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Chad frens
>Bullied by a gang of rabid bhangis constantly from class 6
>Christcucks so they keep getting promoted with me though they always fail.
>Fight back but it's 4 to 1 so mostly it's just getting beaten up
>Social status is at rock bottom
>First day of class 9
>Take a seat by the window
>Sikh gymrat wants the seat
>Tell him no, he fucks off then but comes back during break
>Guy has really huge muscles, he can just get his way through intimidation usually
>He keeps trying to scare me away, eventually hits me on the shoulder, I swing back though obviously mine is way weaker
>Teenage testosterone was in overdrive, fully expect to get hospitalized if he gets serious once rational brain took over again
>He tells me 'good fight' shakes my hand and walks away.
>Forces the guy behind me to switch during the next class
>Becomes my friend when other people avoided me because of bhangis.

He'd stay in class throughout break too so if I stayed near him bhangis wouldn't bother me. One time we beat them up together(I took one and he mostly took the other three) when they thought they'd found me isolated, was quiet fun.
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How does Indian languages sound to your ears?
Bengali sounds soft and beautiful
Hindustani sounds like a subhuman speak
Hindi sounds like hindustani doing worst job sucking the dick of sanskrit
Telugu has very expressive intonation
Malayalam is like machinegun with syllables as ammo
Tamil honestly sounds ugly. I don't know if it's how they speak or the harsh sounds in their language.
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Why do Tamils always claim that other dravidian languages are dialects of Tamil? Some go even further and claim that every language came from Tamil? Just what is wrong with these lungis?
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eBiz Bhangis on suicide watch.
>yfw you told your lodu friend that it's a scam but he didn't listen.
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How to choose perfect book for your next read?
>my theory is simple garbages won't get wide translation with few exception.
>go to worldcat
>advance search
>keyword: translated
>year: whatever
>audience: non juvenile
>content: fiction
>format: book
>language: english
Share how you choose your next read?
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What are you guys eating for tonight's dinner?
I am making paalak paniir to eat with chapati. Nothing special today.
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>be me
>6'2 ft chadjesh
>aesthetic af with muscles and shit
>decent clothing style as well
>stutter a lot
Di..di...di..did it ever begin for us stuttering fags, anons?
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I've actually never seen a person shitting in the street in India.
I've been here 20 years.
R: 19
please call me based.
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Indian 'academia'
Fuck's sake can't they pay 300-400 rupees on one of those freelancing sites and not submit papers with grammar this shit. The points the guys making are shit and cherry picked to the extreme too but the grammar is triggering me.
R: 8 GET
i lik crik
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Why did I born in this shithole? Why? The shithole where concept of cleanliness is alien. The shithole where everyone is extremely selfish to the point they'll sell their country. The shithole where people are ugly and low IQ.
How do you guys cope with thoughts like this? Please help.
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How is your recent sex life, anon?
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Guru Om Namaha!
Swamiji, can you please decode this blueprint and shed light in my lifeji? Sharanam in Advance.
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Never been to India but I’m sure it smells like shit
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>Slipped on a patch of mud and fell kneeling right in the middle of a road
>Scorpio nearby braked really hard but still hits hard enough to cause a bruise on my arm
>Tfw there was a truck in the other lane, it definitely couldn't have braked fast enough

Is even fate mocking me now? Fucks sake I was this close, this fucking close. Why couldn't the Scorpio driver have poor reflexes?

I've been in two accidents before, both while I was in a car too and both followed this same pattern, a truck slammed into the left side of an ambassador I was in and crumpled up the seat with the impact but I was sitting behind the driver and just got some glass cuts. Another car hit mine coming downhill at a bend, pushing both back wheels out of the road but the bloody thing was 4x4. At this point I think even if I lay on a train track it'll somehow miss me.
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This one is a bit spooky bros.
There are some categories of skeletons found in the Roopkund lake. The medieval era ones are definitely Indians while the more recent ones from the 1800s or so are Greeks and people from Crete. I remember an Indian anon who made a thread on /x/ in 2016 about a bunch of his scary experiences. One of those involved him resting by a lake in the night only to found some skeletons that weren't there earlier on. He retreats into the camp and when he goes back to the lake the next day, they were gone.
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The only good thing about India is Indian food.
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This fuck is this spider man ninja shit.
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What's up with all the foreigners suddenly making videos about India? Are we the easiest people to impress and get more views from? I've seen so many people who've started making videos about India or against Pakistan and within a few months they get at least 100k+ subs and millions of views. Will the gora validation ever end?
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Thoughts on this theory?

