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Anybody here tried escorting? How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

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Food startup discounts

Literally how much money do these apps have to burn? How are discounts like this even possible?

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Hulcul hui, zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua

Hulcul hui [Hulcul hui]
Zara shor hua [Zara shor hua]
Dil chor hua [Dil chor hua]
Teri aor hua [Teri aor hua]

Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua

Hulcul hui, zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua
Hulcul hui, zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua

Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua

Ishq hua aa... haaye..
Ishq hua haaye..

Palkon se hoton tak jo raah nikalti hai
Gujare na wahan se yeh teri galti hai
O.. Palkon se hoton tak jo raah nikalti hai

Ho.. rehte hain ab hum wahan
Ishq hua hi hua
Ho.. Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua

[Hulcul hui, zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua]

Ishq hua.. aa..

Kadmon ko sambhalein
Nazron ka kya karein
Nazron ko sambhalein
To dil ka kya karein
O.. Kadmon ko sambhalein
Nazron ka kya karein

Dil ko sambhale zubaan
Ishq hua hi hua

Aisi chale jab hawa...
Ishq hua hi hua

Hulcul hui, zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua

Hulcul hui [Hulcul hui]
Zara shor hua
Dil chor hua [Dil chor hua]
Teri aor hua
Ishq hua...
Ishq hua..

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fucker zaman

>be me
>be pakistani
>have one chance at life
>get called "fucker"
>dont suspect anything (cuz literacy rate tu damn hi)


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what is your favorite food?

mine is pic related

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Post your own and make fun of others

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IQ Thread

Post your IQ scores

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Sexual reproduction evolved around 500 million years ago, and possibly even older.
None of your ancestors, literally none, from your father to your great^100 grandfather who was a dumb trilobite died a virgin. What is your excuse?

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Gali thread

De do galiya madarchodo, itna hi to aata he

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Where are the good threads? Post something interesting.

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What's your hair like?

Mines the only external marker of potential abbo ancestry.

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pls halp

Anons.. please help me find this song. I heard it somewhere today and I can't get it out of my head. please forgive the noise in the backgrounf it's raining af here.

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I shat myself today

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whats it like to be a subhuman?
inb4: you tell me. im not subhuman

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what happened to this place
i was away for 2 days and i came back to see the board catalog is fucked,a bunch of flaggots here and there
did /int/ raid us again

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Monsoon General

Where is my rain thread?

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Personal map rate thread

Blank are neutral/no data

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My house at 11 at night

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/hoc/ + /cric/ + /rug/

in here lads

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how to increase degeneracy in India?

i want to do jews work in India

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>Spent 40 minutes blowing a retarded NRI cuck journalist the fuck out point by point on his article
>Comments have to be approved to be displayed

For fuck's sake

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Ban all flaggots

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Pehelwaan Thread

Watching sports is for niggers and cumskin ladyboys. Strong men look after themselves. Post your exercise and diet routines /fit/ bros.

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Cric pric suc dic

Crick pricks fuck off already, I don't like seeing flags in here.
Pic related

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Civil War General

ITT we state our plans for if we ever get a comfy civil war started in this cunt.

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anyone else get a really strange autistic vibe from karl rock?
>weird vibe around friends even non-indians
>autistic hand gestures

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stay on topic bhenchods

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When will the cumskins leave? I don't like it here anymore

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Kahin aliens to nahin le Gaye vimaan?

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poem thread

Sunday ho ya Monday
Gand me ghusao dande

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If you're feeling cheeky, get in here

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TFW West Bengali Brahmin

I'm literally more Aryan than Pakis and probably Afghans too. Bow before us you Shudra mutts and we will restore to Aryavarta it's glory and wealth.

Seriously though, this is really funny. For all the Aryan LARP that everyone west of Delhi does, ultimately the most Aryan bunch are ones in the far East.

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Ethnic minority reservations

My ethnic group apparently is more proximate to Chinks than to the rest of you fuckers. Since we are a tiny minority among you mutts, I move that there should be reservations for us in colleges/jobs and elections to ensure us East Asians get a voice in our governance.


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Installing /s/................

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Cute cricketers

Sarah Taylor is best girl

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hi there, tribalists

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New beginnings edition

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Drop a doha

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MFW we BTFO aussies so much that they start shitposting in a dead kolhapuri chappal making board

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Eternal /arse/nal thread

Off season comfy posting

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Theory:There aren't any cumskins on this board

I have seen a South African and an Australian fuck up their proxy switching so far, plus they seem to post in waves with organic local user interaction at other times. In rapidly moving threads they post 40 seconds apart but never both at the same time or 10-20 seconds apart. There's no reason South Africans, Czechoslovakians, Americans and Australians should be shitposting at the same time but they are.

The original thread obviously had someone from here who wanted to spam this place. I think this person is the same as every single flag poster, he's constantly switching proxies. There's also the large number of supposedly Indian posters who seem to miss the point that Indiachan is supposed to be for Indians, not cumskins aspies, they too have similar posting patterns with rapid comments and then total radio silence.

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Bole chudiyan maa ka bhosda
Apni loda fas ni gya tanda rehne seeko chutiyon
Kucho majjedar ni ha iss chan pe bc
Maa ka bhosda bigad gya

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hello my dear bros

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Nicki Minaj

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Why the cumskin hate?

As a Fellow Pajeet, I'm really curious. Cumskins actually are bumping the activity here for good. Some good threads since yesterday. It'll be stale Bimaru vs Lungi drama in absence of cumskins. I like it this way.
Change my mind.

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So this is what a board full of bhangis would look like?

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Watching sports is for weak men, effeminate men. These "men", who by the virtue of their protruding bellies and hoarse, cheeto-laden belligerent shouts can turn a nation into a citizenry that would sell its worth for a can of beer and a jersey, are the lowest of the low, the start of the gentle slope of decline, the mirth of wives, the embarrassment of neighbours, the disappointment of parents, the collective spincter of society.

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Kerala Discussion Thread

This thread is only for മല്ലു മാസ്റ്റർ റേസ്.

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Our work hours should be flipped during summers

Electricity is cheap enough to afford the extra lighting costs that would entail, during the summer months we should sleep during day and work at night. Normal office hours should start from 10PM and end at 5AM.

This would save on tons of air conditioning, reduce the stink of sweat in public transport and be generally a positive change. If we could sleep through the worst of the day it's impact on our health too would be far lower.

Theoretically, is there any negative? I can't find any.

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you now remember /ib/
did it die?

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Raid kaise ho gayi?

Main ise liye kahta ye board Hindi only banao.

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Counter Raid General

Cumskins, you have awoken the elephant

/b/haratas this is where they organized the raid on us

Time to avenge ourselves

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What's wrong with 90 IQ cumskins? Why do they reduce everything to sexual inadequacy?
>You hate LGBT movement
You must be gay
>You hate feminism
You must be virgin
>You hate certain groups
You must be mad those groups are fucking women
>You hate incest
You must really love fucking your sister/mum
>You don't want to legalise pedophilia
You must be secretly wanting to fuck kids
What's wrong with these 90 IQ tards? I've only seen cumskins engage in this Freudian reduction online.

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take the redpill

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>I like anime
>I like asian qts

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redpill me on Chai Wallahs

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Make threads

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Don't be relaxed, they just went to sleep, that's all.

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how much does a Paki beggar charge for a blowjob?

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newfag here

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is brapposting a sport?

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Post em

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Based cricchads

Worked jannies like a fiddle

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pick one

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thoughts on asian females?

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Best chan desu

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have sex

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what the fuck is happening to /b/

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janny's at the moment

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Based jannies