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main crypto mine karke scamdemic cure kar raha hoon hope i don't get a high electricity bill
>No fees >Fast >Scalable Dump your scamcoin faggots and get in here
made a profit of 150 by exiting 1 DRREDDY today yaaron
SWASTIKA Cryptocurrency
>Indian devs with good whitepaper >Professional website >$40k market cap in 1 day.
Waba laba dub dub
Crypto banned. Gg guys.
New to crypto
Hello /dhan/, I am trying to get into crypto, but I have no knowledge on how to actually start doing crypto, any advice regarding that? Is crypto viable to atleast be a backup in case shit happens?
Doge bros...
so I bought some fantom worth 15k rupees on unocoin for swinging at 60 (76.052), now it is at 62(0.80) on wazirx but there is no volume on unocoin. It is now stuck at 57, The fuck do I do now?
Okay bros, help me with this. Im 17, currently in 12th and gonna turn 18 soon. I live in a tier 2 town, will malls, movie theatres, international food chains like kfc, domino's and shit like that. I can do jobs but businesses are preferred, what businesses can I start? Any ideas? Im doing the online shit like crypto and stocks already and making like 500(maybe) per month. Would love to do some side hustle shit. pic unrelated
Ok guys should i go all in with my 500₹ for dogecoin or not its the money which i have been saving from the start of the year mai gareeb hu please give me right advice anons
You can call me crypto pepe
So I’m the op of #656 basically started in March with 150 usd .. posted on March 31 saying that I made 11k usd ( 9L ) now it’s April 7th and I’m worth roughly 25L ( $33k ). I’ll be posting my gains and losses here till I reach $100k.

Inb4 Larp.. nigger I don’t give a fuck what you broke pajeets think.
The prupose of this is to I guess document my journey. ( I trade on bsc) I’m accumulating so I can put shit tonnes of money in the next cycle.

For further context I’m sub 20 years old. I’ll answer doubts and shit whenever I get on this shitty site.
Mkc discord banalo
Should i start a vending machine business? Will it work in india? Japan has lots of them in the open but in India maybe chuslims would break it. But railway stations will be safe right?
why is there a huge difference at times in the liquidity index of a coin vs its price? sometimes there's a huge difference in the prices as well what does it mean and what can you interpret from that? >what is liquidity index it is the price of one coin at a fixed interval. say 30 sec. this is sourced from multiple exchanges and then calculated using some formula, my guess is it's a weighted average.
uniswap v3 launch party
This dude is hellbent on teaching me stuff that i akready fucking know. I like ELI5 when idk shit about the subject but what the fuck is this he literally talks to his audience as if they are brainlets and looking at the comments I feel like they actually are lmao I hate the fact i know he has much more shit up his sleeves but censors himself, plays dumb and cartoony and just gives sadhguru kinda advice that feels good but practical application is faar different from reality... Please suggest better youthoobers like Shashank Udupa level or higher English Hindi National International dont care just tell me people who you really have respect for and dont sell ponzy schemes.
shitcoin hunt
how to find good shitcoins? is there any criterion like low mcap and other things and what do I look in them before investing?
Tiktok zoomers may pump and dump this token
Rate my portfolio please
Poorfag here. Blockfolio is kinda inaccurate but 1.5k ~ is about what I have. Will this be a good way to spend them? Or do I need to make some changes? If so what coins to add/remove? Realistically, is there a way for me to 10x/20x EOY with this portfolio?
your next moon mission listed on coingecko 1 minute ago
Lost all my eth doing a failed transaction. Now i won't be able to do a transaction even if fees die dowm. Fucking kill me.
already spent more than 14k today
>dip >on 3k loss > cool yaar dip time >buy the dip >dip dips more >buy the dipped dip >dipped dip dips more >buy the dipped dipped dip >dipped dipped dip dips more >mfw
>tfw those gas prices will never come back
is the bsc mania over? I have not been able to find a single token going up after april 21.
Its time to stop
DahejAnon, stop teasing us with your crypto gains.

