber
Based kino movie
Why do people from richer and more prosperous regions tend to make tragedy porn movies while people from poorer ones tend to make escapist porn? Pic unrelated.
Rohit Shetty is remaking Angoor (1982) with Ranveer Singh
i have been seeding torrents but i dont see anyone downloading them here is a magnet link of a daftpunk album magnet:?xt=urn:btih:30c5ab61b9bb336f18287554596f8bf2f64ff10f&dn=Daft%20Punk%20-%20This%20Is%20Daft%20Punk%20(2019)%20Mp3%20320kbps%20Songs%20%5bPMEDIA%5d&
IIT rate the rate the last TV show/movie you watched on a scale of 10
Just finished pic related for the first time. Amazing movie deserve all the praise 9/10
Raincoat 2004 is such an underrated film. I can't even describe how gut wrenching it was. It's a 2 hour slow paced drama with nice color palette and depressing rain, must watch it if you want to see Ajay Devgn's gutkha eating skillz and Aishwarya's bra strap. Oh God! Aishwarya's appearance in this film is embodiment of the perfect middle class trad waifu material. I can't even describe that how hot she looks. I can totally fap on her bra strap cleavage for 2 straight hours. Totally worth it if you yearn for a heartbreak. PS: Don't read the plot or summary, just watch it straight away without any premise. This way it will hurt you more.
Do u pplz actually pay for videogames or pirate it? Which website is bet for pirating? t.poor phag
Best bollywood opening credits ever?
Thoughts on my gf's playlist(s), /ent/?
This movie normalized and justified infidelity... back in 2006. How tf wasn't there any backlash and outrage?
this movie was borderline unwatchable between it's over the top dialogue and shitty acting but it's the first indian movie i've ever seen to accurately portray the average millennial male from india and their complete inability to act like a normal person
What's /ent/'s consensus on this?
I need to go back in time and fuck prime Karishma Kapoor.
Did you watch karnan? It's the best Indian movie of recent times. Pure top tier filmmaking.
there are very few things in life that can come close to the joy you get out of downvoting every single Indian content on Netflix