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Bhaiyo ye Rusty humare IP logs toh collect nhi krta?
Bad Genes Bad Genes
What the FUCK is wrong with Indian girls these days? This chick is a mohammaden btw.
why is porn not allowed if site is not registered in India?
RUSTY show your NRI ass and explain why are you social justice warrior we need a good webm board , with adult content bhenchod, this ain't some unkil website for muh sanskar
Clueless soul
>be me, ending year of graduation (2018), cousin sis gets selected in a sarkari bank (PSB) >(she) gets posted in Mumbai, tells me about the experience of working in a bank in a Metro, meanwhile me living in pune at that point, > fell for that banking meme, wasted one year in preparation for that bimaru job, > gets selected a year later, boom covid hits > another year wasted as selection process halted, went to my hometown starts living with my parents and became homesick > bank (PSB) calls me january this year, join on 4th of this month > joined the bank, gets posted to a rural shithole in a bum subhuman Branch > starts living alone in that stupid shithole > get paid 35Ks just to count damn notes (eZ job) > my social life halted ( it was never there to begin with but still), no friends and shit, live alone like a zombie, > 7 months have passed and every weekend I'm all alone and starts regretting about joining this job > be me fucking 24 , no girls near me, still a virgin, no GF and shit >sees my future it's filled with misery How do I cope? I loved living with my parents I want to leave this job but can't as I don't have any fucking options
venting thread
I met up with this Jain classmate to play chess today. I knew beforehand it would be weird but since I am cutting screen time I went in. This fucking commie spewing dogshit weeb rat shit gene nigger and I went on to debate for half an hour. This idiot kept going in circles about how the chamars are oppresed and shit. I explained the history of our races and why oppression is good, tried to explain him about warring culture and peaceful culture. But every single thing went over this commies head. Few minutes into it he tells me he supports the LGBT movement. I tried still to explain why accepting fags would mean accepting the unnatural and ugly, which could have grave consequences on the mind of the common folk. Still nothing. The same circles about injustice and exploitation. At this point I get angry at how stupid his argument is and start hurling insults and abuses and the faggot has the audacity to insult me back. I would have fought him but I had just worked out before coming so I was tired and sleepy. So I hurled another abuse and left. I am sorry InCh for not beating the living dogshit out of this weeb but I promise you if this idiot contacts me again we are fighting
Has any one of you got vaccinated for covid-19? My brother who works for the central government is telling me to get vaccinated but I'm quite hesitant. It's not that I'm an anti-vaxxer; I just don't see much point in getting it. I'm young, seldom go out of the room, let alone the building. I'm also somewhat nervous about the long-term impact of the vaccine. It's seems to be like a massive experiment. I told him these and also that vaccines in India is in short supply and there are people who need more than me, and so I could wait. But he wants me get it. He says that getting vaccinated will allow one to move about more freely and get access to public spaces more easily and make travel easier and convenient. He's right but I'm still confused.
I am in love with Jenna Coleman
What do?
Do you think they are still smashing each other?
How many of you had something similar, yaar i want to know
tell me moreeeeeee
I might probably die. Not even joking. Took covishield today, came home, masturbated in the evening, coomed again few minutes ago, now i check google if cooming effects immunity and it says yes everywhere. Penis hurts bad and i feel sick. Have a history of diseases like asthama. I don't even fucking know any of you but it was good being here. Last two years were great. Haha if i unironically die please remember me as the cringy faggot who originally memed the phrases -Mai ____ chahta hun -Mai ____ hun -____ kaise sambhav hai/Upaay -Bhangi Samaaj -Blaady Heendu -SeePee(also the SeePee General) It's understandable that now you wish me to die a miserable death. That's okay, i guess
Need help serious
I am having these extreme rage and urges to murder lately earlier also it was there but not this much and I used to supress them by watching extremely gore and rape videos. How do I cope with these constant thoughts of killing everyone on my sight? Just yesterday I almost acted my instincts on a child but stopped at the end moment somehow. I'm also not getting any sleep and the few hours I got is due pure rage and sadastic thoughts of gutting some normalfags stomach out. Nothing has worked
is 27 year too old to take admission in mtech in state university without gate? been NEET for 5 years since graduating in 2016 ece branch
dancing pepe
can someone sync this dancing pepe to some funky bhojpuri or some other song like pepe will be too based yaar
Can anyone post a good book or blog post which can help me decide my life path. I want to end my misery today.
Any updates on Lunditya?