>sign up for coinex (chink exchange) >they ask me to link my number >send OTP >OTP message is from some rummy company asking me to link my Paytm with their rummy The fuck. Anyway that OTP worked.
How to convert my BTC to BNB. Trust Wallet dex doesnt work, btc isn't even listed there.
I opened a fyers broker account in lockdown to invest in stocks but never got to it, now i wish to delete my account as they keep spamming that my balance is -ve everyday. Am i in trouble bros? How do i close my account? I don't even understand what demat means. I called them but they kept bootlicking me to not close my account and just keep paying their fees, when i insisted they made excuse "office closed due to corona, cant do anything, goodluck, bye"
How long do you hold bsc gamble shitcoins??
I randomly saw this shit on /biz/ last night, dropped 15usd and went to sleep. Didn't have any expectations. Woke up, and through sheer dumb luck ended up with 7k usd. I've never earned this much money at once, not even close (poorfag through and through). Now I'm wondering, how long do you usually hold your bsc gambles for? How do you indentify good ones? Please help, wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate.We live in a joint family rn, bad fucking environment, trying to get my mummy and sis out of that place before year end, trying to hit 20lacs before year end and take a loan for the rest.
Legitimate airdrop Iska aaj last din hai. Claim karna hai to karlo. Valid on ETH, BSC, FTM chains
Saare questions ka answer "just join the telegram group here"
Arrey bc telegram group ki link to dedo atleast. Search kar kar ke gaand mar gyi par link nahi mili abhi tak. Please don't make die poor. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Finally gas mere paas kitna eth hai uske under aaya hai. Par ab transaction karne mein alas aa raha hai
$MUMU IDK rug hai ke nai, i have doubled my investment though. Hop in if this is still alive by the time we see the sunlight here in India. Now i am going back to observe charts to pull out my initial investment.
Dent ko dekho lvdo
Madarchod ki odalo dent 2500% phenchod
Dent ko dekho lvdo
Madarchod ki odalo dent 2500% phenchod
I want to be in crypto but the gobirment is planning to ban it thats why I am not investing. Is the gobirment going to ban crypto or not? Should I invest or not?
Paisa hi nahi hai
Yaar paisa hi nahi h lagane k liye kya kru bheem hi maang skta hu ab
Will dogecoin hit 1$ in 2-3 weeks?
MIR pump hua
hello dhanon bhai log! Kya aap sabhi mein se koi TradingView ka istemaal karte hon??? I prolly saw them years back in Bizonacci Looks kaafi cool and flashy but is v complicated to handle
Saalo hajaar rup invest karne h bolo kis coin pe kru?
Kisiko bsc pe airdrop chahiye? Join their discord. Form dropping in 33 minutes
Beginner guide bnado
Ek beginner guide bnao chitiyon Kyoki starting me hume ki ch smjh nyi pdta
Help me frens
Hey I have 500rs to invest tell me what to do I'm new to this.
Gujjews of dhan please share some good resources to learn everything from terms to reading charts to developing strategies. Im tired of browsing /biz/ and tele because all they do is shill their shitcoins to me
BTC dump thread
BTC INR rate is around 40L - 41L right now but the exchanges are still selling them at 47L-48L. exchanges are fucking leeches. these are the times i genuinely think of the times when exchanges were outcasted by the banks. fuck you all exchanges that are artificially and unfairly keeping the price up. fuck. you.
What does this mean?
What are its implications?
if you have spare BNB lying around you should consider buying some fee shares.
don't ask me what it is. i'm going to sleep. also ignore the airdrop tab. that part is useless.
Aliens told me normalfags may pump litecoin next
to ascend
how do I start with crypto? the wallet that I should use? some fundamentals, useful sites and coins I should buy, or tg groups I should join.

teach me lords. I dont want to live this way.

and is 3000 enough to start?
/DAHEJ/- Dahejanon Eejy Moon Scheme General
Waiting room for dahejanon's next spoonfeed. Get the fuck here we will decipher his crypto speak one retarded braincel at a time.
Retards together, STRONK
If dahej anon helps, wagmi.
Special honorable anon mentions -
The PARX TG group anon
The anon who explained how to PCS
Some signals I got
Buy & Hodl:
SXP for a month
GRT for 2 weeks
Wait a little for YFI to dip and buy and hold till end of the month.
BTC is going to crab for a while and ETH will get stronger against BTC.
This is what those guys tell me, I am not liable if it goes wrong.
>nice research and technical analysis kiddo, too bad we will 3x a memecoin and cripple other alts.
An Austrian man named Dietrich Mateschitz once went on a business trip to Thailand and tried a local drink to cure his jet lag. He then took this recipe to Europe and founded a new company to manufacture and sell the drink there. Today Mateschitz is worth $27 billion dollars and the company's name is Red Bull

What did you do during your business trip to Thailand?
Crypto anon again
>>720 I think

Anyways hope you bros got into moonrat.. made my 2 bnb is worth 100 rn... made north of 40L overnight.. is this is even real life
BlowFish - BLOWF
Moon hai kya ?
Kar du YOLO ?
What Crypto To Buy Via WazirX?? (India)
What Crypto To Buy Via WazirX?
$DOGE >100%
🤡 meme market
🛎️Pump announcement!🛎️

Hello everyone, the next official pump will be scheduled for :

Date : Sunday April 25
Time : 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange : Binance
Advantage : Free for all

With our volumes averaging 70 to 80 million $ per pump and peaks reaching up to 450% we are ready to announce our next big pump. After the previous pump and hours of discussion with our team, we have decided to schedule our next pump in 10 days to make sure that we are fully prepared and ready to provide an amazing pump for all our members. Our main goal for this pump will be to make sure that every single member in our group makes a massive profit. On April 25 we will be pumping again with the same 500%+ target we have mentioned in our previous pumps. This time, we will be taking all the extra and necessary measures to make sure we go past our 500% target. We will also try reaching more than 100 million $ volume in the first few minutes. We are currently in a massive bull market and with our ability to keep creating the most powerful and biggest pumps on Binance, we will take every opportunity we can get. We welcome everyone to join us as we create the next ultimate pump all our traders and investors all over the world have been waiting for.

