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Indiachan stream #2
hello my friends
this is a general thread for (un)official indiachan anime stream
Who is this girl?
I don't think a more soulful Anime exists. DB(Z) is the epitome of manliness, action and SoVL. The music in early episodes, the sky, the characters.
Recommend some old school generic psychological thriller manga/anime like Kaiji, Akagi, Liar Gane, One Outs, etc.
CATAIN AJIT VADAKAYIL'S thoughts on naruto >Naruto is for the thinking type teens . Instead of witches and wands there are Ninjas and Shinobis >It has a expansive cast of characters that grow and change over time. Both heroes and villains have their limitations and signature moves. Their battles and powers are creative >There are no slow spots with unpredictable twists and turns and finger chewing suspense. Side stories are well woven to the main plot of ninja Naruto’s quest for honour So this is the future if anigay huh...
indian anime forum its back up! nihal mittal has proved he is better than srijan once again
Show me a better artwork of Shri Krishna than this.

PS : You Can't.
Why you guys only talk about japaneese cartoons. Talk about indian ones too like shinchan and Doraemon. Make in india 🇳🇪🇳🇪
What's your fav anime movie?
Mine 5 cm per sec. The whole long distance relationship was good and the ending summarised the plot perfectly. The only problem was the characters were kids. This made me cringe for a while. why do Japanis people do this. Fucking up a good mature plot by including kid characters.
yaar i'm feeling like shit pls recommend me a good anime [prefer comedy ones] pic not related
So what happened to that Moegataku faggot? His jewtoob channel is nowhere to be found.
Koi aisa anime batao jisko dekh ke rona aaye
>MAHABHARATA is like an anime bro
>try to watch anime >has high school romance >get reminded i will never experience teenage love >mfw
Lain > all franchises combined
The adventures of Rickita and Morteen. IMBD 4.8/5
Post your waifu
How come this tranny is a celebrated villain among normies. Nothing about him is badass
Welcome to the Nhk
Hated this show very much not because it was badly written but made me remind so much of myself. Cried every episode
how to buy fumo plushies in India
Normie here
Are there any good discord servers for the Indian Anime community? PS: The captcha sucks
Newfag here
Any anime fans that live in Mumbai
hentai & doujinshi anons ! helb !
i am this anon >>303212 , pls share doujins / hentai of >(pic related) thanks in advance
Why is this mangay so popular among redditors?
Chusingura 46+1 S
Chusingura 46+1 S, anyone ever played this ? i dont play games at all, this is my first visual novel game after i quit doki doki lit. thoughts anons !
Waifu thread
Who was your first waifu? Mine was pic rel
She is from Naga Hills
VN Thread
Any VN you are playing right now? Right now I am playing Everlasting Summer which is made by Russiajins and art looks kind of Gaijin Doujin tier. I would love to get into Japanese VNs but I am a filthy phone poster and I know no site that gives free APKs of popular doujins.
Why is animation outside Japan declining?
Just looked at the chara models for the sequels to ben 10 they made and wtf is this shit. Latest design looks so utterly shit, its like its intentional. Kid-Adolescent the art changed but it remained nice. Gwen got a lot hotter, god Gwen got so hot. Animators and artists who came up with latest design should be beheaded isis style inshallah.
Anyone else play Paladins?
why tf is this anime so popular ? it has no plot , no progression in the story line & has bland characters. did people watch 2 seasons just to stare at shidare hotaru ? i mean the character looks fine but, nothing about it is so appealing that one would continue to come back for more. what a waste of time this was ...yare yare
Yaaro what was your experience in raping picrel's moms at your local randikhana? Also how is the spinoff of Full Metal Panic? the one they call Fumoffu i guess.
Never forget
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Based or cringe?, I found it fun tbh.
Anime recommendations #2741
What are some anime deemed as art? I watch the seasonal anime and feel as if I've wasted my time. I consider Death Note as something worthwhile as its dead serious(mostly). Someone had recommended Berserk, stating that its art but, I found it mediocre(Manga was 100x better).
