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Anime recommendations #2741 anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 03:39:44 10603
What are some anime deemed as art? I watch the seasonal anime and feel as if I've wasted my time. I consider Death Note as something worthwhile as its dead serious(mostly). Someone had recommended Berserk, stating that its art but, I found it mediocre(Manga was 100x better).
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 05:22:18 10604 Reply
>>10603 Attack on Titan, one punch man and kaguya-sama love is war
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 05:37:28 10605 Reply
>death note uh oh
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 08:43:51 10611 Reply
>>10604 Lol. Normie fag cartoons.
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 08:44:47 10612 Reply
>>10603 "Anime is art".... Lol zoom zoom
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:13:21 10613 Reply
>>10603 only few chinese cartoons are considered good, rest are just abominations
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 11:33:48 10614 Reply
>>10611 All 3 of them are anime of the century contenders that's why they are popular
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 13:44:33 10615 Reply
>>10614 Is the newer generation getting dumber or I'm getting old?
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 16:43:45 10616 Reply
>>10605 >t.lolifapper
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 17:51:59 10618 Reply
>>10603 >What are some anime deemed as art? Memories Neo-Tokyo Midori Devilman: Birth, Demon Bird, and Amon Apocalypse The Devil Lady Perfect Blue Ninja Scroll Vampire Hunter D Shigurui Serial Experiments Lain Texhnolyze Hellsing Ultimate Genocyber Angel Cop Violence Jack: Evil town, Hell's wind, and Slum king Shiki Elfen Lied
anon 05/10/2021 (Mon) 19:31:30 10619 Reply
>>10618 Thank you! Finally someone who understands english.
anon 05/11/2021 (Tue) 04:35:21 10622 Reply
>>10603 >Someone had recommended Berserk, stating that its art but, I found it mediocre(Manga was 100x better). Chutiya normie retard, voh manga ke baare mein hi baat kar raha tha.
anon 05/11/2021 (Tue) 08:30:08 10630 Reply
>>10604 >one punch man seriously, why tf everyone keeps recommending this garbage
anon 05/11/2021 (Tue) 08:57:36 10631 Reply
>>10630 It's just this one bhanghi who has seen a grand total of 5 anime
anon 05/11/2021 (Tue) 09:23:30 10632 Reply
>>10603 Ergo proxy is pretty good Deadman wonderland Hunter x hunter Devilman crybaby
anon 05/11/2021 (Tue) 18:57:33 10637 Reply
why do yaall'd'dstve people seem to forget about hibari kun?!?
anon 05/12/2021 (Wed) 07:16:18 10638 Reply
>>10603 Hinamatsuri
anon 05/12/2021 (Wed) 20:10:03 10640 Reply
>>10603 What do you consider 'art'? Is including rape and gore for the sake of the shock factor considered 'art'? Or purposely being abtruse and using flashy animations for the sake of being avant garde? Among seasonal shit this season, I can only think of Odd Taxi being 'art'. But it doesn't have the obnoxious shoved rape back story like anothe harem anime this season not it even has cute girl, the main appeal of anime but instead feature talking animals. Its more a slow paced mixture of SOL and mystery.
anon 06/06/2021 (Sun) 22:03:52 10958 Reply
>>10603 Redline >>10604 >Attack on Titian only the 3 seasons and OVAs by WIT studio
anon 06/07/2021 (Mon) 10:40:09 10962 Reply
Steins;Gate is just as good as Death Note except for the start being a bit relatively slow but having a better second and third parts than Death Note.
anon 06/07/2021 (Mon) 13:16:19 10965 Reply
How about Samurai Champloo? I discovered about Nujabes and his music style via this show
anon 06/10/2021 (Thu) 05:41:27 10974 Reply
anon 06/12/2021 (Sat) 10:20:41 10993 Reply
literally everyone here is wrong, doraemon is best anime of all time.
anon 06/12/2021 (Sat) 15:29:18 10995 Reply
anon 06/12/2021 (Sat) 18:34:13 10998 Reply
>>10995 KochiKame Fight me chamaar
anon 06/13/2021 (Sun) 05:40:40 10999 Reply
>>10993 >>10995 >>10998 Bhangimon, Shitchan and Cuckikame have got nothing on Lucky Man.
anon 06/16/2021 (Wed) 06:16:56 11019 Reply
>>10618 Can you please share the link to Midori and King on MAL/Anilist or something? I cannot find it.
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