While core words like father/mother are seen to have similar words in related languages, that would mean they were created after the concept of marriage took over, instead of communal raising of children. That obviously can't be the beginning of human languages, even when we didn't have marriage we must have communicated to a great degree, we'd hunt with great coordination after all to offset our physical disadvantages.

It's honestly a very interesting theory and it could explain several odd coincidences throughout history, such as the extent of the flood myth or the construction of menhirs everywhere. If these were practices of our ancestors back when we hadn't been divided, perhaps some strands continued to maintain such practices and that's how we have menhirs all across the world? Incidentally, these oddly widespread items have a presence in Americas and across Eurasia but never in Africa, Africans don't have a flood myth nor any menhirs while South Americans do. What if these practices developed in an ancestral population of the whole world after it left Africa?
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R: 19
>Hunter X Hunter
>Steins gate
>Sacred games
>Rick and Morty
>Courage the cowardly dog
>Game of thrones
>Breaking bad
>stranger things
>Shawshank redemption
>Pulp fiction
>Fight club
>Gangs of wasseypur
>The list goes on....

Intellectual: Ben ten was one of the most innovative cartoon shows ever made. Just some facts, no need to be upset. It stomps on everything on that list. Yes it has sold out now but during its run, it was untouchable

R: 41
Yes, I am a women. No, I’m not posting proof.

I’m 19 and I’m an aspiring engineer. I’m gonna try out for FIITJEE the next time scholarship tests are open. I’m dead set on getting a seat in IIT Bombay. Also I want my rank to be under 500, but I'd be more than happy as long as I get a seat in IIT Bombay. Thoughts?
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What do people like this gay ass show?
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A Tamil person said to me today " north Indians have very long names"
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I graduated B.E. Civil Engineering '14. I have spent 4 years as being a NEET. I joined the lowwagecuckery in a roadside quickbite stall past year. I saved upto 50k. I want to get a job in construction industry. Is there any course i could join to improve my skill?
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Why are religious people very sensitive? Why can't they understand the freedom of expression?
I believe all laws that protect religious sentiments and religion itself should be removed.
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Why can't Indian women into fashion? Indian girls always dress up in drab unattractive way possible.
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R: 39
Me watching Sacred games going nuclear and shiet
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Tamil Thread
En tamil bros enge? Northies veliyil ponge.
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Let's say you wake up in old India as an avarna, face immense discrimination and made to do dirty jobs. What will you do? Commit suicide or turn the varna system upside down?
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Online mei india wale broken English kyuu istamal karte hai?
English nahi aathi toh hamra raastra baasha Hindi mei baath kar
Ye gaandu Behenchod launde toh foreigners ke samne hamra izzath mithi mei milathe
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I have fallen hopelessly in love with a fictitious, Scylla girl dressed in twentieth century clothing. Black Alice means everything to me. I know she's just a fictional character and that is what crushes me the most inside. I can no longer really see any other girl, real or otherwise, in the same way as Black Alice. I haven't fapped for about two weeks, porn just doesn't do it for me anymore. I wish I could play MGQ over and over until I fall in a coma and dream about being with my precious Black Alice for the rest of my life. I don't leave my apartment often anyway so we would spend lots of time together and I would pay more attention to her than that fucker Heinrich ever did. We would drink yakult together and we would hunt for Gold together. We would go to the cinema and when the movie was over, some smart mouthed middle schoolers who would have been staring at us would make wise cracks about me playing with dolls, and I would just laugh as my lovely Black Alice eviscerated them with her super powers and turned them into pincushions with her magic! Black Alice would laugh with me and then we would head back home. "I love you, my scylla mistress," I would say, and then I would kiss her lightly on the lips. On the way home, we'd take a walk through the park and maybe stop by a cafe for some yakult. I don't even care about the sex. I could spend the rest of my life with her and not even think about it once because I only care about making my Black Alice happy.
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Yuthub star
What is your opinion on this chutiya?
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Item songs in bollywood
Why is this a thing?
Nepali low IQ niggers are now copying the "trend" and making cringy remix/stolen versions of item songs in their movies now.
Just fucking why?
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anyone else socially excluded in college?

