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>>/pol/18399 >>18092 >My mom is from UP and my dad is from Haryana Castes?
>>/pol/18398 >>17932 English is pretty simple and convenient (as opposed to learning a ton of languages for common communication) so why not
>>/b/34387 >>34283 Kek I love chaksu baba now
>>/meta/1816 >>1815 Fuck off. We love CP. This is a designated CP Posting that.
>>/b/34386 >>34361 You got any source on that bubby?
>>/meta/1815 okay great now actually moderate the board for child porn you retarded faggot
>>/b/34385 >>34328 do you have a death wish?
>>/b/34384 >>34292 I will kill you bastard don't even think of posting CP you ratshit
>>/b/34383 >>34374 >or if he is just shitposting kek i wonder if all the bollywood is just big shit posting forum
>>/b/34382 >>34374 He must honest about that. The dude is known to be sexually liberal and progressive to insane levels. One of the reason
>>/b/34381 >>34160 >soy 'nuff said. Portugal > Spain
>>/b/34380 >>34377 Baba