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>>/b/99272 >>99270 that's not how it works faggot. another katua cocksucker
>>/ent/10389 >>10383 Southies eat meat.
>>/ent/10388 >>10386 For your standards, these kinds of guys lurk in bhangi tier area on their KTMs daily.
>>/b/99271 >>99269 You can't escape sickularism. By the end of this millennia the whole of earth would be one muttified race.
>>/ent/10387 >>10386 Damn beard, really did make a difference.
>>/pol/64457 >>64453 > he has always been strong on national defense Bleh, stop watching zee news bhaktbhangi no one respect your feku, and
>>/pol/64456 >>64424 Which caste are you? Also my cousin who is in military always to show off. Like during the training, he used to car
>>/ent/10386 >>10385 Still a chad
>>/pol/64455 >>64445 Look lungi they are 100x better than your people converting to Pisslam and Cucktainity for a bowl of rice.
>>/pol/64454 >>64448 >>64452 Katua sage, cope
>>/pol/64453 >>64452 At least he won't cede land to Chinese he has always been strong on national defense
>>/ent/10385 >>10383 Fake beard. Remove that and you can see a no jaw dravidoid.