if yes what was it like ?

i used to sit alone all the time and the other students tended to avoid me.

the sometimes they talked, that was only to make fun of me.
but at the end of the year, i started being brutal to them, being mean back and i slapped the shit out of one kid that went out of line, (he was dark skinned and his skin became red).

i am not sure, this experience probably made me become a voluntary loner and volcel at work...

and the irony is i'll never know why i was singled out, i wasn't even ugly, they used to call me handsome and all that
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Movie thread? Anyone
R: 5
Fuck mods Fuck Jannies

R: 4
What stands in the way of our Bharatkhand dream?
R: 30
What brand do you smoke?
>not smoking cigarettes
Were you bullied in school, retarded or perhaps both?
>I-It kills you!
Yes, and? Is life a competition about who lives the longest?
>Y-You get addicted on them!
No you don't, except if you're underage and incapable of smoking in moderation.
>I-Its expensive!!!
Who's forcing you to buy a pack a day, you fucking peat-gavel?
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Bollywood vs Tollywood vs Kollywood
Bollywood vs Tollywood(telugu film industry) vs kollywood(tamil film industry)

We know all of them are shit but which is better?
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I am sleeping early tonight, first step towards fixing my life.
Wish me luck Anons.
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What is your pavorite indian language?

Mereko toh Hyderabadi urdu
R: 3
Apun ko niind nahi aareh. Kya karu? Anime dekneka man nahi. Land ko helicopter jaise girgir gumaathe Nanga nachneka hai.
R: 9
Why don't you fags watch anime?
R: 4
I summon you chamar. Come out
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A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself or @Tor http://2ftgu27lxmjmc3bjlqvzbn4gorx5yku3kylhbsn6g4ggum2e2jgcpoqd.onion/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to you. This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Our website is especially designed to help you tune into yourself, into your cow. Into the possibilities of milky delight that you will discover within you. Each time you visit our website you will understand more, and more will rise up within you in response. Visit our website, again and again. Visit alone, or with your cow. Try whatever appeals to you in the course of your visit and click something new! something different... each time. Then when you are comfortable with everything on our website use is as a wallpaper for your computer, let it become a part of your imagination, a part of you. The possibilities that this website will open are truly limitless.
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Where can I talk to cute Pajeetas online?
As above
R: 3
What is the legal status of porn in India?
R: 13
What are some jobs that won't make me hate my life and instead love it?
R: 10
Every fucking morning
Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah huuuu akbaaaaaaaaaarrrrt
R: 2
Not gonna lie
I am getting used to new changes and this chan has started giving out comfy vibes like Luigi's chan. Am i the only one? Only thing we are missing is nakamahood.
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/stuti/ general- a general dedicated to one of the brightest minds in the world at the moment
>spent only a few months trying to clear competitive exams - cleared every single one while bremen bois still cry about reservation
>recently upped her dancing game and has over 1000 awards
>many interviews per performance
>has legions of fans on kota and many other education centres
>involved in multiple coaching institutes to get different perspectives
>is from a highly prestigious university
>lives in a property her father purchased for six figures cash with her mother
>is from Gujarat the best state of India
>a life long fan of classical dance who should be commended for her loyalty
>wise enough to protect her privacy
>unlike IIT NEETs isn't on the internet 24/7 making cringe 'how to clear jee mains" youtube videos
>has high testosterone as her hairy arms attest
>read the books
>gained IQ
>took a test
>cracked exams
>got a seat in all top medical and engineering colleges
>has amazing taste in books
>spends time with hundreds of white men - secure enough in her heritage to do so
>unironically refers to another man from another race as genius due to said security in her heritage
>knows Gujarat/Rajasthan is the GOAT region of india
>mere mention of her leaves bremen bois seething
>mogs IIT incels into oblivion daily
>mogs white MIT incels into oblivion daily
>parents immensely proud of her success
>tricked a retard fuckboi into trying to meet up for sex, bailed because she went to study for boards
>doesn't care about bhangi media's attention just enjoys humiliating them by letting them know how superior she is
>will do research for our country for FREE to make India better
>not only survives but thrives at being a female student in India
>BTFOs obese NRI manlets daily
Post qt stuti's
Bremen incels stay away
R: 9
What makes pic related so scary?
Made it spoiler so it won't scare any anons
R: 20
you think polyandry (into a family of brothers) could save our traditional culture? Less back impact of people being driven away from their homelands (state/area) while also curbing the population growth to some degree.

