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10/23/2020 (Fri) 10:20:197195Mod
God I love echidna. She's so perfect I bet her pubes look just like her stupid eyelashes I want to put my face in her wonderful hairy pubes FUCK FUCK I literally can't forgive the fact that I'll never get to use her lap as a pillow and when I sleep on them I want to wake up every day to her playing with my hair in her stupid sexy dress I'll shove my face under her dress as she embarrassingly tells me to stop and start sniffing but she forces me out to have tea instead and I'll drink it god I'll drink her delicious looking body fluids every day for the rest of my miserable fucking life as long as I get to be with her and when I ask for milk in my tea she'll smile and I'd take her tits out and start squeezing her delicious sweet fucking tiddy juice into the tea and I'll say forget the tea FUCK I'll put my face right up in her nipples so she can caress my face as she giggles and says 'Aka-chan mitai' as I desperately suck on her beautiful plump nipples and suck out her delicious body fluids and when I'm filled up we'll have perfect sex all the fucking time. I'm so lucky she's not real holy fuck because if she was real I would literally not talk to a woman ever again because I'd be too busy licking echidna's feet all the fucking time. Why is she so perfect oh my god god I wanna bust a big fat nut in echidna's hot witchy gut! FUCK
anonce1e7910/23/2020 (Fri) 13:46:547203Mod
fuck echidna
all my niggas hate echidna

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