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>>/b/296378 So how many heendu girls have you raped today?
>>/pol/236440 >>236331 deaths are being underreported in india by a factor of 10 but yes even then its marginally better than the west
>>/pol/236438 >>236428 > Not modern Central Asian. > Definitely Swarthy, not cumskins. > Caucosoid features; High Cheekbones, Strong Jaw,
>>/pol/236437 >>236425 Abbo = Aboriginal, The Chimps of India, literally called Monkeys in the Ramayana (Vanars). The most Abbo are tribes li
>>/pol/236436 >>236434 there are more street shiters in tamilnadu than bihar
>>/pol/236435 >>236434 BASED
>>/pol/236434 >be me >average naarthie in naarthland >wake up and get out of my poo smeared bed >brush my teeth with my brush and poopaste
>>/ent/21364 >>21344 its a trap, dont coom to it
>>/ent/21363 >>21323 thats what a pretentious movie watcher wannabe would have in his list
>>/ent/21361 >>21336 fuck you thats a good movie
>>/pol/236433 >>236429 bitch luzania