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>>/pol/311148 >>311147 Higher HDI = lesser retardation
>>/b/389366 >>387643 tamilnadu tamil, Hindi , eng
>>/pol/311147 >>310666 Also have you ever noticed how it's only rajpoos from bimaru regions who Kang this much? For ex I've never seen a rajp
>>/b/389365 Do you have a bicyle? Do you ride?
>>/ent/25454 >>24533 Metrosexual fucks
>>/b/389364 >>389105 This is like that opening of chak de india. Desh ko bech diya Kohli. Why isn't anyone pushing this story?
>>/pol/311146 >>310499 It's called a meme bhangi
>>/b/389363 >>389338 Twatterfag detected
>>/b/389362 >>389341 Lol
>>/b/389361 >>389181 Fucking kek, why do porkis summon allah every 5 seconds, imagine a lundian cricketer saying Jai Shree Ram during an in
>>/b/389360 >>389324 Truecel face
>>/pol/311145 >>311143 Good idea