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>>/pol/36400 Happy Republic Day No amount of pride or praise is enough to highlight what a great republic India has been with no restriction
>>/b/66769 >>66766 when did this happen?
>>/b/66768 >>66384 I literally thought it was a man at first not kidding.
>>/pol/36399 >>36393 if she looks like that even with all the make up, it's not worth loosing your sleep over. Also why should i give a fuck
>>/b/66767 >>66743 Based gigachad normies, also teach them to poo in loo while you're at it.
>>/pol/36398 >>36393 we need to poo in loo
>>/pol/36397 >>36392 poo kar le pehle loodu singh pajeet
>>/b/66766 >>66759
>>/pol/36396 >>36386 poo in loo
>>/b/66765 >>66743 Based, we need to save these incels from their misery and show them the way of the chads
>>/b/66764 >>66421 share your experience with your children as soon as they go into kg. teach them to have steamy underage sex with beggar
>>/b/66763 >>66743 Based fellow chad. What social media sites do you browse? For me its facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit, etc. I also