>inb4 muh religiousness
well they had polyandry in mahabharata
abrahamics can fuck off
>inb4 muh status, urban swag, something self centered materialistic
don't post here
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Mahabharata character motivations
If you analyze the actions of Krishna and don't accept the explanations for them, he's kind of Machiavellian.

1)He goes with Balaram to Draupadi's Swayamvar, supposedly because he suspects Pandavas will be there and they didn't die in jatugriha. Why did the Pandavas go to such a high profile place when they are supposedly hiding from Duryodhana's assassination attempts? Duryodhana himself was there FFS, it would be beyond retarded to go there unless they expressly intended to get an alliance with Raja Drupad, keeping in mind Krishna's own links with Drupad and Draupadi the design of the Swayamvar too reeks of being aimed specifically at Arjuna(Who, again, Drupad too must think to be dead, if we are to believe the stated facts). Drupad's own defeat at Arjuna's hand would have both cemented his belief in Arjuna's ability and made him hate the Kuru polity, so Krishna knowingly fomented an alliance he knew would prove crucial in a potential civil war.

2)Krishna is the nephew of Kunti, who 'mistakenly' gets Draupadi to marry all 5 brothers instead of Arjuna alone. Before Ashwathama killed him, Yudhisthira's son by Draupadi, the grandson of Raja Drupad was heir apparent. Was this the price of his support to the Pandava cause? Also, Arjuna himself was a warrior and always ran the risk of a battlefield death, a marriage with all 5 brothers however served as security against his death.

3)Krishna gives his Akshahini Sena to Duryodhana but joins Arjuna himself on the condition that he won't fight, ensuring the victor would be grateful to him in case either won.

4)Pancala itself couldn't have looked kindly on the rise of Jarasandha and Magadha, Krishna of course got BTFOd by them and had a grudge, all cope about muh 18 gorillion victories aside. By cooperating with Krishna, Drupada would manage to simultaneously weaken both his powerful neighbours, ensuring an alliance with the northern one would just be the icing on top.

Is it just me or would a Machiavellian Krishna make for a much more logically coherent and interesting story? He had no obligation towards Duryodhana, him giving Duryodhana his soldiers and not fighting himself always seemed a bit odd to me in light of that. After all, he is supposed to be a protector of dharma too and he repeatedly extols why Arjuna should commit fratricide to uphold it, so why wouldn't he take sides if he truly believed in what he said?
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would we have mass shootings had guns be legal in india?
R: 21
Drug stories thread
>Take 6 150mg Waklerts out of curiosity
>Brain explodes, so many threads of thought running in parallel
>Try analyzing myself with my new galaxy brain
>Debate myself out loud, everytime I switch sides its like my whole mindset changes
>Defend myself with my original mindset, enter a different one to attack myself
>Devastating on the attack because I know all my secrets, also ruthless. Keep telling me to kill myself.
>Take objective third party viewpoint and judge the attacking side to have won
>Still can't gather the courage to actually sudoku
R: 12
Would you pay this much for some
Hindi foot humiliation?
R: 9
Aryan homeland theories
>Afanasievo(Siberia) and Yamnaya(Pontic Caspian) are contemporary.
>No IE culture in between in that time period, yet apparently Afanasievo was a colony of Yamnaya, so a bunch of people migrated north east across the entirety of the Eurasian steppes for 3,000 km, for some reason.
>No one thinks this is beyond retarded attempt to keep together a theory that's falling apart piece by piece now, with genetics finally impacting history

Am I the one who's retarded? My own pet theory involves the LGM and IEs seeking shelter further south from the Arctic region, as we already know certain native ethnic groups of Europe did. It's retarded too and suffers serious defects but Kurgan is full of so many holes I have trouble understanding how it's gained such widespread acceptance. Is it just a desire to own the Nordicists?