We have 10 days to prepare for this pump. As mentioned above, we will be targeting at the very least 500%+ profit. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people all across the world to attend this pump and possibly more than a million people across all social medias will be watching. We will be giving out more information about our upcoming pump in the upcoming days, stay tuned!
Imagine, the whole US market or even other international markets available on crypto exchange. This will be the bridge between stocks and crypto.
>inb4 lundian gobermint bans this too.
Can we short Reliance stocks?
Guys maybe I am an illiterate faggot with 1 brain cell instead of 2 like you guys, but I wanted to know if... Suppose, we all tried together, I mean all the people on this website, is it possible to short Reliance?
If yes, then how can we do it? If no, then why can't we do it? Please explain this to your economically illiterate faggot Bhrata here, pyare Anons
Eth hard fork
Will i get the new fork version also ? Should i buy eth now ?
>cricket crypto league
What is this supposed to be?
Bros.. I’m making too much money
I’m making so much fucking money from bsc.. like I made around 9 lakhs in March. Do I have to pay taxes or something ? At what point will my back rat me to the tax man for making money? I’m trying to get atleast 70 by next year so I can buy an apartment. Should I withdraw through my friends to be safe ?
(Not my screenshot btw)
Just takes one hit on nail on the head to set yourself for rest of your life. Be patient and keep rolling the dice, I guess.
found something good made by an indian
you might want to get a bag for long term
DO NOT USE BUYUCOIN, SCAM HAI SALE. scam, withdraw charge fees will fuck you over by charging 50% taking you back to ground zero with no profit. Whatever you do stay away from the lundias running this site and don't believe anything they say.
Yar 1.5x money in little less than a month as a noob, no guidance, after trading gas fees worth of money.
Papa ko bata ke un se ek lakh rupay ka loan le lu?
I have 500Rs right now. Which app should I use to buy crypto and increase my wealth?
Which app you faggots use for buying stocks
My parents are buy me (pic related ) my first laptop in a month or 2 after i get my diploma in enginiggering so bro i dont know shit about mining all i know is that it kills the gpu so for which coin and how should i mine so that i can get atleast 2 lakhs until the laptop dies . Will it be enough to buy a second rig with atleast 50k profit ?
Help needed.
So I bought BNB from CoinDCX. I wanted to send it to my wallet on MetaMask(connected to BSC). And I can't move the coins. I want to use BNB on pancakeswap to buy some tokens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
BTC bros, we did it.
Hamara khud ka crypto currency hai yaaro
Based Adani taking back flipkart from waljews
btc general
Where do you buy your btc from? is it exchanges, p2p or some other source? and for exchanges, do you keep the btc on exchanges?
Have 100$ worth stable coin on binance right now. Don't care if i loose it all, name a gem i should put it on for fast 10x
People on /biz/ complain how dollar is becoming inflated and losing its value, yet inr is still losing its value against it. Nice.
What is happening with bnb, how is this possible?
what are the best ways to make a lot of money in India? How do I become middle class to top 0.01% if I'm ready to put in all the effort I can?
4/biz/ and BSChain are solely for pumps and dumps. If you want to make it long term (perhaps even billionaire) I'm dropping some invaluable alpha. You're welcome.
1. Have some capital.
2. Use Vishnu Indicator.
3. Day Trade.
Why isn't there a sticky on this board yet dhanveers?
Do you dream about startups?
I have been in the startup ecosystem for 2 years now and trust me, making money has never been easier.

My former boss got ₹7 Lakh in government grand for showing a PPT file about a product that barely made ₹5000 a month.

Chhattishgarhiya bro here
>inb4 naxal & tribal shit

I just left my job from a well known software dev company with high value clientele
>That nigga's company just imploded due to shitty HR policy making every senior staff leave

I was a digital marketer for this baniya nigga and government just showers you with money for merely existing.

If you are a mediocre level code-monkey you will easily make it in startup ecosystems as long as you know (or know someone) how to sell your ideas to stupid niggas with too much money like bureaucrat babus with targets and wannabe VCs who want to flex in their social circles.
Do you feel that the indian exchanges refuse to pass on the benefits when bitcoin dumps? i was looking to buy some btc in yesterday's dump but it hardly changed in INR value
wtf is memo in wazirx? why won't thi wallet let me transfer 0.07 bnb to metamsk?
Heromotors your thoughts about current situation
IASbhangis ruining things yet again
Is crypto getting banned? Should I get in?
which wallets are safe? is coinbase bad?
do you use apps or sites for trading?
degens, what do you think of ripple as trading opportunity this month? I have a hunch, the alt cycle will begin with xrp blasting off from here