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>>/b/223884 >>223796 >posts a muslimah
>>/pol/177007 >>177003 becuase they do
>>/b/223883 >>223881 take care and have chokkies >>223879 lmfao my mom was showing that whats app joke to me a few days ago
>>/pol/177006 >>176999 >nooo anything that shows muh ka2ua bad is fake news or bjp shill kys libpoo
>>/b/223882 >>223878
>>/b/223881 >>223877 I'm sorry for venting out on you. You know me i'm impulsive. These mood swings. I hate periods
>>/b/223880 >>223869 how is asking if you are online manipulative
>>/b/223879 >>223877 I was just hanging out with my best friend. You know with Rajesh. He's so funny he told me a joke about how Meri Atma
>>/ent/18762 I remember watching kochikame in 2010 while eating maggie, damn good days.
>>/b/223878 >>223868 holy fuck post tits
>>/b/223877 >>223873 i can't help it anon, now tell me what all did you do today
>>/b/223876 >>223654 Hello Oblisk!