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Oye balle balle
Mera demat account khul gaya yaaro Kal parso tak trading start kar dunga
>buy a small piece of land in a very posh area somewhere in dubai or something >make the ugliest jhopadi on that land, total eyesore in a rather beautiful neighborhood >other homeowners and government dont like the jhopadi ruining the neighborhood >give you money to make it look nice >jhopadi is now something nicer >sell the nicer jhopadi >profit >repeat Sometimes my high iq scares me >inb4 stating the obvious
Doesnt everything dump/crab on weekends t. Sold at 60k and placed a buy order at 53k
>inr always loses its value(inflation) >accumulate shit ton of ₹1 coins like a million coins >eventually the value of raw metal in a ₹1 coin in more than ₹1. >sell coins as scrap metal >profit Sometime my high iq scares me >inb4 stating the obvious
where did the /dhan/ tele group go yaaro. i was away for quite a few months and now i cant find it on me tele. send the link yaara
Ath yaaro
the shit i buy after careful research and analysis doesn't do anything, while whatever my baap buys blindly appreciates like crazy
literal newborn here i need money but I have nothing to invest how do i get into all this crypto and other stuff without having to pay a single penny at first
Well i guess this is the end, what exchange should i go for now?
Ah so biz convinced me fomoing 25% of my poorfolio on this thing with a plan for hodling it for a few months, what am i in for?
does someone have a guide to convince boomers to at the very least invest 5-20% in crypto?!
/LET/Aletheo General
previous >>>/b/329365 NEET WORLD ORDER > NEW WORLD ORDER The thread is about anything biz related(within /dhan/ rules), shill/fud your tokens/coins/stocks/jobs/degrees/hustles/economic systems as hard as you want here, we will listen. Or you can fud or shill Aletheo as hard as you want, you can sage the thread and will still get paid the same amount. The place is safe without meds. To reduce the amount of low effort posts the most basic humanness was implemented: >humanness of every poster as of now starts from 2 >humanness 1 is usually good or okayish grammar and abuse of humanness level 0 from time to time. With this level posts are twice cheaper than level 2 >humanness 0 is completely nonsensical spam with several posts in a short timeframe or/and poor grammar, or/and obvious botting or/and any obvious attempts to game the system. With this level posts are 4x cheaper than level 2 If a poster is an absolute bot and posts random hashes or links, poster address will be excluded from rewards completely Read the papers already, even if they are both outdated: > > How to become a founder: How to become a poster: get a clean instance of firefox without any private info of yours, install this there set rewards address and post. Only unique posts count Posters share rewards of ~29k LET per month. Current rate is about ~10 LET per post. The more posters - the less rewards per post. Posters stats for this period: > >
Is this a viable side hustle? After all one thing this country has no shortage of is horny men and this is essentially investing on horny men.
blaady benchod..........give my money back........literally shaking right now.........mmmmm so blaady......o yeah..............
Axie Infinity: Any of you guys play this NFT game?
It's a game where you battle these pokemon like creatures and gain Smooth Love Potions (SLP) which can then be sold on Uniswap or some centralised exchange. Currently 1 SLP is worth roughly 0.23 USD or around 15 rupees. With a mediocre team you can farm about 130 or SLP a day which is about 58500 rupees a month. Not too shabby for playing a game for like 2 hours a day. Of course, the main catch is that the teams are not free. You need to dish out some money to buy decen enough axies to get started. Given the current prices even a mediocre team would set you back by at least 1.2 lakhs so you would need to slog for at least 2 months before you see your money back. Not to mention, the price of SLP in the future is unpredictable. If it drops too quickly, then it could take much longer to make your money back. Pic unrelated
can anyone enlighten me what is this supposed to mean? 700% per annum this cant be real. Whats the catch?
<bogdanoff he made good profits this month >load ze china fud >dompeet <he bought ze dip >dompeet again
Is there any way I can make 25000 rupees every month by home? I have capital of 76000. Day trading looks very risky, specially FNO. What should I do bros? I'm NEET and I think my parents are getting tired of me.
friend told me to buy this. bought both of these in the morning, got shit scared when i saw the 2k rupees loss, sold at nearly break even. now look where it is. i stood to gain 10k if i had hodled. fuck my life.
How to sort all cryptos by max supply and not total supply? How do i know if the shitcoin isn't pozzed and will increase its max supply in the future?
commercefag nigga