Incidentally, Arctic coastline from both South Ukraine and Altai are roughly similar if you draw a triangle with a point roughly equidistant from both on the coast. 2,800 km.
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Counting Total Posters
1 Assamese
3 Bengali
2 Tamils
1 Kannadiga
1 Telugu
2 Mallus
3 Maratha
5 Bimarus
3 Abduls
2 Punjabis
2 Unspecified

Total around 25.
R: 9
>Every mallu ever
R: 0
Sikhs are uberchads
Prove me wrong
R: 3
since the redesign, the site has become even more dead lol
R: 25
>Imagine being a young fit 20 yr old whitey and getting dabbed on this hard by a 65 yr old paki man 2 steps away from his death bed
If we indians and pakis actually fight back we can actually fuck up other peoples very easily, trust me i know about it. The only thing standing in our way is the cuck way we were brought up, im honestly thinking we got some inner fighting spirit that everyone else is trying to suppress
R: 12
You favela dwelling taco eating monkeys need to go back. im willing to communicate in your native language for you to go back
there now that we made peace with you subhumans please go away :)
R: 4
How is that practice of bhramhacharya going?
R: 6
>anime girls on top -_-
R: 4
Are seething cringe posters actually based?
R: 15
R/India: we are dankest indian internet community
R/indiaspeaks: you saying something?
R/bakchodi: hold my beer
Indiachan: bhak chutiye
R: 12
Moment you first began hating people
>Class 4
>See a crowd in a corner of the playground
>Push to the center
>There's this crow, it can't fly for some reason
>Everyone is throwing dirt at it, some are throwing pebbles
>Tell a few near me to stop
>They tell me to fuck off
>Get chased away when I don't
>Next class, ask permission to go to the toilet and make for the playground
>Someone poked out one it's eyes
>Broke both wings
>It's still cawing but barely
>Step on it's neck and put it out of its misery
R: 15
Happy Independence Day and Rakhi
I wish you a very happy independence day on behalf of all the mods. Also happy rakhi!
Thank y'all for sticking with this site for so long. Have an awesome day.
Btw, an update is coming soon...

ありがとう ございます。
R: 4
/b/ is now Bakchodi
R: 32
What would you anons if someone came up with Raksha Bandhan themed pornography? Plot would be something along the lines : The sister ties a rakhi to her younger brother and asks for some gift in return but the poor child cannot offer anything. Upon realising his absolute sorry state, he starts crying and the sister tries to convince him but he insists that he has to give her something that would make her happy and then they fuck.
Do you have any better story?
R: 0
Fuck zionist, our leftist elitist fucks and our dhimmi state...reeeeee
Fuck these western Jewish degenerative propagandus. Your thoughts and what we can do about this rights was a mistake.
R: 6
Wtf why isnt poopistan doing anything?
R: 29











> Pic related
R: 2
Please explain me what does bhangi means?
R: 4
Saare Jahan se achcha~

Happy independence day AND raksha Bandhan, anons! What are your plans for today?
R: 10
>All Amitoid 'nationalist' songs are shit
>King Amit realizes this and makes a song written by an ubermensch Bengali BraMan the national anthem
>Amitoids still turn the song to shit with their chamar pronounciation

I swear to god I want to kill all Amits. Fuck you it's bhagyo bidhata, vagya vidhata sounds like a STD. Fuck off to Turkey so you can suck your rapist's balls you degenerate mutts, stop singing the song wrong.
R: 4
>>18169 is based.
R: 2
Ey stupid Indian. Why are you stealing Bhangideshi culture?
R: 8
Historical kino
Post kino historical movies/manga/literature. Pic related is Song of the Long March, only thing written by a foid I've ever enjoyed, even the MC isn't typical le strong foid character but actually nuanced. Wish we had genuine historical fiction, there's some decent Bengali historical short stories but most of them are just romances or dramas set in a historic setting, like Tungabhadhrar Tire.
R: 4
death to all hindus lol
R: 15
How you losed your Vriginity ?
Share the story of losing your virginity on this thread...
R: 6
Incellulla brozzers, saare bolo aameen.
R: 8
Why are Indians and brazilians fighting here?
R: 25
I am the To hum kya kare bahinchod poster, AMA.
R: 69
Bhabhi thread
Post them milkies
R: 4
I'll tell you one truth:

This site has nothing to offer anyone. There is no quality content here that you can not get faster elsewhere. Lurkar here is an addiction that reduces your productivity, ability to concentrate and free time. You are getting bitter, more closed-minded, arrogant and old. Get out now and block this site. There is nothing here but a barbecue in the slow, lonely bathroom.

