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This place is dead now. Where did everyone migrate to? I fucked off when some fag was spamming CP here last year
Good morning anons, chai pee lo.
Dubai or Hong Kong Which way brown man?
Call and Sexting Avaliable
>>Send your Dick Pics >>Free Demo >>All Proofs Given Call or Whatsapp : 9982638565
Dont worry bhailog. We will surely defeat Namibia, Scotland and Afghanistan. Jai hind, jai sriram.
why these jooz are doing this to us yaaro
This tradthot is so trad that she has done tikka in every god damn pic Very sanskari parents +Hoe daughter = Tradthot
how to join indian military if i have bow legs yrrrr. mine is not that noticeable but still I heard they reject candidates for it. since I have no purpose in life and committing suicide is a paap, I have decided to join the military and fight terrorists in kashmir
We need a Minnasian in India, there randis have had too much fun ignoring men like me with no so good genetics. KILL ALL THE LUNDIAN CHADS AND STACIES.
wtf I love this katua druggie now
Main pakistani banna chahta hooon
>became a shut-in nerd outside of school after 7th class >was an allrounder in school >football captain >class topper >but way too afraid of public speaking or talking to grills cause lack of interaction with humans outside of school >went on a school trip in 10th after clearing ntse >see everyone making out with their girlfrens >felt like a complete loser in life and decided to change myself in 11th >forced myself to make small talks with everyone who i bump into be it a guy or a girl >finally made a gf that too the hottest one in the school >major fucking boost of confidence >went in for student council elections became house captain >started giving speeches in school functions even became a host for one function >then came the season of fall >she broke up with me >i was nowhere near the toppers in school or coaching >became shit in football >time passed, covid happened >rarely attended any zoom classes >shatted in jee, might get some lower branch >have lost all confidence in myself cuz i barely go outside my room and I’ve not spoken with most of my frens irl Is it over for me or can i still go thru any personality development in college
So that's it huh? Covid is over? No more cases. Vaccine done. College started. Life is back on routine?
Is vidrel actually true? I feel like kms
Though I was some hot shit. Went to the college for 2 days and realized I'm at the bottom of the barrel in looks. I look and act like an uncle. I thought being unkept was cool and shit. Guys here keep everything perfect. Their clothes , hair , face etc. And the girls. Omg. There are so many fkin beautiful girls here. I used to like japanese girls but now they look repulsive. Wtf. Why was I stuck inside my room. The world is so beautiful. I don't even want to masturbate to porn now. The girls arenso fkin cute , I feel like gettinf a gf now. Fk.
Men's Fashion Thread
Post your favourite styles.
Self respect? Woh kya hota hai bc?
Any Pakis in ere ? Your men played beautifully and your team deserved the victory. Congratulations 👏 now fuck off , I don't want to see a Pakistani when I'm crying.
>teacher makes announcement on college whatsapp gorup >bhangis spend the next 10-15 min spamming "ok ma'am"
Bimaru masculinity
Even a guy who looks like this can become an actor in bimaruland. Wtf yaar?
Pajeet bros, bobs and vegana made it to hollywood what would we do now
What caste is pillai yaar? Southie bros is she a mallu, i hope so
I have come up with a solution for the coomer/incel problem. As adding a new board to this site is an issue, allow 1 designated /coomcel/ general thread everyday. All threads pertaining to women outside this thread must be removed.
i wonder what sramana be doing rn
The fuck off aditya poster
Are you still here? I miss you and your increasingly creative variations of fuck off aditya filenames how are you doing, fren?
Found a kino NE GF thread while browsing the archives for nostalgia.
This pic reminds me of this board. Kek.
it's over buddy boyos
this is the minimum looks standard to get a gf or wife in the 2020s.
jannies ban all niggerball threads now plx
Cucked Indian cricket team
Chaman chutiyo ki fauj hai Indian cricket team
Incel trait
You want pakistan to win, because it will make the normalfags sad I don't want these retards to have an another opportunity to celebrate
Is pooping once everyday normal? I feel so childish and undignified for having to poop at least once a day. Grown up me only poop when absolutely necessary and usually avoid doing it. How do I achieve this yaaro?
pajeet chintus... i-i.. w-we lost....
