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>>/b/316197 >>316120 Because he can.
>>/b/316196 >>316183 Aim for someone your level a d i t y a or don't India's having a population problem anyways
>>/b/316195 >>316181 >Rent Though I get allowance for rent
>>/b/316194 I'm defeating the coom, used to coom every 45 minutes before. Now 2 days in and going strong. I don't feel depressed, but I fee
>>/b/316193 >>316123 Rusty is gaand maarika glownigger confirmed yaaro
>>/b/316192 >>316101 shoot the commies anon
>>/pol/257598 >>257588 water wars will get ugly in future, definitely gonna break yaar >>257587 go south india go, go in sri - lanka yaar
>>/b/316191 >>316179 Yes and mine destroyed my chances. I tried all redpill tricks. Now i have taken the blackpill and feel much better
>>/b/316190 >>316176
>>/b/316189 >>316182 > mujhe esi jagah jaake ghaas aur khuli havaa me ghanto tak sone ka man hai Aur mujhe hagne ka
>>/b/316188 >>316123 we want /coom/ yaar
>>/b/316187 >>316175 What do you mean retard the plants make it a perfect place