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>>/pol/13098 >>13081 I am tho my negro.
>>/b/20136 >>20127 Apni gaand thukale mere se, meethay chakke.
>>/pol/13097 >>13078 True, the only two good Cong PMs, LBS and Narashima both got shafted because of that dynasty. Right now the politic
>>/pol/13096 Nooooo expert linguists are wrong. I AM RIGHT CAUSE I studied at whatsapp University
>>/pol/13095 >>13093 >austro has nothing to do with austros Toh hum kya kare bahinchod? This isn't about racial classification. As far as I
>>/pol/13094 >>13091 >theory is that persian gave misspelled about a "geographical" identity You are talking about Sindhu river. However no
>>/b/20135 >>20126 Medinipur's dialect has a ton of Oriya words, I guess from Gajapati era. I can't understand most of my father's relativ
>>/pol/13093 >>13088 >>13089 ahh the classing Aryan Invasion theorists. Well, there are much theory that "dravidians" are Iranian and no wa
>>/b/20134 >>20133 They just want done excuse to feel superior.
>>/pol/13092 >>13086 Hinduism is indeed a meme first made by bengalis when they are exposed to colonial knowledge of abrahamic religious. Th
>>/b/20133 Why do Tamils always claim that other dravidian languages are dialects of Tamil? Some go even further and claim that every langu
>>/pol/13091 >>13086 >There is no such thing as Hindu because the word is Persian >Hinduism is a meme theory is that persian gave misspel