looking for some advice on what to do after 12th grade (and now) >11th grader >commercefag (with math) >has no interest whatsoever in commerce >average grades >wants to move out of india after 12th >doesn't have any idea about possible career options >only dreams about making alot of money before 30 and getting out of the middle class what i wanna know:- >which major should i go for in college? >career options that open for me after choosing that major >good universities for commercefags i know this is a retarded post, and i shouldn't be asking inchels for advice but idk
New to crypto yaaron, what are some good ones i should keep my eyes open for? bitcoin ethereum toh hai hi, but they're too expensive for me.
Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
Man look at how creative these scammers have gotten. >pic related Same technique 4 examples >inb4 too long didnt read lol.
yaaro can I get LIC life insurance as soon as i turn 18, even if i don't have income? Premium mere dad bharenge jab tak i don't start making money. He says the earlier you get life insurance the lesser the premium is and the greater the total sum will be.
10th failed wasted 2 years what to do ? business?
Before covid hit us in 2019 i had failed my 10th and was planning to redo it but couldn't do it due to financial issues of maulana chodi's lockdown, so helped my dad on his business/shop for rest of 1.5-2 years fast forward to 2021 is there something i can do now? Are there any career prospects left for faggot like me?
to stake or not to stake?
guys massive airdrop worth 20 BNB bring dropped here join now , just got created 2 hours ago , you dont wanna fomo kid
already spent more than 14k today
>dip >on 3k loss > cool yaar dip time >buy the dip >dip dips more >buy the dipped dip >dipped dip dips more >buy the dipped dipped dip >dipped dipped dip dips more >mfw
>19 >school gave me 5000 rupees for getting highest in class 10 >made my first investment in icici technology mutual fund >made a profit of 1.7 k in 4 months
GUIS! Will the Chinese market cause global recession, starting from today?
made a profit of 150 by exiting 1 DRREDDY today yaaron
FTManon, do you still browse this website? Talked to you on /g/ last year. What crypto are you following now? Remembered you today after seeing FTM spike to 2$ recently.
Lost 42k inr in crypto. >At one point was in 1k profit >Decide that things are shaky, should take membership of premium signal channel for guidance >50usdt fees >Meh no biggie >Follow every signal >Damn should margin trade as a lasst resort after months of loss >Fast forward to june and it's all gone Fuck premium fags Fuck moonbois Fuck btcmaxis Fuck bulltards And most importantly fuck me for making same mistakes
Arey I see all these Chinese games with people buying character skins generating revenue in millions per month how can we do something similar bhai chalo crorepati bante hai
new fag
hello frens i am neetfag but in one year drop have realized i don't want anything to do with mbbs frens my question to u all is there a degree for only market stocks trading etc i have no idea why is bcoz in these one year i have been digging into the market and i am very interested in these subjects added benefit father has some capital no much but still good so plz any advice will be appreciated.
I know nothing about personal finance and there's too much information available on the internet and I come from a middle class believing in FDIs etc. >From where do I start learning my financial education >Which books to read? As of now I'm only looking into long term investments in stocks and crypto currency and might later try my hand at trading and will learn about forex. Also is trading in digital gold/sliver profitable or just a meme? Because in my family if we actual gold (in mostly form of jewellery) then it will stay for generations.
How much does it cost to build a 2bhk house?
Why is there a weeping katua in the banner?
How do i sell my Original NFT?
I know the Opensea, rarible, bakeryswap and all that. What i want is guidance, what to do and what not to. I minted my own NFT on Opensea Polygon chain but there is literally no response, forget favorites not even viewed by anyone. It feels like when you used to make a post on facebook back in the days. It feels like no one will get to see my work and it's lost in the sea of shitty cryptopunk. What are some dos and don'ts? Oh and there is a reward for anyone who can show me the right way. I have decided to put my art for something like 50 usd to 100 usd. Any kind anon who helps me will get his fair share of reward, 10 whole USD or 30 if i get to sell it for more than a 100 (in form of Harmony ONE, Doge or trx).
Yaar I so this on /pol/ amd thought it would be more appropriate here. More from the post on pol is as follows: this is a femoid talibani in kandahar for more than a year and she's been shilling bitcoin for quite a while. Unofficial source for what tbe emirate will be doing regarding bitcoin. Says already there are bitcoin exchange shops and that she'll be opening one herself under the taliban (whom she's been cheering on since the beginning) Taliban even leaared her for opening and running hwr own bitcoin exchange center at afghan banks ffs also interesting retweets from her
biggest scam of this century
ITT: post /dhan/ saving tips
