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Foids are the reason the world is in such a fucked up shape anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:34:11 314625
Not only do foids almost exclusively raise every human that is born in this world, they also encourage dark triad behavior, corruption, bullying, backstabbing, brutal competition etc... I guarantee you most wars and crimes are instigated and encouraged by women. They also encourage a police state and were the fiercest Nazis, communists etc... and literally work against freedom. We could have utopia if women were normal, rational beings who don't jump on the dick of every brutal bully. Imagine if they found honest and good behavior sexy. We could live in a perfect world
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:35:43 314668 Reply
>>314667 Ignore the bhanglish, I'm sleepy
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:48:05 314680 Reply
>>314667 And? Anon, those are exceptions. Exceptions dont make the rules. Fact of the matter is science is , was and will always be a boys club. Even after so much push and encouragement to wamens for STEM , they still get absolutely destroyed by men. Of course , in the modern weshtern SJW Pheminist atmosphere they will do anything to make wamens look better in science , maybe even dish out nobel prizes to those who do not deserve , but Fact of the matter is , WOMEN WILL NEVER DEFEAT MEN HERE
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 04:51:02 314885 Reply
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 05:12:36 314898 Reply
>>314667 Their director was a man. Also many men have catalogued thousands of stars, none of them get a mention because apparently men don't get the halo effect when they do it but women get it. Also just checked their wikipedo talk page and seems like they have removed many of the male contributions to their endeavors. Also I said to name 10 inventions. None of these are 'inventions', they are discoveries, knowledge about already existing stuff that is continuosly build upon over thousand of contributions and spans centuries. Its midwit take to attribute their findings to one single person or even a group. Inventions are newly created technology, like say Charles Babbage Analytical machine or stuff Nikola Tesla made. Also before you say it Ada didn't create computer programs, she just followed instructions from a paper Babbage wrote. Its pretty retarded to think he would invent a machine he didn't know to operate.
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 05:13:46 314900 Reply
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 05:00:11 314117
>enginiggering student >'haha just complete assignments bro and we'll give you marks' >'copy from everyone else like a fucking monkey we just give these out so you can be burdened and have to work for your marks' >'what does it do in the way of teaching? don't ask unnecessary questions. don't be oversmart or i will call your parents. your seniors were so polite and did everything without question blah blah blah' >'will it help you get a job? of course it will, one guy out of a course of 150 got a wageslave job at a corporate for no reason other than that he completed his assignments on time' no wonder engineering students have a high suicide rate. 3 idiots was bang on the mark i tell ya.
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anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 03:43:18 314867 Reply
>>314120 Wow you're actually supporting enginiggering.
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 03:51:30 314869 Reply
>>314120 >Assignments give your practical knowledge. What a faggy statement. Smartest people in my class copied the assignment and learned practical things on their own. In his own words he told me if college would only leave him alone and let him study.
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 04:57:28 314888 Reply
>>314117i feel you anon, the cope is real
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 04:59:18 314889 Reply
>>314124 agreed
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 05:00:35 314891 Reply
>>314120 nigger the time frame they give to complete assignments are fucked up, only a retard would do his assignments on his own
TYBG/Trap music Thread NDA Anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 19:27:36 314819
Leave this fucking site if you dont appreciate trap music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfi6r3DUbJU
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 19:28:57 314821 Reply
>>314819 Listen to the whole song its fukin based
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 19:30:08 314823 Reply
>>314819 Whole Lotta Red. You mean, the gretaest album of all time.. (On a side note, what about the deluxe bros)
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 19:51:41 314832 Reply
>>314823 Really? For me the best album is Playboi carti by Playboi Carti. Its just next level bro trap bro. idk if that gay vampire has the mental capacity to make albums anymore though. Also check this out, old carti song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOppJ3yG6rU
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:32:45 314846 Reply
>>314832 I like Self titled a lot tbh (no skips) but that's a mixtape not an album. Between Wlr and Die Lit, I like the first one more. Metamorphosis, Rockstar Made, New Tank, stop breathing shit on anything from from Die lit.
anon 07/23/2021 (Fri) 02:40:15 314862 Reply
>>314819 traps are gay
NDA Anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 06:29:41 314175
Since I am studying for NDA and I have identity issues I will be henceforth known as NDA Anon
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 09:56:06 314343 Reply
>>314342 Mai discord pei nahi hun yaar
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 09:58:03 314348 Reply
>>314343 Toh bana le
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 10:03:47 314350 Reply
>>314342 What is your tag dost?
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:09:38 314719 Reply
>>314350 >>314348 >>314343 Tags bhejo bhailog. I am on the InCh discord server
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:18:48 314844 Reply
>>314719 shbh#3486 add me anon-kun
Class 12 CBSE Boards Result 2021 anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:53:43 314687
Class 12 CBSE Board Result Date - 25 July 2021 Anons ab kya karu meri gaand Fatt Rahi hai (suicide Matt bolna edgy bane ke liye) >Mfw >10th mein 64% aye the >11th mein point pe pass >12th ke PreBoards mein 5 mein se 3 mein fail
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 19:57:48 314835 Reply
>>314834 Nice. What does your dad do?
