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meetup threadanonc7b794
10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:52:29179985View ThreadMod
let's plan a meetup
everyone tell which city you're from and we will start from there
myself from pune

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anon1b341810/26/2020 (Mon) 16:13:16180007Mod
Hyderabad, Lundia

anoncb10ac10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:13:38180008Mod
we got 4 punefags

anonc7b79410/26/2020 (Mon) 16:17:24180011Mod
When to meet?

anon3c671210/26/2020 (Mon) 16:22:31180012Mod
sup neighbor, I'm from raebareli

anonfa0ebf10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:23:43180013Mod
Bhangilore, anyone?

10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:09:11180000View ThreadMod
I want to be a übermensch.
anon18ff2210/26/2020 (Mon) 16:10:51180003Mod
holy based

anon4f70fd10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:11:35180004Mod
Based and Untermensch

anon72b26e10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:14:27180010Mod
more like chuttad stench

Anuj YadavAnuj Yadav45dcaa
10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:23:39179975View ThreadMod
I am Anuj Yadav. I studied with this qtpi till 10th grade. ITT , we send your tribute to out godess
anon06cd8f10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:24:52179976Mod
Pathetic cumshot

anon0e990010/26/2020 (Mon) 15:28:25179978Mod
Get a life pajeet

anon2c10fd10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:48:30179981Mod
Isse zyada to mera balgam nikalta hai cheekne pe

anon0adb3510/26/2020 (Mon) 16:07:44179997Mod
>I am Anuj Yadav. I studied with this qtpi till 10th grade. ITT , we send your tribute to out godess

anon71b57e10/26/2020 (Mon) 16:14:14180009Mod
Nice job doxxing me, faggot.

10/26/2020 (Mon) 09:31:22179816View ThreadMod
Why haven't you converted to islam yet? You better have a good excuse seeing the alternative is worshipping cow shit.

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anone415ec10/26/2020 (Mon) 10:14:44179836Mod
get roped faggot

anon1d519510/26/2020 (Mon) 10:22:30179843Mod
I would sooner have Chinese paradrop behind my house than become a muzpig

anon28326f10/26/2020 (Mon) 10:39:04179855Mod
My policy is leaving the barbarianism to the barbarians

anon486d1810/26/2020 (Mon) 11:24:34179899Mod

anon6a9ab010/26/2020 (Mon) 15:52:38179986Mod
converting to christianity is better than pisslam

10/26/2020 (Mon) 12:26:17179928View ThreadMod
Why do south lundyians have hellishly complicated names like Padinjarethalakal Mutthugopadhayswami? I mean seriously just kill yourselves.

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anonfa44cb10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:01:22179969Mod
had you had half the brain your paan chewing goat fucking grandfather had, you would've realized that subrahmanian is a tamil name whereas subrahmanya is more prevalant in telugu-speaking states. stop fantasizing about ploughing your mother-in-law's paan riddled cunt and take some time to think you fucking bihari

anonde6a6610/26/2020 (Mon) 15:06:21179970Mod
This is the name of the place they're from most likely. Politicians tend to use their native place names along with them just edapadi palaniswamy is from edapadi and pinarayi vijayan is from pinarayi.

anon31849e10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:26:37179977Mod
I'm not a Bimaru, seethe more onge

anonceeb0710/26/2020 (Mon) 15:49:06179982Mod
Because they hindpoos and unlike chad south indian christians such as myself they have shitty hindpoo names

anon6fb84510/26/2020 (Mon) 15:51:21179984Mod

10/26/2020 (Mon) 07:07:46179762View ThreadMod
In 2392 BC, India was invaded by Aryan subhumans. INDRA, the Aryan God, was an arrogant whiToid who was killing black people. Then, arose a BULL, by the name of KRISHNA, his name literally meaning "BLACK" to describe his BLACK BULL nature, he slayed the whTe scum in battle and made the Aryan God, Indra to bow down to him and submit. He also married the whitest girl, Radha and made the glorious INDIC UBERMENSCH race.

We all know that the BLACK lands of India and Europe were invaded by Aryans, who raped the native populace and now their mutt children became the Indo-Aryans and Europeans.

However, in India the BLACK race resisted, and became the Afro-Dravidian übermensch.

Krishna, a BLACK man, slayed the Aryan warmongerer Indra and made him submit. This is why in India they still worship him as the supreme lord and they worship the BLACK penis (Shivalingam).

2000 years later, the whiTe gayreeks attacked the black nation of India. White armies had conquered Persia, Israel, AFRIKA and many other bull nations, India was the last stand against the wh-te race. Then arose another BLACK BULL by the name of CHADragupta who defeated the whTes as a payback for invading black countries.