How is lunditya going, anyone know? any updates from him recently?
what happened to Alyssa Quinn? she's not in pornhub anymore
Is it just me or eveybody feels ashamed of asking their parents for money? Like my parents have never gifted my anything or even given me pocket money, I mean I do get what I ask for, but sometimes when i see my friends hanging out in expensive cafes where the average item costs 800 rupees, it fucking blows my mind and asking my parents for money makes me feel so guilty and makes me look like a beggar, I literally hate asking them for money. Recently i gathered some courage and told them that I need a thousand rupees to meet up with my friends at a nearby mall, they happily gave the money, but today when i asked them for 500 rupees for my new earphones, they indirectly told me to fuck off arghhhhhhhhh cant wait to get financially independent
>be you >Buys new earphones online >Get the earphones in time >See this on the backside What do ?
Yaaron, I wanted to buy a macbook air/pro M1 but it turns out my parents won't buy it for me....suggest a good laptop under 60k, do not ignore it doston, a fren needs help.
Elephant pepe is much better than stupid blue monkey. Now cope
I found a 4 leafed shamrock
/help me wagie bros/
How exactly do i get good at giving interviews? There are literally no good resources on youtube.
While I was getting vaxxed today, some old hag cut me off when it was my turn and I just stood there like a little bitch. Fucking whore, I hope she gets vaccine related complications.
guys... there's a conspiracy theory brewing in my head...
theres a certain kind of crystallisation in the brain that happens as you get older and it makes it difficult to learn new things or see things from a new perspective i think this is why i cant learn programming bros, its too late. my brain just cant think in that logical manner. programming is probably the most empowering thing an individual can do in the world and im incapable bros how should i cope?
Mujhe ameer logon ko dost banana hai. Ameer log ke bachhe kya karte hain? Kaha milenge?
Antinational Quint tells everyone how to convert black money to white during demonitisation Why aren't they arrested yet yaar ? They should be banned already for treason
Story time
>be me >9th standard >a muslim kid always pisses me off , so one day call him "mulla" >he runs to the teacher to tell her >gaand_phati.jpg >I am Brahmin and use Sharma as my last name (Context for later) >Teacher makes me stand up in front of the whole class and instructs the muslim kid , "Koi baat nahi beta , aap isse Pandit boldo" >mfw he actually says "Pundit" in front of the whole class and every boy in the class starts shouting , "Pundit JI - Pandat" "BAMAN hain" etc. >From that day everyone in the school calls me Pundit Ji i am not even religious but remembering that day still warms my heart
I am an atheist but this edit is sick yaaro.
Topkek just came to know Babitaji said the word bhangi in her youtube vid which caused spicy dicey controversy. Based or not?
Rare pepe / Jaggu thread
You know the drill anon. lost my pepe folder, help an anon out by posting your fav pepes and jaggus
OP Hate thread
ITT we hate on OP
Indian babe going outside with no pants fuck yess
If we keep dividing ourselves in 1000 different ways, it will only be exploited by Wokes, Ambedkarites and Chrislamists In my view, Hindu unity is only possible by breaking caste hierarchy
What do /b/ro's ?
>Be me >Gets new roommate >Is from Chuttar Pradesh Am I in danger ..?? Are they inherently diseased and rapey beasts ? Should I run ?
Many times a question is asked...why south Indians are so advance as compared to North Indians?I think such type of movies are sufficient to answer this cuz they know what type of knowledge should be given to upcoming generations in every possible way.JaiBheem
Result Tomorrow!!
Mera Class 12 CBSE Board 2021 Result Kal Aa Raha Hai. Wish Me Luck Anons :)
my penin is 6.2 inches is that enough
>sorry I don't understand hindi. Can you translate it, please?
Schizo Anon
i do nothing everyday except browsing this bangladeshi chappal making forum in the hope of new threads and watch old movies in flix. Havent slept before 2am in like forever( i wake up at 7am because pitaji ). But i need something to fuel my anger and frustration. Suggest something to learn new yaaro
I want to kill myself. Is this my future? Just wageslaving for peanuts working impossible hours. I am an average student from a lower middle class with no family business. How to cope yaaro.
Olympics General
Chalo, it is the time of the decade when Pajeets all of a sudden get concerned about sports (other than cricket) and start complaining about Indians not scoring any medals despite having a huge population and start blaming schools, governments, genetics, nutrition etc etc Who are you phags rooting for this time? How many medals do you think we'll get?
In many statistical maps, Kerala is an outlier among other states. Do smellus have different genes than the rest of us?
