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>>/pol/244808 >>244795 > Mean while around the world, the wealthiest city in China, rebels against the Chinese state, the wealthiest region i
>>/pol/244807 >>244803 Let's be real, kashmir isn't a humongous problem, if you showed whose the boss. the problem is that they think you n
>>/b/301628 >>301610 Never trust this amazon niggers, claim refund
>>/b/301627 >>301621 Me too yaar Being born into this poo land is such a curse
>>/b/301626 >>300784 It actually looks unique..
>>/b/301625 >>301621 Omegle is not real life Chamaar..
>>/b/301624 >>301621 you'll never be a mc
>>/b/301623 >>301589 Roll No. 69
>>/b/301622 >>301490 tenks anon, your method worked
>>/b/301621 Anyone else get along really well with foreigners? I don't think of myself as Indian. I am entirely western in my mindset. Can't
>>/b/301620 >>301618 Oops Roll No 11, I'm the faggot whom I warned everyone against. :(
>>/pol/244806 >>244803 >Porkis regularly infiltrate lundiya despite being poorer but we cannot do shit within their borders. Well that's wh