>buy 2₹ shampoo pouches instead of big shampoo bottles Shampoo pouches contain more shampoo mL per ₹ as compared to bottles. Buy 30-40 shampoo pouches at once. Sometimes you can get twice as much shampoo at the same price >buy coffee sachets instead of coffee bottle Same reason as above >only consume thela fast food MCD, pizza hut, burger King is just as unhealthy and tasty as thela food but way more expensive. Eating at thela also has added advantage of being able to run away without paying if there's enough people around >use coupon forums indiafreestuff, desidimes and many more coupon groups on facebook >dont eat at restaurants Instead keep track of langars, bhandara, shadis and any function that gives free food around you and eat there >always pirate never buy >buy token mother dairy milk 4₹ cheaper per litre as compared to plastic milk. Most doodhwala most charge more than mother dairy so token milk is best option >use public transport, never buy a vehicle its a walking money pit
Just be yourself bro.
I have $100, how do I make more?
I am desperate, have no morals ,no self respect, would literally do anything to turn that $100 into $1000 by month end. I know flipping shitcoin can make that happen but I simply do not have the ability to filter good flips from bad, where do I start? Pls help.
help this anon
Guys i really need some money, I'm a college student who's trying to make a living by himself, i face violence at home, trying to move out as soon as possible any amount of money would benefit me, i wouldn't be able to thank you enough if you send me even 10 dollars. I'm not yet 18 so i can't even work jobs. Please do send any amount of money if you could.😔 here's my bsc address: 0x457cc8d226687F2847D8Fab01BCb1BD4C1199641
Short Incoming
Anons, the bloodbath is coming again. I'll be selling all my holdings, closing all my futures position. The manipulation is sick. Be careful.
What's a quick way to make 1,600 rupees without a job?
Building an ideal portfolio
do you all prefer to start with a full-fledged portfolio comprising of all major sectors or first acquiring long term stocks in trending sectors and then slowly develop into other sectors
>Power of Compounding
Listen here poorfags
If you are studying in college and have no decent family money, then try to invest as much as you can or else this will be your life if u r a wage slave
reminder that these are the people writing the financial news and analyzes you read.
>silver medal >gold medal WHY IS THERE NO BITCOIN MEDAL
Mujhe 500 Rs me apna empire khada karna ha yaroooo
Paisa chhodo. Samaj chhodo. Janglo mein jaake asli jeevan jiyo.
seeking updates on that vending machine anon
A few months ago there was a guy seeking advice and talking about opening vending machines in his city as a buisness, did he ever come back to give any updates on how it went or he just gave up on it? (feeling sleepy might sleep answer fast)
How to be a rich in one day anons which stock should I hit into I saw a plebbit post where the user invested $90 and got a $26k in return
Tell ways by which one can become a millionaire in about 2-3 years.
What's the business model of this website. Does the site owner pay the mods? If yes then where does he gets the money from? If no then why do the mods work for free, don't they have something useful to do? Also is there any plan for growth and monetization of this site or will this always remain this way?
get ready yaaron
aye bhosdiwalo crypto account kis broker ke sathg open karu
Where to learn day trading in Indian Stock market from? Recommend me a good course but which covers everything. Even ready to pay but preferably free though. t.18 year old zoomer
Cryptofags BTFO Stockchads rejoice
Share strategies for making it in Lundia
>buy cheap t shirts from tamil anna factory >order a cheap t shirt printing machine from flipkart >pay 5$ to random retard on fiverr for a complete e-shopping whatever >pay jewtubers some shekel to promote your thing Lets see here 1,60,000 for shirts+10-20,000 for printing machine+5$ for website+few shekels for jewtoobers Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't seem like a bad deal for 2-3 Lakhs.
ITT: non-obvious crypto tips. could be something you've learnt/observed on your own or learned from someone knowledgeable. sharing is caring bros!
When will the dip end bros
what the fuck!?? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?????
Did you buy the dip?
BSC is about to die and get mogged by SOL. Airdrops on sol are going for $50k + each
New to crypto
Hello /dhan/, I am trying to get into crypto, but I have no knowledge on how to actually start doing crypto, any advice regarding that? Is crypto viable to atleast be a backup in case shit happens?
Okay bros, help me with this. Im 17, currently in 12th and gonna turn 18 soon. I live in a tier 2 town, will malls, movie theatres, international food chains like kfc, domino's and shit like that. I can do jobs but businesses are preferred, what businesses can I start? Any ideas? Im doing the online shit like crypto and stocks already and making like 500(maybe) per month. Would love to do some side hustle shit. pic unrelated
main crypto mine karke scamdemic cure kar raha hoon hope i don't get a high electricity bill
You can call me crypto pepe
So I’m the op of #656 basically started in March with 150 usd .. posted on March 31 saying that I made 11k usd ( 9L ) now it’s April 7th and I’m worth roughly 25L ( $33k ). I’ll be posting my gains and losses here till I reach $100k.

