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>>/b/49833 Based Mongoloid mountain people. Cringy Caucasoid mountain people.
>>/b/49832 >>49831
>>/b/49831 I feel bad about how religious my mother is. When she talk about the vrtas she's doing so that I become better I kind of feel ba
>>/b/49830 >>49825
>>/b/49829 >>49821 i dont hate incels, i am femcel tier rn myself and understand your pain, baiting people is fun which is exactly what i
>>/b/49828 >>49827 this was the one used by chakka in earlier thread that's why i referred to it
>>/b/49827 >>49826 It's just a drawing with no source
>>/b/49826 >>49818 this one
>>/b/49825 >>49819 earlier i had doubt that you were chakka but you are the same anon from last thread but now im 100% sure you are chakka
>>/b/49824 >>49819 >college degrees,jobs If you have iq of 100 you can do all this shit too
>>/b/49823 >>49822 she's underaged
>>/b/49822 >>49819 > We Post tits or gtfo.