Another 1000 years later, the wh7te Huns invaded India again, rose another black BVLL by the name of SKANDAGUPTA who btfo'd whites again.

Sadly, the nefarious plans of the whites had succeeded in 1857 as it seemed the black nation of India had finally been defeated, but then it wasn't over because the black übermesnch in India refused to give up. Rose another BLACK BVLL by the name of Mohaneo Jamaland Gandhi. He triggered whiTes with the power of his mere speech.

Now the black Indians are being imported en masse in San Francisco where they're surrounded by wh-Te Mexican immigrants. The Indians might fight to end this accursed race for once and for all

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anonde219110/26/2020 (Mon) 09:28:13179814Mod
Ok abo

anon8c7c1510/26/2020 (Mon) 10:17:42179840Mod
fuckoff to /pol/ with your abbo tier baits. else rope

anon1c852d10/26/2020 (Mon) 11:18:07179887Mod
Massive cope

anon1c852d10/26/2020 (Mon) 11:18:39179889Mod
Brahmins have converged even the whites of America and Russia to Hinduism

anon27cadf10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:51:21179983Mod
pajeet coping because he can't use a toilet

10/26/2020 (Mon) 08:26:15179785View ThreadMod
The trailer looks so shit, imagine the game. Absolute State.

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anon82a9eb10/26/2020 (Mon) 14:54:15179966Mod
Do any of them look Indian to you LMAO ? This is what's wrong with pajeets. That is obviously the trailer for some other game and some jiobhangi uploaded it to gain views. Jio really was a fucking mistake. Pajeets should stay off the internet

anon71abc910/26/2020 (Mon) 15:08:22179972Mod
The trailer is from the battle royale mode of Battlefield 5.

anonbfb35210/26/2020 (Mon) 15:20:27179973Mod

anon324cdb10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:42:08179979Mod
I hate Jio passionately for disrupting and killing off competition and for giving millions of boomers and doomers an outlet to expose the nastiest and dirtiest aspect of our country, the later will inevitably happen even without Jio. It's just unfortunate that it happen in our generation. Hope they become cultured soon.

anon324cdb10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:42:38179980Mod
*disrupting the market

10/26/2020 (Mon) 12:46:46179936View ThreadMod
Where can I find a weeb gf who cosplays in lundia?

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Shigetsu #7BQk+7229fbb10/26/2020 (Mon) 14:53:17179965Mod
There you go. The popular ones:

anon229fbb10/26/2020 (Mon) 14:54:46179967Mod
Correct: its\misa\
Remove slashes

anon229fbb10/26/2020 (Mon) 14:55:18179968Mod
What a retarded formatting system

anon06946810/26/2020 (Mon) 15:08:06179971Mod
man these all are just twitter liberandus,fuck

anon635c2d10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:22:52179974Mod
Yeah not one babe among them

Hindi songs sucks assanon1e9163
10/26/2020 (Mon) 11:55:25179909View ThreadMod
Sorry to break it to you, hindi songs are fake soul songs, literally every one of them, all mimic ghazal genre, which is a literal snoozefest, outside of cow belt (and old people), no one actually like ghazal, cringiest genre ever.

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anon326a1410/26/2020 (Mon) 13:57:18179954Mod
yo wassup niggerino?

anon4ed95010/26/2020 (Mon) 13:59:10179955Mod
I only listen to chad's speeches.


anon570f9310/26/2020 (Mon) 14:05:44179958Mod
Whats up with boomers and daru/beer jokes even my dad keeps sharing beer jokes with his friends when he himself as far as i know never drank beer in his life

anonbfa74010/26/2020 (Mon) 14:31:02179962Mod
It's edgecore for boomers and zoomers because we live in a trad society

anon41a82310/26/2020 (Mon) 14:33:07179963Mod

10/26/2020 (Mon) 11:53:19179908View ThreadMod
It's depressing how bad our reputation is
Every social site gets ruined by Indias
even literal Africans don't ruin things like Indians do
we should just nuke the entire north man

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anon43e5b010/26/2020 (Mon) 11:57:02179913Mod
>caring about online "reputation"
Just stop spending all your time on the Internet insecure faggot

anon45a6ff10/26/2020 (Mon) 11:57:02179914Mod
I mean every single problem of India comes from north. Every one of them. Even partition is a North thing. Good god

anonb39b5d10/26/2020 (Mon) 12:03:51179918Mod
maa chuda OP maa chuda

anon0691e610/26/2020 (Mon) 12:06:44179919Mod
i wouldnt care if you killed yourself either

anon81501110/26/2020 (Mon) 14:01:40179956Mod
stop whining and be better you turbonigger

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