Inb4 Larp.. nigger I don’t give a fuck what you broke pajeets think.
The prupose of this is to I guess document my journey. ( I trade on bsc) I’m accumulating so I can put shit tonnes of money in the next cycle.

For further context I’m sub 20 years old. I’ll answer doubts and shit whenever I get on this shitty site.
Mkc discord banalo
Should i start a vending machine business? Will it work in india? Japan has lots of them in the open but in India maybe chuslims would break it. But railway stations will be safe right?
shitcoin hunt
how to find good shitcoins? is there any criterion like low mcap and other things and what do I look in them before investing?
Rate my portfolio please
Poorfag here. Blockfolio is kinda inaccurate but 1.5k ~ is about what I have. Will this be a good way to spend them? Or do I need to make some changes? If so what coins to add/remove? Realistically, is there a way for me to 10x/20x EOY with this portfolio?
Lost all my eth doing a failed transaction. Now i won't be able to do a transaction even if fees die dowm. Fucking kill me.
Its time to stop
DahejAnon, stop teasing us with your crypto gains.

How to convert my BTC to BNB. Trust Wallet dex doesnt work, btc isn't even listed there.
How long do you hold bsc gamble shitcoins??
I randomly saw this shit on /biz/ last night, dropped 15usd and went to sleep. Didn't have any expectations. Woke up, and through sheer dumb luck ended up with 7k usd. I've never earned this much money at once, not even close (poorfag through and through). Now I'm wondering, how long do you usually hold your bsc gambles for? How do you indentify good ones? Please help, wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate.We live in a joint family rn, bad fucking environment, trying to get my mummy and sis out of that place before year end, trying to hit 20lacs before year end and take a loan for the rest.
Legitimate airdrop Iska aaj last din hai. Claim karna hai to karlo. Valid on ETH, BSC, FTM chains
I want to be in crypto but the gobirment is planning to ban it thats why I am not investing. Is the gobirment going to ban crypto or not? Should I invest or not?
Gujjews of dhan please share some good resources to learn everything from terms to reading charts to developing strategies. Im tired of browsing /biz/ and tele because all they do is shill their shitcoins to me
What does this mean?
What are its implications?
to ascend
how do I start with crypto? the wallet that I should use? some fundamentals, useful sites and coins I should buy, or tg groups I should join.

