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Suggest visual novelsanon142d14
04/15/2020 (Wed) 05:30:563781View ThreadMod
I've recently gotten into reading them, so I'd like to hear your recommendations

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anon2994a704/17/2020 (Fri) 09:46:493796Mod
Read damekoi for romance

anon93984e04/17/2020 (Fri) 09:58:153798Mod
thriller-umineko, steins;gate
romance-saku saku, yosuga, fate/stay night, muv luv alternative
fantasy-any VN is a fantasy compared to your shit life

anon8b720104/17/2020 (Fri) 19:47:223804Mod
Higurashi, Klannad, Dies Iraes, Tsukihime, Demonbane

anon2994a704/19/2020 (Sun) 14:44:483827Mod
Baldr sky

anon5a9a9704/21/2020 (Tue) 09:48:323831Mod
just fucking read fate stay night for fuck's sake

03/30/2020 (Mon) 09:56:593633View ThreadMod
Hey Hey Hey Flu
Ima no rolling no Flu

Omae no coof coof daga

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anon2cb6c704/18/2020 (Sat) 12:55:083815Mod
This is my thread. I decide who stays so FUCKOFF

anonc7486104/18/2020 (Sat) 12:58:273816Mod
I don't get it

anon2cb6c704/18/2020 (Sat) 13:02:523817Mod
You haven't read ashita no joe?

anonc7486104/18/2020 (Sat) 13:31:033819Mod

anon8d6cd704/19/2020 (Sun) 12:14:343826Mod
Make me nigger

04/19/2020 (Sun) 10:15:153822View ThreadMod
Why does agumon's voice sounds like he want to suck taichi's dick?
anonca11d004/19/2020 (Sun) 11:33:523823Mod

anonce3a9804/19/2020 (Sun) 11:39:133825Mod
World health organization

04/18/2020 (Sat) 10:16:303805View ThreadMod
My ISP is blocking/throttling doujin websites. Pages load too slow even with my 70mbps connection. When I use VPN it works fine. Anyone else facing this issue? I use tachiyomi app to read.

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anon1f842804/18/2020 (Sat) 10:24:083807Mod
Kys weebtard

anona4745f04/18/2020 (Sat) 10:26:283808Mod
how do you even fap to that chiiiiiii

anonaf905b04/18/2020 (Sat) 10:55:343812Mod
tachiyomi in general loads slower than other apps. but its barely noticable atleast to me

anon0cbbae04/18/2020 (Sat) 12:09:573814Mod
Ehentai works very slow for me, nhentai works fine

anonb91c0a04/18/2020 (Sat) 13:18:583818Mod
Tachiyomi is shit. Just use the website with an adblock

04/14/2020 (Tue) 04:46:113761View ThreadMod
Best cute romantic anime to let escape from my loveless virgin life for a bit at least
recommend pls

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anon99ef7704/14/2020 (Tue) 05:15:343763Mod
On, Yosuga no Sora, only watch the Sora arc(Episode 1, 7, 10-12) because that's the only one worth watching.

anond1b11604/14/2020 (Tue) 05:56:103767Mod

koi kaze, sangatsu no lion, clannad, monogatari series, kaguya sama, relife are also some suggestions but nothing beats first post

anon4544cf04/17/2020 (Fri) 02:22:123789Mod
I really liked Senryuu Shoujo the manga, so hope the anime will be good as well

anon34fb2804/17/2020 (Fri) 04:26:003793Mod
>sangatsu no lion
Does it have romance or is it just undertones?
If you want romcom with lots of drama read anything by Seo Kōji,

anon85b86404/17/2020 (Fri) 09:51:543797Mod
forget sangatsu, that's a meme. watch nagasarete airantou

my big fucking cock and ballsanonbe478b
04/13/2020 (Mon) 22:50:273756View ThreadMod
Whats the anime scene like in India. I remember growing up watching doreamon on disney XD as a kid in India, came across this image board and just wanted to ask about the anime scene in India.

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anonafd04504/14/2020 (Tue) 04:32:273758Mod
Anime is normalfag tier in India now

anonb86ff304/14/2020 (Tue) 11:08:003772Mod
Quite amazing how it was so niche to watch anime 10 years ago and now it's the most normalfag thing.

anonb86ff304/14/2020 (Tue) 11:08:233773Mod
I mean watching anime on internet. I miss the golden era of indian tv.

anon2a922c04/14/2020 (Tue) 11:37:163776Mod
>10 years ago
5 years ago

anon3303a504/17/2020 (Fri) 09:18:363795Mod
Normal faggotz ruin everything

04/07/2020 (Tue) 15:35:263704View ThreadMod
Some interesting choices, I wonder how it would be for India but faggot Indian government banned the site.

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anon41975f04/14/2020 (Tue) 08:42:183771Mod
>most hated
NTR is the most popular genre in Japan, its what sells the most.

anon79a64904/14/2020 (Tue) 11:15:443775Mod
kys cuck

anon7afe5304/15/2020 (Wed) 03:41:463780Mod
>He thinks NTRfags self insert as the MC

anon79a64904/15/2020 (Wed) 07:18:393782Mod
And here we go with the mental gymnastics of ntrcucks

anone687a704/15/2020 (Wed) 17:25:503785Mod
> Unironically using fakku
Tells a lot about the userbase actually.

04/14/2020 (Tue) 05:27:413764View ThreadMod
Oregairu S3 is delayed due to Corona-chan
>This time, "Youth romantic comedy, which is scheduled to be broadcast from this spring, is wrong. But the broadcast was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
>Humbly, thank you for your understanding.
anon67778404/14/2020 (Tue) 05:49:233766Mod
old news

04/12/2020 (Sun) 07:53:503735View ThreadMod
I want to watch code geass but I can't find any episodes on youtube
Can anyone give link?

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anon68abde04/12/2020 (Sun) 15:45:593744Mod
I got the link so jannies can delete this thread now

anon07269304/13/2020 (Mon) 17:19:423752Mod
Code Geass is shit anon, don't watch it. Only reason people liked it was because it was one of the first over the top non-sensical anime with ebin twists and keikakkus galore they have watched. Had it come today, it would be laughed and shitted on.

anond2c3dd04/13/2020 (Mon) 17:41:133753Mod
Code gayass is overrated. The writer had no idea where his script was going. On the other hand samurai flamenco 's script was totally under control of the writer yet people called it nonsense and it flopped

anon68abde04/13/2020 (Mon) 18:09:233754Mod
Yes I saw 2-3 episodes. It's not good
Can you suggest good animes to watch

anon10f02604/13/2020 (Mon) 18:17:353755Mod
can confirm, I'm almost done the 2nd season, it was boring as hell

04/13/2020 (Mon) 12:28:513748View ThreadMod
anon57944b04/13/2020 (Mon) 13:39:403749Mod
Nice malware scam faggots


anon57944b04/13/2020 (Mon) 13:40:253750Mod
Just head up to my fellow anons

This is a malware link. Do not click my in it. Thank God I purchased McAfee subscription.

anond184b104/13/2020 (Mon) 16:15:293751Mod
No, join the superior indian weeb sub

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