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Lain has now officially become a public domain characteranon10/07/2019 (Wed) 11:32:351118Reply
"20 years may have passed since the premiere of the seminal Serial Experiments Lain, but fans haven’t stopped loving Lain – not one bit, especially as the series only gets more and more relevant in today’s world. Faced with such fan support, NBC Universal has taken the unprecedented decision to hand over their intellectual property almost entirely to fans – making Social Experiments Lain, as they describe it, ‘open source’ under the moniker Time To Live."…/
anon10/07/2019 (Wed) 11:54:191119Reply
is this anime good?
watched an episode while back was ok does it get better? do you recommend it?
anon10/07/2019 (Wed) 13:44:511120Reply
You tell me
I think the appeal will be lost if you are not a fan of cyberpunk/hacker culture. Hence why many normalfags find the show to be 'emperor's new clothes of anime'.


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