What do you think about the current arc?
I don't think they'll get successful in this quest.
Berserk will remain unfinished
Yaar i was being a retard and saw a major spoiler for an anime i am watching iss samasya ka kya upaay hai can any of you bhangis hypnotize me and make me forget it
Why nipoids love their shotashit so much? Many a good hentai ruined by just inserting shotashit.
Whose backstory is more tragic? Levi, eren or zeke?
Girl Alone
based game to cope with loneliness. thank me later.
Burning kabaddi
Wasn't expecting much but this is pretty good, not bad at all
What are your thoughts on the one punch man anime, manga and webcomic?
The people (researchers) of the future in attack on titan , if they somehow reverse engineer ymir's way of making titans in the path and somehow [ we can see a new tree grow in the leaks , the titans didn't disappear.] figure out how to make a weaker harmless version of them with remote controllable brains and artificial spines ; they can effortlessly set up colonies in the neighbouring planets as these "bio robots" don't need to eat or breathe to survive. ( Which will drastically cut down money needed for food supplies and energy requirements
Why are light novels in general so shit? I was of the assumption it being a literary genre would be of higher quality than visual genre like how it is in here and in west and all but damn even manga original harem romcomshit are of higher quality than LN original drama shit.
Difference between 3 Chink subspecies
Why is nip media so much more mature than gook or chink? Was reading a chink knockoff of oreimo right now and it does the wish fulfillment parts well, chink kirino is actually likable for example but the MC is such a manlet rage faggot. He literally never tries to calm down situations and of course despite being an average wagecuck he can beat up multiple gang members because he fought in school(Lmao). In one scene, his sister is watching his porn and he wants to beat up the porn star for some reason, though he realizes it wouldn't actually fix anything. Gooks otoh are absolutely fixated on le revenge, all their mcs are wronged in the past so they become chads to fix that. Lookism for example. Even their NTR porn MCs get detailed backstories about how their mothers were the city bus so they turned up the way they are. And neither ever has ugly characters. On the topic of NTR, nothing beats the fat old man trope. But for gooks even NTR protags have to be 20 something bodybuilders with kpop faces.

Nips have their own issues but Korean or Chinese media is basically India tier. Even if I understand China because of censor BS why the fuck do the richfags in Korea not have better taste? Their people love nip media despite hating nips so its obvious the market is there, why are gook authors so shit that they can't take it?
So I heard this show completely flubbed the ending. Can anyone give me spoilers of it?
I always thought Attack on Brainlets was an overrated shlocky melodramatic show. So I stopped following it after a few episodes but i hear the ending completely exposed how big of a hack the manga author is. I am too lazy to read it all on their wikipage but would like to know what went wrong from people who followed it here.
Video Gaymes
Video Gaymes board when?
why does every weebaoo have a superiority complex and consider watching one piece/naruto an achievement?
IIT Post your first OTP
How can Western 'literature' even compete?
Nips says no to hollyjews Based?
>Best girl this season is a literal spider 3d isn't even competing in the same league. God I want an arachne gf so much.
watched one episode of Aho Girl
what in the actual fuck japan is fucking weird maybe the americans got it right back in ww2
recommend me any anime with a politically left leaning message
Waba laba dub dub
Akb48 is anime. I love 2008 akb. Wish girls stop white washing their face.
hitori no shita
i watched the first 2 seasons of the anime & after that i am unable to find anything new on it. S3 was supposed to air but i cant find it , i fear it would be in chinese without sub. any anons who are up to date on this anime ? i watched this anime a long time ago & after finishing hozuki no Reitetsu ( watching rn) i want to go back to this anime
Losing interest in weebshit
Been almost 2 years since I last watched or read anything and nothing new looks appealing either. Any other anon know this feel?
Girl Alone
based game to cope with loneliness. thank me later.
>Search for snk hentai >50% of frontpage is Levi/Eren What did they mean by this?
what are some inch approved animes
Which is the best anime and why is it Gintama?