BDSM coaching class
Too Sexy yaar
yaar i finally went outside and it was such a horrible experience. just outside the cafe i went to, a fat aunty (3.5/10) pushed me onto some 5/10 foid but she and everyone around probably thought that i did it on purpose. anyway, avoiding any exchange of looks, i went in. both the computer guy (6/10) and his helper (6/10) were fair skinned and visibly taller than me. the computer guy told me to mail him the pdf, of which i wanted a hard copy. i tried mailing him but the pdf just won't go. everyone behind me got pissed at me for making them wait longer, helper's scowl made me step aside to ease the situation. i later realised that my jio plan expired a few minutes before i left my home. told that guy to download it from the kalej website, i tried explaining him why i can't send him the file but i don't think he was listening as he didn't even took his eyes off screen for once. omw back home i bought two packets of milk. the old bald shopkeeper (3/10) ridiculed me for not mentioning the price of the packet i want along with the number of packets why is everyone so rude anons? or are they rude just to me/ugly people
I am in love with someone i can't have /b/
any married folks here?
pre jio indian interwebz
yaar mujhe bhook lagi hai
What do u anons wish to have? Personally I wish I was a blue-pilled fag living one day at a time. I see these fags around me, happy and content with their lives, with the resources and knowledge they have, just chilling in their own circle. The biggest worry they have is how to enjoy their day to the fullest. While I wake up and can't help and see this chaos around me. I find it hard to share my feelings becoz I can't find people with similar mindset. I tried being dumber by distracting myself a few times but in the end I being in the same spot. It's hard being a purple fag in India.
Hundreds of street vendors secretly found out to be secret millionaires
“IT officials found these secret millionaires saved up and spent more than Rs 37.5 million to buy properties. Several scrap dealers owned at least three cars. Many also bought large swathes of agricultural land in rural areas surrounding Kanpur.”
I'm saD AGAIN dosto
How do I make myself smarter yaar? I heard the brain develops till 25, gimme tips to increase my iq
>tfw no big booba gf to kiss and cuddle with
Salary thread!
Post. Age, gfs, salary, occupation, favourite hobby. >26 >2 till now >28 LPA >Software Engineer >Cooking Let's see if this website is full of incel zoomers or there are some normal people too for the bantz
There is a hidden message in this picture. Find this girl and earn the reward. Original filename: 152327749_754800465141988_4936019130579097003_n.jpg Current findings: 1. By looking at the filename looks like it was downloaded via gallery-dl. Instagram pictures often have filenames like this. 2. The "BOUNCE" branding is clearly visible so maybe this can be a "BOUNCE" ad.
Why are the most holiest Hindu sites (ganges, Varanasi, etc.) so fucking dirty and polluted? Do Hindus have no shame? Show me a temple that is on par with some of the best masjids or churches in the world. How hard is it just to not be filthy?
baarish ho rahi hai yaaro, is mausam me garma garam chut miljaati to maza hi kuch aur hota yaaaar
Pic related is Pseudocerastes urarachnoides. Your eyesight is good enough that you can see it's a snake with a lure that mimicks a spider near rocks, but that's because you are not her intended prey. If you squint your eyes, your vision will blurr and you will only see a spider and rocks. That's all its prey can see: physical things. Likewise, there are snakes that your eyes cannot see, because they prey unto you. But there are ways to improve your vision, and then you start to see them; or, even if they are still invisible to you, you start to notice their movements. That's what the gnostic call hylics (blind to the snake), psychic (able to spot the movements), and pneumatics (able to spot the serpent). If you have a scientific mind, this comment should be enough of a clue to do your own research and start joining the dots. There are cuckoos (parasitic, murdering birds) who lay eggs that are completely different from the ones laid by the parasitized parents. These birds are blind to the differences, so the eggs can be easily (for us) to spot. However, some parasitized birds have an eyesight like ours, so their cuckoos lay eggs that look "almost" the same, but can be spotted with special equipment.
jab aaj mai jee main dene gaya to wha mene females dekhi bohot dino baad yaar achha laga
Chandragupta Maurya Imagine TV 2011
Anyone remember this serial? Woudl telecast every Friday and Saturday on Imagine TV from 9 pm to 10:30 pm . Was /is my favourite show, ever . Best portrayal of Acharya Chanakya ever by Manish Wadhwa , awesome BGMs etc etc. This show unironically made me viraat hindutvabadi when i was 7 yo. This show largely formed by political views and social character. But fucking RaNDTV shut down Imagine TV and this show was never completed, it remained incomplete ,short of 15 episodes from the finale. I still miss the show yaar kya din the wo
Can't sleep
Does this happen to any of you ? I can't seem to fully fall asleep as of lately. I slide into a semi asleep/semi awake state where instead of dreaming I keep thinking or seeing numbers and random figures which does not make the slightest sense but for some reason I can remember clearly when I wake up in the morning. I can't sleep and I can't stop seeing this weird stuff to the point where I'm getting headaches now. Does this happen to any of you ? Am I going crazy ?