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:00:31 314836 Reply
>>314829 No, it's a Bhanggi school
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:03:24 314838 Reply
>>314760 My school has taken 3 PreBoard 1 offline 2 online, agar online wale PreBoard ke marks lagge toh mein pass toh hoi jau ga..ye sochta rehta hu *_*
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:06:00 314839 Reply
>>314834 Mera school marks de sakta hai mere ko mere school mein mera pura khandaan padha hai....meri respect hai teachers ke beech
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 20:15:20 314842 Reply
>>314835 Buisness which is doing bad right now
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:00:16 314700
How to know if you have a crush on someone UwU UwU UwU
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:29:27 314755 Reply
>>314745 Sorry anon but i have praid to bhagwan Indra and Shiva , more dangerous covid variants are to come and lockdown will go on till 2030 Yawwwrrr chhutti mil jaye to maja hi aajaye yaaaaarrrr
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:29:48 314756 Reply
>>314729 Too sexy yaar >>314735 Nothing uwu
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:35:26 314764 Reply
>>314729 >You complete after this UwU Then you rape her....
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:36:49 314768 Reply
>>314757 bruh wtf based gif, did you make that??
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:38:51 314771 Reply
>>314768 yosh also wrong tag uwu
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 08:22:45 314275
Haalo frands. I am going to study and shietzz. and then attempt to acquire lats. See you in the evening fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands <3333333333333
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 14:23:08 314518 Reply
>>314276 Is NDA worth it?
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 14:24:32 314520 Reply
>>314518 if you want to become a soldier/special force then yeah
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 14:25:30 314521 Reply
>>314520 What a fucking retard
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 14:27:20 314523 Reply
>>314518 worth it yaar makes a man out of you gives you a sense of belonging to a cult of chads
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:05:31 314710 Reply
>>314278 yes sorry 4 that
Fetish anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 13:59:02 314510
Does any anon here have navel fetish? I think I am the only one. Is it normal anons?
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:12:52 314647 Reply
>>314510 i used to, when i was around 10th - 12th. i literally used to fap to women's pics with just the nabhi showing. it just went away on its own after a while.
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:25:05 314656 Reply
>>314591 Over for you Yaaar
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:43:16 314675 Reply
>>314637 Developed isn't the right word. I would say discovered. It all started with hate towards all fetishes, but all that hate gave them my attention. Now, what I think is since I don't have the preference to be dominated one or like to be the sumbissive one, liking foot can work in both criterias. Worshipping (in the second case) or just you know do what I want with them while dominating. Now, I have accepted that it's natural that I like them.
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:03:21 314707 Reply
closest interaction i had with a girl is in class 4 or 5 when i was made to sit between 2 girl as a punishment i had many others too but that was the closest as far as i remember >>i have held hands of my crush cause it was her b.day had to wish her
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:04:50 314709 Reply
>>314707 oops posted in wrong thread
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:44:13 314628
IRL shemale traps are fucking hot
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:46:57 314631 Reply
>>314628 Too Sexy Yaar
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:12:59 314648 Reply
>>314628 > shemale
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:19:14 314651 Reply
>>314628 I wanted to make a thread about this but now I'll just do it here. I want to fuck a person who looks like a cute dude in every way possible, but I wanna fuck his real pussy, not an asshole or an axe wound. Ftms are out of the question because they look like under developed mean and have non manly hips and shoulders. Just this weird fantasy
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:20:54 314652 Reply
Homosexuality is great in theory but not all practical
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:57:41 314693 Reply
>>314651 get a tomboy gf anon. In my experience they usually look like actual nigresses but there's always exceptions
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 06:46:27 314212
How the fuck does this chan have so many tall people despite the users being so low? I have seen at least 4 people claiming to be 5'11"-6'1", 2-3ish people claiming to be 6'2-6'3, 1 guy from UP claiming 6'5" and now a guy on /yoga/ is claiming 6'6". What the actual fuck? I go outside and I rarely see guys above 5'10 despite living in a major city.
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anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 15:53:07 314599 Reply
>>314592 jhant spotted
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 15:56:45 314601 Reply
>>314593 >seething manlet >>314599 Actually I'm a baniya lol.
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:05:28 314607 Reply
>>314599 >tall people are jaats Freudian slip?
anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:27:17 314621 Reply
>>314212 5'10 here,
NDA Anon 07/22/2021 (Thu) 17:54:45 314688 Reply
>>314281 My house has 10 feet doorframes. >>314289 Bro you look stupid. How much you weigh?
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