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>>/b/179362 GF just sent me this. Wdyt?
>>/pol/143877 are there any unironical bhakts here? If yes, then why do you support that twink dalitendra?
>>/pol/143876 >>143868 Plebbitor spotted. Please fuck off and never come back here.
>>/b/179361 >>179355 I can unfollow her anytime.
>>/b/179360 >>179339 ok newfag leave
>>/b/179359 youre already a sepoy if you use the word sepoy
>>/g/6644 >>6612 uppper wh7le loop is copy paste of the search funcion
>>/pol/143875 If the terms Shudra, Kshatriya, etc...referred to occupations then why are all South Indian castes apart from Brahmins considere
>>/pol/143874 >>143819 Absolut qtpi Bengali babe. I'd shoot kids up her and make sure she is pregnant every single day of her life
>>/pol/143873 >>143797 >Ideally Implemented in china China is a false flag communist country. Nothing about it apart from the human aspect a
>>/pol/143872 >>143865 Alright. So twitter, YouTube and Instagram are the way to go.
>>/b/179358 >>179302 Lark maor