India me aise cosplay wali randi kyu nahi hai
Did saekano/oregairu effectively end romcom school harems?
They're the last popular old school harems I can think of, every harem popular since then has been isekai. Quality wise both were definitely a cut above the earlier ones. Do they represent a ceiling for similar romcoms?
How come this sub-standard monster hunting manga with an even shittier anime adaptation managed to get adapted into a game?
The Captain Levi Ackermann of cricket
Honda Yamaha Shitzuki Kawasaki yeh Honda Yamaha Shitzuki Kawasaki yeh bike-a bike-a bike-a bike-a yeh Yamaha is the best
Why do normies like this? What's so good about it? It feels like complete trash to me.
Gundam Thread
What was the first one you watched? What's your favourite? The first one I watched was Gundam 00 and also my favourite.
Would Fast and Furious actually be loved by a lot more people if it was an anime? I mean, it's already an equivalent of live action shounen anime.
>tfw no sanghi anime gf
Mujhe support kar do pyaare Anons
achhi hentai ka link dedo!!!
Modern anime
I dont understand why people like today's anime. Its literal escapism to an almost sorry form. It dosent even try to hide it. The isekai stuff again is a kind of jab at the modern anime watchers who are just looking for an excuse to not commit sudoku. Don't you guys feel you're intelligent is being insulted. And what's with fucking plebbitors hiding thier degeneracy with irony. They stay stuff like *hentai is art lulz*. Fuck off virgin.
>Legend of the Galactic Mary sues
why is this overrated show so fucking popular?
After all the faggotry with the new boards, /a/ continues to be the best board on this shithole chan and makes newfags seethe.
Motivational Manga Pictures/Wallpapers
Any other based motivational manga pictures like this?
Change my mind...
Death note became boring after episode 26.
>Son dies
>Mom says she wants to forget him
>This is the neurotypical response

I thought 4chan was memeing but are e asians genuinely soulless? This is kenya/somalia tier sentimentality about the life of your own offspring, is this is genuinely what normal everyday nip mothers say once their son dies?
Based yaar
>portraying Lord Shiva as a anime boy
kek what could go wrong
According to you
What's the greatest opinion of all time
Is he gay?
Why didn't he spend his free time having sex and breeding as many women as possible with his superior seed? For Mikasa it is understandable because it would be a big loss for survey corps to have a soldier like her be on the sidelines for atleast 9 months but Levi has no such excuse. For an anime that gets praised so much for being well written, this is a big question mark. And nobody has ever suggested Levi to have babies even after knowing his baby could easily be the next "humanity's strongest soldier" because of his Ackerman lineage. Plus the fact that there's only two known Ackermans left makes it even more stupid to never talk about this issue. I hope this pays off in one of the later episodes where they reveal that Levi is gay and everyone but the audience knew that otherwise this whole thing is a big hole in isayama's plot
>interrupting great episode of a great anime because of a 4.6 Richter scale earthquake
why do japs do this?
> shinji i am not sorry that I have neglected you all of my life to reincarnate my dead wife because of my screw up
> Get in the robot
> No fuck you
> Get in the robot shinji
> ok
> Hello I am orange haired narcisistic bitch
> Hello I am your mother's clone with blue hair
> repeat for 20 eps
> Shinji now gay
> Gay guy dies or something
> Beeeg robot fight
> World turns into orange juice
> have sex with mom or something
> beeeg mommy dead
> robot in orbit
> strangle orange haired bitch
> the end
Coin time
Camie thread - My Hero Academia
Hi, so I decided to watch some mind blowing epic anime. Next thing I did was to type "mind blowing anime reddit" in the search bar. After mining several reddit links these were the names which were most frequented:
1. serial experiments lain
2. shinsekai yori
3. monster
4. neon genesis evangelion
5. ergo proxy
6. texhnolyze
7. paranoia agent
Which one among these should I go for? Recommend something else if you think these are not epic enough
How old are you guys?
Mujhe takagi-san jaisi female friend chahiye yaaro...
greatest anime of all time
only try hard contrarians will say otherwise