Fuck indian cricket team
They took the knee for kikes. I hope Pakistani Aryan chads win
How a black guy was able to become the "Sexiest Man Alive"? Was incel theory wrong? :o
if jannies banned urdufags and deleted all incel threads like tfw no gf or coomer threads the entire chan's quality would skyrocket overnight
Improover thread
How can one improve oneself? Things I've heard help >religion >self-help >allegiance to a cult The only thing that worked for me was not making myself feel guilty for doing things. Fapping isn't inherently bad, doing it excessively is. Watching jewtube isn't bad, watching for too long is. Thoughts?
I just had the best coom of my life, I edged for 2 hours straight, consooming content from all my fetishes - regular porn, bdsm shit, item songs, erotica, incest, hentai, degradation, sadist, snuff, etc.. all culminated in a coom that not only splashed to my face but even to the wall behind me. I doubt actual sex will be this enjoyable. Now I think I'll take a break for weeks. I feel like my pp is too exhausted and won't stand up for few days.
How to watch ind vs pak match for free i don't have hotstar tell asap Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Post your Dark Web Stories
Share your experiences
The fuck off aditya poster
Are you still here? I miss you and your increasingly creative variations of fuck off aditya filenames how are you doing, fren?
Yaaro aaj india vs pak match stream karo
how many mental illnesses do you have?
What's your favorite conspiracy theory? Doesn't have to even be one you believe, just something you find funny or interesting I like the whole technology is just demons thing and it's a way to subvert the king's pact
I don't know why do you guys want a gf so bad. Having a girlfriend is nothing more than a hassle. If you just want to have sex, then go to your nearest randikhana. What's the big deal?
Tell your peepee size please. I'm very insecure about mine. I'll start: 5"2
Yeh randiya transparent saree kyu phenti hai hamesha. No fucking dignity.
Why is this place so dead ? u guys have a life and shit ? Where is everyone ? I know most inchfags left after this chan got raped by zoomer chamaars just feels wrong.
Do you think education in India will ever improve?
do you believe the earth is hollow?
I have a very cringy thought in my mind right now. I'm planning to join dance class hoping to get to touch a girl and feel warmth of her flesh. I don't mind if I am unable to make a girlfriend as I have already lost all the hope but I could at least be near girls and hang out with them, touch them, feel them. And I've seen during dance you get to touch most of her body. This is weird but only way I can have mental sanity.
Paglooooooooooo > Thora sa karr le romance Paglooooooooooo > Thora sa karr le tu dance
Heyy indiachan, white girl here. Why you shitskins are so obsessed with us ??
Reminder: A 30+ year old women are biggest whores of our country. They are tired of their husband and look for attention by wearing slutty blouse and joker make up.
Advertising industry openly promoting whorification of daughter in law. Mother in law is shown to a "cool grandma" who's okay with the fact that her daughter-in-law is presenting herself as a sexy piece of meat to her co-workers. And husband is shown as spineless cuck who doesn't dare to speak up.
Post funny webms
Post it
Based >2,191 dead muslims (official figures) >10,000+ (unofficial figures) >One of the biggest pogroms in history after WW2 >2002 gujrat riots pale in comparison How Assamese are so based? Also why no-one in mainstream media ever talks about it?
अगर किसी बहन के लोड़े ने मेरे देश या हिंदू के बारे में कुछ गलत बोला तो उसकी गांड़ फाड़ दूंगा।
Thoughts on your Local Metro?
What do you think about your city's metro system?
Why don't naarthies completely adopt Hinthi both in writing and speech? I bet your phone is configured to English language. You perhaps even read English newspapers, and go to English language colleges. Be like malayalis who write YouTube comments in Malayalam script unlike you blaady naarthies who use that obnoxious latin written style. You faggots hate English so much so STOP FUCKING USING IT. I assure you 80% of non Tamil Indians can understand hindi just fine. Kannads, Telegites, Mallus, Marathis, and Odiyas have no problem with Hindi.
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer Bachpan ke yaade in moden graphics yaaro
i like southies
How to cope with living alone. How do you stop yourself from going crazy?
post cockli invite if you have it before mods delete this off-topic thread
A company was interested and asked fornmy resume. My resume had just my education info , name and address. No hobbies interest or skills. How fucked am I?