People don't have discussions around here. Users don't use arguments, they just merge with green text and meme images. No one is interested in the truth; they only care about feeling superior for a moment. the most active posters are jerks who jump from one internet fight to another, with ten tabs open all the time and ensuring they have the last word on them all. A quality post is one in ten thousand, it's like looking for diamonds in the dump.

This place doesn't make you happy. You are not having fun. You are not living stories to tell, learning or growing. Instead you blow your nose every 20 minutes and occasionally get coerced to jerk off because someone posted something that made you stiff. You are addicted to immediate information and social interactions without pressure. This place is slowly poisoning you with misanthropy, narcissism, insecurity and a corrupted view of the world.

I'm not telling you to be yourself. I'm not telling you to go to the world. I'm not even telling you to make friends. Just get out of chan. Do anything else.
R: 7
Haha endians.
Dekho humaree pure Aryan sher qe pillay tumhary fauj ko extra chromosome se harayenge.
R: 26
Indian Economy General- /IEG/
ITT we discuss the state of the Indian economy, various macroeconomic trends, equities and more.

To begin with, the recently released annual budget did not go far enough with reforms which many people and firms were expecting since the BJP solidified its control in the elections.

Economic growth, instead of moving towards the 8 per cent range, seems to be getting more sluggish, although we will likely remain the fastest growing major economy in the world on an annualised basis as China and the US drag each other down in the trade war.

One very interesting thing which would in my opinion be a pretty big boost for the economy (or could backfire spectacularly) is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which is free trade agreement that could be finalised as early as the end of this year.

The RCEP would drastically reduce tariffs for most goods and services between the the countries which form ASEAN and six others, that is, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, it will also lead to easier movement of labour between these countries, potentially opening up opportunities for millions of Indians to move to these countries for higher income jobs over time.
R: 19
This image turns me on so much.
I want to fuck an Indian QT so so bad.
R: 13
>why yes, I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in the course btech, how could you tell?
R: 0
south indian bvll
how is shraddha kapoor so cute ?

R: 3
Arz kiya hai
Kabhi kabhi sochta hoon
Gaur farmaiyega
Kabhi kabhi sochta hoon
Kash main mulla hota
Kam se Kam aaj to wagecuckery se chutti milti
R: 10
Gib jobs Saar. Me iiiz fram bhillage area
R: 43
They're picking up on me and I'm scared.
Joined college 2 weeks ago. I was excited about it because human interaction after an year and a half of isolation, it died out after a week but I tried. I talked with everyone in a good manner, tried to be as chill as I can. Talked with some girls and somehow told a girl that I had a crush on her in just 3 days. That girl then went on to tell every person in the class about this. It is embarrassing for me because now I'm called "tharki" for this. I know it was a bad move but didn't expected this.

On the same day I was talking to some girl who was sitting with a guy from our class. I first try to catch her attention but she didn't notice me according to her so I went on to talk to her with a classmate. After 3 days the guy wanted to talk to me about something and told me you'll never do something like this again. The reason according to him was that I forced her to talk to me. It was escalating to a fight but it died out without it. Thanks to the guy who intervened.

Today another guy messaged me saying he wants to talks to me too when the college opens. I was joking around in the group chat (all the class members are there) and he got offended about something miniscule. The way he was dming me, it sounds like he's a huge narcissist and he will beat my ass for this. He said that "tum bas muse he bakchodi karta ho. Bhaut sahi guru " This was his second last sentence.

Anyways, I'm skinny and suffering from depression for 3 years. I can be bad in picking social cues but I didn't expected people to get this offended. This is the third event which is going to happen to me and it's like some of them just wants to over power me to prove something. The fuck I do? Seems like this isn't going to be the last event and in just 2 weeks I have got this weird reputation.
Also, I'm from Uttar Pradesh. So... there are chances of me getting my ass beaten a lot.