Foids are the reason the world is in such a fucked up shape
Not only do foids almost exclusively raise every human that is born in this world, they also encourage dark triad behavior, corruption, bullying, backstabbing, brutal competition etc... I guarantee you most wars and crimes are instigated and encouraged by women. They also encourage a police state and were the fiercest Nazis, communists etc... and literally work against freedom. We could have utopia if women were normal, rational beings who don't jump on the dick of every brutal bully. Imagine if they found honest and good behavior sexy. We could live in a perfect world
>enginiggering student >'haha just complete assignments bro and we'll give you marks' >'copy from everyone else like a fucking monkey we just give these out so you can be burdened and have to work for your marks' >'what does it do in the way of teaching? don't ask unnecessary questions. don't be oversmart or i will call your parents. your seniors were so polite and did everything without question blah blah blah' >'will it help you get a job? of course it will, one guy out of a course of 150 got a wageslave job at a corporate for no reason other than that he completed his assignments on time' no wonder engineering students have a high suicide rate. 3 idiots was bang on the mark i tell ya.
TYBG/Trap music Thread
Leave this fucking site if you dont appreciate trap music
Since I am studying for NDA and I have identity issues I will be henceforth known as NDA Anon
Class 12 CBSE Boards Result 2021
Class 12 CBSE Board Result Date - 25 July 2021 Anons ab kya karu meri gaand Fatt Rahi hai (suicide Matt bolna edgy bane ke liye) >Mfw >10th mein 64% aye the >11th mein point pe pass >12th ke PreBoards mein 5 mein se 3 mein fail
How to know if you have a crush on someone UwU UwU UwU
Haalo frands. I am going to study and shietzz. and then attempt to acquire lats. See you in the evening fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands <3333333333333
Does any anon here have navel fetish? I think I am the only one. Is it normal anons?
IRL shemale traps are fucking hot
How the fuck does this chan have so many tall people despite the users being so low? I have seen at least 4 people claiming to be 5'11"-6'1", 2-3ish people claiming to be 6'2-6'3, 1 guy from UP claiming 6'5" and now a guy on /yoga/ is claiming 6'6". What the actual fuck? I go outside and I rarely see guys above 5'10 despite living in a major city.
Monthly Pepe Lakhan Appreciation thread
Rate my Sindhi girlfriend.
Bengali randis posing
Suggest me some book to read to make sense of the weird dreams I am having.
What is /pol/'s opinion on indian tv series consoomer tradwife?
How do we deal with our women consooming mindless drama?
who gave internet to these animals? my dog eats more calmly than these animals mofos are so repulsive to look at
Anyone else feel incredibly awkward speaking in English? I can type it well enough and speak it perfectly when I'm alone but I can't do it with someone else. Aisa kyu hai yaar
Can anyone understand this video? I don't know what he is talking about? Is the women cheating on him?
Shitty Smellus
I have a grudge against all smellu bois, most of them are perverted assholes who simply act like they are innocent just to attract pussi, fuck you all smellu shitheads.
Subalternism is not limited to caste & religion. It is a state of mind. It is the ugliest thing to exist in this world & destroyer of civilizations. Subalternism would wipe out any semblance of civilization from this land,& make 82s supahpowah in asking bobs & vagene online
if I had a little sister, I'd fuck her all day
slam mlaykum my christian brothers check out my new video on rapscallion indian scammers and how to bleach the insides of desi pussy
>brother >"Where are you from sir" >emojis Why are pajeets like this?
Does InCh bucket bath or shower?
How the fuck can you live among Muslims? I just hate seeing these Arab larpers waddling around with no fear. They should be fucking killed
Mindy kaling
whats her problem?
Starting off the day with some nice beer aap sabka din shub ho
Yaaro are there a lot of differences between bimaru bruhmins and bimaru bhangis, or are all bimarus just bimarus?
Good morning nation! Lets start our day by reflecting on our lives and thinking of ways to improve ourselves. We are one day closer to Akhand Bharatॐ
There are hidden messages in this image. Find them and claim your prize. Chipkali768