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>>/b/141364 >>141337 Lmao we still talk anon. she's nice. And i was looking forward to bitsat but my pcm percentage is 71 so that won'
>>/b/141363 >>141307 >be me, over achiever >99.3%ile in first attempt >already studied everything for 2nd attempt and advanced >don't re
>>/b/141362 >>140562 Kya faggot
>>/b/141361 >>140499 No one asked you subhuman
>>/b/141360 >>140566 Apni behen se puch
>>/b/141359 >>140575 Bohot khoob
>>/pol/110085 >>110054 >we Speak for yourself chamar
>>/b/141358 >>140592 Nikal chutiyapa
>>/b/141357 >>140294 Can you deny that tho ? Every single stereotype be it street shitting, gang raping, not taking baths , shitting in
>>/b/141356 >>140623 Based
>>/b/141355 >>140409 Yeh toh kaheen se bhi mil jayega
>>/b/141354 >>141350 I see, nice fantasy madarchod