Move on
Sojao anon, nothing's gonna change
At this point bobs and vagene is unironically all I desire in my life
Reminder: Your future wife is probably sucking someone's dick. But don't worry, she'll still be a virgin and your nasty pathetic ego will be satisfied by seeing blood on bedsheet on honeymoon night.
Goodnight y'all. Kal milenge.
I want to do gun tourism yaaron. Guns are banned in this shithole. Has anyone done it?
I want a girlfriend yaaro. I cannot handle lack of intimacy anymore, I'm feeling suicidal. Please help.
Yaaro, shaadi ke baad muje apne biwi ke saath wo sab karne milega jo porn mai ladka ladki ek dusre ke saath karte hai?
yaar look at this trandi
How many extramarital affairs has your mother had?
I have observed something. Most of you here have had a pretty normal life, having a lot of freinds, talking to foids, then what made you end up in this part of indian internet ?
Language survey
>state your mother language and other languages you know
How to learn striling/puling in hindi. This is the only thing holding me back from confidently conversing in Hindi t. Not native speaker
> 30% general population > 32% unreserved seats(after excluding economically weak or femoid reservation) in iits Why can't UC heendus accept they are just not meritorious enough?
I did BuzzFeed's how privileged are you quiz and scored more than 81% of test takers. Maybe being a pajeet incel wageslave with depression is not so bad after all. Feeling blessed yaar.
Small town bros, how did you felt when you moved out of your town to a big city? Did you ever feel insecure in front of city fags being from a small area? Also after socialising with city fags, did you feel you missed out on many things living in a small town instead of a city?
Whats going on anon?
Why does masturbating feel so good? I mean beyond the physical orgasm. I genuinely feel like I'm in heaven when I'm tugging it to my favorite collection of photos. I play some music, edge it for a while and coom before my shower. Perhaps it feels so good because it's my way of coping with not hanging out with a woman idk
join the official indiachan anime stream join now join now >what is this? official indiachan anime stream >why would i want to join? it is fun >ok, i clicked the link now what? enjoy anime
Kalita Supremacy
Why are you banning me chamarizard?
Posting it here because /ent/ is dead
I don't know why people listen to those crappy woke pagchod's shitty ass music when we got these based international level artists Demonic resurrection bloodywood watch this too if you can Sitar metal honourable mention based rap
Is it true that Indians can get a gf in Eastern Europe?
Yaar mujhe bhi ek eastern European gf chahiye. Can incels like me really ascend there?
Wow Yaar vanar sena is so based
Long live Vanar sena, it's still active fighting adharmis
Are Punjabis really the most 'attractive' Indians? Barring a few handpicked Khatris I've barely seen a decent looking pagchod. Haryanvi Jatts look way better unironically and aren't autistic like the average Pagdichod is about their ancestory. Now see, a few Jatts may insult India and the identity but most of them are patriotic. This is in stark contrast to the average Pagdichod.
Nostalgic music
Anons, which songs get you nostalgic?
I am a superior punjabi with genes that are far higher in quality than that of you pajeets keep coping for the nordiid kings while you pajeets rot in your rooms we are superior to you all ,we are equal to the greeks
Why there is a sudden influx of Muslims on /b and /pol? There used to be only 2-3 muslims, but now it seems like majority of users are Muslims (and Christians, atheists). When did this happen?
When will these abdools get genocided in our Country?
white cuties on omegle talk to me yaaar but i just can find the confidence to talk to them bros i get scared nervous and just cant think of what to speak or ask plz help bros need a detailed guide on how to get over this insecurity. PLZ
Final Stage of Grief
There are 5 stages of grief - 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance It seems as if Inbred Muslims have finally reached the final stage. Nice self-realization.
Please help
Screen turns black when I open camera, also when I close it the led stays glowing until I restart. Updated the drivers and scanned for corrupt files, made some changes in registry too but nothing werks Aur koi upaay hai kya dosto? I can reach out to 12th pass tech support bhangis in my town but just wanted to make sure that I've tried every upaay available on internet. One thing I will like to mention is that when I accessed the camera through lenevo vantage, it did work twice for a while only to turn black after sometime. What does this means >inb4 back to /g/ Most of them use loonix from their birth
Whose shares my excitement to relieve the childhood in high definition?
I got China Virus for second time despite being fully vaccinated.