teach me lords. I dont want to live this way.

and is 3000 enough to start?
/DAHEJ/- Dahejanon Eejy Moon Scheme General
Waiting room for dahejanon's next spoonfeed. Get the fuck here we will decipher his crypto speak one retarded braincel at a time.
Retards together, STRONK
If dahej anon helps, wagmi.
Special honorable anon mentions -
The PARX TG group anon
The anon who explained how to PCS
Some signals I got
Buy & Hodl:
SXP for a month
GRT for 2 weeks
Wait a little for YFI to dip and buy and hold till end of the month.
BTC is going to crab for a while and ETH will get stronger against BTC.
This is what those guys tell me, I am not liable if it goes wrong.
Crypto anon again
>>720 I think

Anyways hope you bros got into moonrat.. made my 2 bnb is worth 100 rn... made north of 40L overnight.. is this is even real life
BlowFish - BLOWF
Moon hai kya ?
Kar du YOLO ?
What Crypto To Buy Via WazirX?? (India)
What Crypto To Buy Via WazirX?
🛎️Pump announcement!🛎️

Hello everyone, the next official pump will be scheduled for :

Date : Sunday April 25
Time : 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange : Binance
Advantage : Free for all

With our volumes averaging 70 to 80 million $ per pump and peaks reaching up to 450% we are ready to announce our next big pump. After the previous pump and hours of discussion with our team, we have decided to schedule our next pump in 10 days to make sure that we are fully prepared and ready to provide an amazing pump for all our members. Our main goal for this pump will be to make sure that every single member in our group makes a massive profit. On April 25 we will be pumping again with the same 500%+ target we have mentioned in our previous pumps. This time, we will be taking all the extra and necessary measures to make sure we go past our 500% target. We will also try reaching more than 100 million $ volume in the first few minutes. We are currently in a massive bull market and with our ability to keep creating the most powerful and biggest pumps on Binance, we will take every opportunity we can get. We welcome everyone to join us as we create the next ultimate pump all our traders and investors all over the world have been waiting for.

We have 10 days to prepare for this pump. As mentioned above, we will be targeting at the very least 500%+ profit. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people all across the world to attend this pump and possibly more than a million people across all social medias will be watching. We will be giving out more information about our upcoming pump in the upcoming days, stay tuned!
Bros.. I’m making too much money
I’m making so much fucking money from bsc.. like I made around 9 lakhs in March. Do I have to pay taxes or something ? At what point will my back rat me to the tax man for making money? I’m trying to get atleast 70 by next year so I can buy an apartment. Should I withdraw through my friends to be safe ?
(Not my screenshot btw)
Just takes one hit on nail on the head to set yourself for rest of your life. Be patient and keep rolling the dice, I guess.
DO NOT USE BUYUCOIN, SCAM HAI SALE. scam, withdraw charge fees will fuck you over by charging 50% taking you back to ground zero with no profit. Whatever you do stay away from the lundias running this site and don't believe anything they say.
Yar 1.5x money in little less than a month as a noob, no guidance, after trading gas fees worth of money.
Papa ko bata ke un se ek lakh rupay ka loan le lu?
I have 500Rs right now. Which app should I use to buy crypto and increase my wealth?
My parents are buy me (pic related ) my first laptop in a month or 2 after i get my diploma in enginiggering so bro i dont know shit about mining all i know is that it kills the gpu so for which coin and how should i mine so that i can get atleast 2 lakhs until the laptop dies . Will it be enough to buy a second rig with atleast 50k profit ?